Thursday, June 14, 2007

Writers Wednesday with Abby Green

Now for something a little different... On Wednesday we'll be bringing you lots more lovely "the call" stories as well as looking at the next stage of becoming a published author. So here to tell us how her life has changed since selling to Harlequin is newbie Presents author Abby Green!!!

How my life has changed…

· Well. I am more broke than I’ve ever been (!).

· I now spend inordinate amounts of time on the internet. I am obsessed with people’s blogs and websites.

· I have developed a hitherto non-existent ‘lurker’ personality. I hover suspiciously in bookshops and rearrange shelves.

· I am obsessed with the post, waiting for it, listening out for it, practically jumping on the poor postman. I now order nearly a book a day on amazon and will be bankrupt soon.

· I find myself sometimes in the middle of the street with a surge of pure joy when I think of what I’ve achieved. And the same reaction when I think of getting 'the call'.

· I live in fear of being told in a very nice way by my Ed, thanks for everything but really you only have three books in you and they’re done, please don’t send us anything again.

· I am developing a chair bottom, and can’t touch my toes anymore.

· I now have a nice fancy computer and a proper desk in my spare room/office. I steal stationary and especially reams of paper whenever I do my day job.

· I now have justification for all the voices in my head. I wake up happy every day that I am getting to do a job that I love. I now write a lot more than I used to, which is handy as I’m getting paid to do so. I think I can now call myself a writer without feeling like a fraud.

· I have new friends, some I’ve met and others I can’t wait to meet.

· All in all, it’s been pretty whirlwind and I’m looking forward to more and more changes!

X Abby Green

Abby's first Spanish language version is available now! Heredero De Amor (a translation of Chosen as the Frenchman's Bride) is available now through Harlequin Bianca.

And for the rest of you, The Brazilian's Blackmail Bargain will be out and about for your reading pleasure come August first.


  1. I could have written that!

    Except I order every Friday from eHarlequin (free book Friday people, don't pretend you don't wait), and I only have the two books. Other than that, we could be twins!

  2. Yep - sounds about right for the course from non-pubbed to published author. Specially those lurker tendencies and the writer's bottom. Next thing will be checking Amazon and Booktrack charts, total deadline panic - more voices in the head. But I'm sorry, that conviction that one day someone is going to 'out' you as an imposter or your editor is going to say she never wants another book from you is never going to go away - welcome to author paranoia!

    But I'm so glad that you were accepted so that we met and I could include you amongst my author friends


  3. Great post Abby, and I hope I can include myself in one of the friends you look forward to meeting:-))

    Trust you're going to be in San Francisco in 2008. I look forward to finally getting the chance to meet you face to face there!

    Meanwhile, enjoy that whirlwind.

  4. Hi, Abby! Reading your post gave me a big grin :-). I should remind myself to pause in middle of the craziness more often and indulge in that surge of joy you mentioned.

    And I loved your line about calling yourself a writer now without feeling like a fraud. Exactly.

    Wish you hadn't mentioned the chair bottom--though I suppose chair bottoms, like misery, love company ;-).

  5. What Kate W said - except I must add that you're fibbing about the chair bottom. You looked gorgeous and glamorous when I saw you on Saturday!

    As for the author paranoia: I have a remedy for that. It's known as a Radley handbag collection...

  6. I think I'd better print these out and tick them off as the symptoms appear. Some of them already have, of course...(jumping on the postman-- check. Abject poverty-- check. Rejection paranoia-- check...)

    (Am also delighted to hear that you lurk in bookshops and rearrange the shelves. Could you just make sure that my book is at the front next month please?)

  7. I really loved this -- what a riot, and how true. ;)

    Add checking amazon and B&N obsessively, and wishing that the rankings were based on how many times that page was hit instead of just books sold and then...

    Trying not to obsess about numbers. ;)


  8. Hi guys thanks for your comments! Sorry to be coming in so late, just in from work, the day job and right now I really don't feel like a writer!!!! Trish, Kate W and Kate H I still can't believe a) that I've met you and b) that we have spent time together, and chatted and laughed. I'm still getting over my few days at Kate W's amazing 50th book party and processing all the valuable knowledge. Jenna I think we must be twins too and we're on the way as we have the same Ed!
    Thanks Terry and Sam, and India it was a treat to meet you...I have read India's first book and can recommend it, so everyone rush out and buy 'The Italian's Defiant Princess'...
    and thanks again for stopping by!
    x Abby

  9. Abby! What a gorgeous blog post! I think we can all identify with everything you said. My heart beats a little faster and my stomach clenches a little tighter everytime I see an email from my editor in my inbox! Or from any of the other editorial staff in New York.

    So far I've been lucky with the chair bottom. Since writing full time I've actually lost a tiny bit of weight. Can't quite figure out how that happened but hey, I'm not complaining.

    Hoard the joy!