Monday, July 02, 2007

July at The Pink Heart Society

Welcome everyone to an extra-special, JAM-PACKED month here on The Pink Heart Society. We're all fantabulously excited about the
programme we have lined up for you - so make sure to pop by EVERY DAY to join in the fun!!! So what are we up to? Well... just have a read of all this...

This July you'll get to meet more amazing authors than ever as they join us here on the PHS, and share a day in their life with Coffee Time Romance. After reading their blogs here, make sure to check over there to learn more about our guests. Having so many authors joining us is creating one of our biggest Hampers ever, so make sure you keep checking back for more!!!

Oh but there's more!

The Pink Heart Society's own Trish Wylie will be off on her travels this month, taking in the USA for the first time and sharing it all with you every Tuesday in our Where's Wylie? slot! And she has a very special travelling companion to introduce us to so make sure to check in this Tuesday for the first of her Blogs as she packs for the trip she's waited a couple of decades to take...

And there's more!

There will be Reports From The RWA National Conference in Dallas - complete with photos and all the info you always wanted to know about a first time visit to the massive yearly event - thanks to Trish and Jenna Bayley-Burke (that's me) - you can learn all about the chaos, the excitement, the book buzz, the industry talks and the fantabulous wardrobes! Fiona Harper will tell us what it's like for a first time RITA Finalist (in TWO categories with her FIRST BOOK) and we'll bring you any gossip we can twist out of anyone else we happen to corner while the computer is on. It's as good as being there yourself gang!!! Watch out for the reports in the second week of July...

And to kick start the month!

July marks a special month for one of the PHS's most distinguished members and soon-to-be-Columnist: Kate Walker. as her 50th book hit's the USA & Canada. Isn't that fantastic?

And as Kate has been having a fantabulous Blog Party with tonnes of giveaway's we thought we'd help her to celebrate by asking some of our authors to tell us their FAVORITE Kate Walker title. Here's what they had to say ::

Asking me to choose my favourite Kate Walker book is almost impossible. Too cruel. My first thought was the Alcolar series, until I remembered some of Kate's earlier books and vacillated. Then my mind turned to the most recent book of Kate's that I've read: 'Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Bride'. I was hooked as soon as I read the opening. Such energy and power. And what a situation to place a poor heroine in! A great read. It's my current favourite but I'm about to go back through my store of books and investigate a bit further. It's going to be fun rereading... Annie West

The Italian's Forced Bride is my fave because Kate Walker captures the emotion so well. It made me cry. - Michelle Styles

Wow, that's a tough question as I've always enjoyed her books so much. I've finally chosen The Antonakos Marriage, because of Theo. He's so self assured. He turns his back on inheritance and arranged marriage, resolute to the end - but love still overwhelms him! - Christina Hollis

My fave Kate Walker book - The Sicilian's Wife - Hard to choose a favourite but Kate kindly signed this one for me in New York in 2003 as a brand new Presents author, and apart from being a gorgeous romance read, it will always be special to me for that reason alone. - Trish Morey

It’s tough to pick a favourite from Kate Walker’s fifty Modern Romances, but I’m going for The Twelve Month Mistress. There’s something so heartbreaking about a man who’d put a time limit on a relationship in an attempt to protect himself from heartbreak. You just know it’s all going to end in tears. His tears. - Liz Fielding

Of all time? I don't know about that. Lately it was Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Bride. I like that all of her books are human as well as dramatic! - Melissa James

Okay, I'm going to go for The Twelve Month Mistress, mainly because Joaquin Alcolar is a 'keeper'. At least he is by the end. When we first meet him he's a man who refuses to keep a mistress more than a year and a man who truly 'walks alone'. Lovely! - Natasha Oakley

I'm going to place my vote firmly on the 50th title itself, The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge just simply because Vito did it for me! From the minute he carried her up that beach I was in drool mode and by the time Kate had added those two simple words in Italian at the end I was in BITS. Anyone who can make me weep when it's not the time of the month for weeping (if you get my drift) has their book earn a place on my keeper shelf! - Trish Wylie

So now it's your turn to cast your vote. What is YOUR FAVORITE Kate Walker title?


  1. Woweeeee July looks fantabulous!!!!!!!!! I for one can't wait to see what we have, especially since the gorgeous Jenna has put soooo much work inot our HUGE cross-promotion with Coffee Time Romance.

    And as to Trish's Travels...who could her mystery guest possibly be?????????? Any guesses?


  2. I'm another Twelve Month Mistres fan.

  3. Well you snuck that one past me - wasn't expecting this when I visited the PHS today. Talk about Sunday Surprise!

    A great big Thank You to everyone who has already chosen a favourite - it's been fascinating reading - I'll be intrigued to see if there are any more votes. Hmmm must go back and look at 12 Month Mistress again . . .


    PS Trish - Sidthecat says to say Hi to your travelling companion - seeing as he introduced the two of you. He hopes you'll have a wonderful trip together

  4. That is awesome news about RWA finally understanding the power of blogging for the conference. I've linked the Pink Hearts blog on Blogging National and will be linking to the official RWA blogs as well (or pointing people where to sign-in to view them -- I assume they will be behind the member firewall?)