Saturday, July 14, 2007

From the Trenches :: Harlequin Editor Kathryn Lye Gives It to You Straight

Kathryn is hialrious! Who knew? She wasn't so keen on what they titled her workshop...she didn't come with any Harlequin secrets, but she did give a list of the reasons why books are rejected... She was so funny, she used examples from her multiply published authors to prove that everyone gets it wrong sometimes...
  1. Protect Your Archetypes - never question the moral integrity of your hero
  2. Choose Your Scenes Carefully; Every Scene Must Have a Purpose - have the bank robbery, not the news bulletin of it
  3. Always Keep The Stakes High - More must be at stake than love
  4. Conflict Must Progress - Always drive twoards the conclusion
  5. Entrances and Exits Should be Memorable - emotional and heartfelt, not doors closing or faqlling asleep
  6. Torture Your Characters; The Best Heroes and Heroines are Decisions Makers - create compelling characters and situations. The more trouble characters get into, trhe more they'll have to get out of.
  7. Use a Variety of Settings - places and activities. DO NOT have every scene be a meal.
  8. Play Against Expectations


  • introduction
  • teasing hints
  • breadth and scope of challenge
  • beginning of opinions changing
  • glimpse of solution begins to appear
  • solution seems more attainable
  • solution dismissed or rejected
  • alternative solution found
  • opinions changed for certain and good
  • conflict resolved

More later...Miss Trish must check her email and needs the computer!

XOXO -- Jenna


  1. See, when you get a list like that it all seems so complicated. Oh hell! Back to the WIP.

  2. Thanks for that. I missed that workshop and it wasn't recorded.

  3. I agree Kathryn is so funny I really enjoyed her workshop. Fun as well as informative.


  4. Thanks for sharing the inside scoop, Jenna! Now to go over my wip with a checklist....