Monday, July 09, 2007

Male on Monday - David Tennant

For our Male on Monday this week Natasha Oakley adds a very sexy Scottish actor into the Pink Heart Society bank of inspirational men - David Tennant.

Is it only me or is there something about a man in a kilt??? Actually I don't know why I even asked that question because all we really have to know is there is certainly something about David Tennant in one.

It all began in Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland on 18th April, 1971 when David John McDonald came screaming into the world. After graduating from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama he landed the role of Giri the Hitman in 7:84 Theatre Company's touring production of 'The Resistible Rise of Arturo Uiith'. I can't say I'm particularly sorry to have missed that. It doesn't sound too gripping, does it???

Since there was already David McDonald in Equity, the UK actor's union, he had to change his professional name. He chose his new surname from Neil Tennant, singer with the Pet Shop Boys. (It's as good a reason as any. When I had to change mine I rang my mum and asked her what she'd like to call me. She said 'Jessica' because it means 'God is watching' and that was a good thing for an actress to remember. :) But I digress .......)

Then in 1996 he joined the Royal Shakespeare Company, playing Touchstone in 'As You Like It', Jack Lane in 'The Herbal Bed', Romeo in 'Romeo and Juliet', Antipholus of Syracuse in 'The Comedy of Errors' (for which he was nominated for Best Classical Actor Under 30) and Captain Jack Absolute in 'The Rivals'.

I was busy being pregnant during that season so missed the lot but I have seen him often on TV. His most notable roles, perhaps, are: 'Reverand Gibson' in 'the BBC adaptation of Anthony Trollope's 'He Knew He Was Right', Detective Inspector Peter Carlisle in 'Blackpool' and as the legendary Casanova in the 2005 Russell T Davies version.

When they were casting Giacomo Casanova they looked for an actor who wasn't 'conventionally handsome' but who, they believed, had the charm to talk his way into women's beds. The theory being that if they cast a matinee idol type it would merely make the women concerned look foolish.

'Doctor Who' fans amongst you will know that Russell T Davies is the creative force behind it. Presumably he was very impressed by David's work on 'Casanova' because, in April 2005 it was announced that David Tennant was to play the 'Tenth Doctor'.

Also in 2005 David won Best Male Performance, Critics Award for Theatre in Scotland, for his portrayal of Jimmy Porter in 'Look Back In Anger'.

Christmas 2005 his 'Doctor' hit our screens and we've now seen the second series starring him. Rumour has it that he's in talks to play Hamlet at the RSC next summer. Hmmmmm. David himself has confirmed he will play the Doctor at least as far as into the fourth series.

I always try to find you a bit of trivia .....

- I can tell you he's 6ft 1" tall.
- His father is a minister in the Church of Scotland.
- He drives a Škoda and was caught twice on the same day for speeding.
- He's a member of the Labour Party.
- He's not married but I think we can't honestly say he's truly 'single'. His girlfriend is the actress Sophia Myles. Doctor Who fans will know her as Madame de Pompadour in the 'The Girl in the Fireplace' episode.

Here they are at the 'Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix' premiere last week. David played Barty Crouch Jr in it. He was offered the role after appearing in 'The Pillowman' at the National Theatre.

Have I convinced you?

If not I shall have to refer you to YouTube again. I might as well let him tell you about his most embarrassing on-screen moment. Click here to catch an interview he gave in May this year. Oh and here to see the end of it and find out what he'd do if he really had a Tardis.

You can see more pictures and pick up more facts by clicking here.

With love

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  1. Sigh!! Doctor Who!! I first saw him playing a manic depressive in Takin' over the asylum with Ken Stott. He was fantastically mad!!!

  2. Hmm, now this is one fella for whom I've never felt a lick of heroness. Never understood the brouhaha. But many seem to like thim!

    I had no idea he was Barty Crouch Jnr!!! Boy oh boy is this a place of wondrous information!

  3. Ally, have you watched him being interviewed yet? It's all in the charm. I also rather like the accent. :)

  4. Okay, here's my chance to namedrop (by proxy), my two sons are huge Doctor Who fans and discovered that David Tennant was signing autographs at a local school fair near us in North London - sadly not our school fair - so they went along to try and meet him.
    When they got there the place was mobbed, with over 500 kids (and their mums). David managed to keep that smile in place and stayed to see every single one of them. My sons were at the very back of the queue and figured he'd leave before he got to them, but he was still smiling and was incredibly sweet to both them when their turn came.

    That's what I call a hero. I just wish I'd gone along as well!