Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Temptation Tuesday - Youtube Procrastination

This Tuesday at The Pink Heart Society our very own Trish Wylie tries to tempt you away from your work (and a large portion of your life) with a little YouTube Procrastination...

Now if this post is later than usual going up then take it as a warning guys! Use Youtube at your own risk!!! We here at The Pink Heart Society cannot be held responsible for the hours - nay - DAYS of your life that will disappear into the vacuum of time and space known as Youtube...

Don't say you haven't been warned...
We all have our own particular methods of wasting time when it comes to a difficult portion in our latest WIP and for me it was visiting Blogs and boards that was the worst culprit until dear Ally Blake posted a link on her Blog for her Popcorn Chicken video on Youtube... And then the trouble really began. Because it really is a very addictive site - as you can tell from the times we've mentioned it here on the PHS before now. Now I can tell you that I've found plenty of inspiration on there - you've only to look at some of the gorgeous music videos done for the likes of Pride & Prejudice or North & South or Greys Anatomy or Smallville to see that romance is alive and kicking on Youtube (and yes - those ARE all links...) But it's kinda like a maze in there - cos one link leads to another leads to another until you've been in there so long that it's next week before you realize it!
But you kinda gotta admit there's something in there for everyone and if I'm an addict then Natasha Oakley is truly beyond redemption! The following being an example of the kind of thing that amuses her:

Yes - she is just that easily amused! But there's more - you can watch puppets doing a Harry Potter song... you can see Bubbles the monkey 'singing' Michael Jackson - you can watch a horse dance to music - you can drool over pics of sexy men - and if you're as addicted to those talent comeptitions on TV as I've been of late then having seen Paul Potts winning Britains Got Talent then you may have tripped across the winner of America's Got Talent and had the time to be ASTOUNDED by the singing talents of an ELEVEN YEAR OLD GIRL who went on to win the competition:

Yup and I've watched this one about twenty times already... So the addiction continues and frankly I blame Ally Blake for starting me on the path to ruin... However, I'm one to share, so here I am to tempt you to do the same thing - or to feed my addiction with some of your favourite Youtube clips! C'mon - there's no way I'm here alone!?! Mind you - some of it definitely is research - cos anyone who visits the Smallville link above that regularly visits my Blog may well recognize a familiar face in that one... ;) Anyone care to name the hero???

H's & K's - Trish

Trish hits us with double releases in July - The Return Of The Rebel (which is a follow up to Breathless!) in Modern Extra - and Bride Of The Emerald Isle (the book she'll be signing at the RWA Nationals) in Romance...

The Return Of The Rebel is available from Amazon UK next month or from Mills & Boon right now! And Bride Of The Emerald Isle is available from Eharlequin or Amazon in the USA & Canada and Mills & Boon or Amazon UK in the UK. AND you can also buy it as an E-Book here!!! For more info visit her Website or her Blog.


  1. Okay! You got me! I have to admit, I spend far too long, giggling my way through the thousands of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" clips on Youtube. Just tap in the name of the show and you'll be offered a vast selection of goodies from the talented Ryan Stiles and crew.

    (My personal search favourites being Whose Line American idiot; Whose Line Greatest hits (western), Whose Line dog and Whose Line Greatest hits songs of las vegas)

  2. *cough* And the Irish Drinking Songs Ones *cough*

    Not that I'd KNOW of course... *blinks innocently*

    (And the fact it just took me two attempts to spell 'innocently' should tell the tale there I feel.)

  3. Heeeeeee!

    I will admit to blatant Bamberizing on youtube - anything from Battlestar Vids to Hornblower slash vids to simply clips of him speaking at Sci Fi conventions.

    And Kris Starr got me laughing my ass off at the "flipped" trailers....like a trailer for THE SHINING as a rom com, for MARY POPPINS as a horror flick (this one is freaky!). Those are addictive, man.

    And let's not forget THE UNIT.


  4. Ok, so thanks so much for that, I had to go look for clips of Scott Foley.

    Let me just say I don't think I've ever seen a guy be nicer to a blushing, girly-fan. HOLY CRAP.


  5. Brilliant post.
    It's good to know I am not alone. I write to two YouTube playlists - each one lasts about an hour or so, and sets break points.
    One playlist for those amazing, kick you in the heart, clips from romantic movies and TV shows - like this one;


    and the other, hip, lively, energetic, 'lets get this show started' music vids, most of them very silly, but fun, like this;


    And don't get me started on the trance and dance music tracks.
    And of course there are lots of playlists created by other people for writing.

    The fun never ends.
    Love it, love it, love it.

    My name is Ray-Anne and I am addicted to YouTube.

  6. Hello, my name is Melissa and I am also addicted to YouTube.

    Since Jennifer Hudson has yet to come out with an album I have to get my fix from live performances she's done for Dreamgirls. *sigh* Can anyone say The Actor's Studio, or even old Richard Pryor stand ups. *sigh* I don't think this addiction can be cured.

  7. OH-SO-GLAD to know I am not alone in my addiction...

    OH-SO-SAD that I just had to go check out every single darned link you lot just left...

    Sigh. I'm officially a lost cause.