Thursday, June 21, 2007

Writers Wednesday with Yvonne Lindsay

This week another Pink Heart Society newbie is here to tell us all about how her life has changed since selling to Silhouette. So a big warm Pink Heart welcome to Silhouette Desire author Yvonne Lindsay!

After 13 years of submitting partials and full manuscripts to Harlequin Mills and Boon Yvonne Lindsay was ecstatic to sell to Silhouette Desire in April of 2005. At the time, working four days a week as a practice manager in a sole practice law firm, which responsibilities expanded when her boss and his wife (a dental surgeon) combined practices in new premises in 2006, the dream of ‘giving up the day job’ was exactly that. A dream. At the end of 2006, with the immense support of all members of her family, Yvonne realised that dream:


SUDDENLY: (Okay, not so suddenly, let’s say 18 months after I sold) I quit my day job.

· SUDDENLY: Everyone takes my writing more seriously, from the lady at the pharmacy, to parents of my kids teammates, to me!

· SUDDENLY: I no longer wake suddenly in the middle of the night and spend sleepless hours worrying over what I need to do for my clients.

· SUDDENLY: My health, my happiness and my home life have improved a million fold (although I have yet to catch up with housework .)

· SUDDENLY: I can write during the day instead of grabbing time when I’m exhausted after a day’s work and running kids around the place, and I can embrace the absolute pleasure of thoroughly immersing myself in my work. (Ironing? Oh, I’m meant to do ironing? Isn’t that why I have teenagers?)

· SUDDENLY: I can focus on developing a long and strong writing career, doing what I love most and what I do best.

· SUDDENLY: I can see a time where I can give back to my main supporters and return the awesome gift of support and love and belief that they’ve given me.



Yvonne's fourth Silhouette Desire, ROSSELINI'S REVENGE AFFAIR, a book with another unfairly gorgeous cover ;) hits bookshelves in North America on July 10th. Her first two books are already SOLD OUT at eHarlequin so you'd better get in quick for number three!

Yvonne has been nominated for a coveted RuBy Award, for best romantic book of the year in Australia.


  1. Hi Yvonne! Congrats on becoming a full-time writer!! I don't know how anyone can work full time and write and have kids--I can only do two of those at a time!


  2. It was a stretch, Jen, and I was only working four days a week at that stage. In the end something had to give. I'm really enjoying my life now.


  3. Yvonne, it's so great to see that you are living your dream - no one deserves it more!!!

  4. I remember when Yvonne sold and we had her party thread on e-harl. I was so happy for her...having followed her journey for a while...I sat and cried. And I thought, if Yvonne can tough it out, so can I.

    Thanks for that, sweets! Congrats on the fab successes, no one deserves it more!

  5. My health, my happiness and my home life have improved a million fold

    I love this! This is what I dream of most.

  6. Hey, Amanda! You're making me blush, and you too Donna. I tell you, that eHarl support network is invaluable, isn't it? And you get so much encouragement from seeing others succeed. Stephanie Laurens (historical author) spoke at a NZ conference one year and said "a rising tide floats all ships". In the context that unpubs are ships waiting for the tide to sail (or sale! LOL!) when the tide rises (others start selling around you) demand is increasing. Never never lose hope.

    Patricia, yeah, from the day I handed in my notice the dh said "I have my wife back" and the kids said the same (except mum, not wife, LOL!) I had lost sight of me in all the things I had to do, forgotten how to enjoy my life and my family. It was pretty grim there for a while. But the turn around can and did happen. Hold onto that dream.

  7. Yvonne,

    It's so wonderful to see this all working out for you. You're going from strength to strength and I'm so happy that it's reflected in your home life too!

    I'm currently on leave from the day job and I can feel the difference too - the stress levels are way down and I'm spending more time with the family, which feels so good. Maybe one day I'm follow your lead and make the change permanent! Something to aim for.

    In the meantime, I'm looking forward to reading more of your fabulous books.