Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Temptation Tuesday - Brunette Beauties

Today I continue with my series on heroine inspiration. Last month we had the blonde bombshels, piccies and rundowns on just who you can use as the next blonde heroine you read or write about.

This month we have...



Catherine Zeta-Jones –

Classically beautiful, I think she’d like to be a sexpot, was fabulously so in ZORRO, had a million teenage boys fall in love with her in THE DARLING BUDS OF MAY, but too me she just comes across as far too smart to be anything but a smart girl. She's wily, focused, and ambitious. So watch out!

Aishwarya Rai –

The most beautiful woman in the world? Well she's certianly the most well-paid actress. This Bollywood star is truly gorgeous, and appealing with it. But there is an underlying streak of smarts that cuts through any of her other attributes. Any girl who can play Lizzie Bennet, as she does in BRIDE AND PREJUDICE gets my vote as a smart girl.

Emily Deschanel –

The lead in TV’s BONES. What I love about our Emily is that she's super curvy, she's tall, she's able to stand up to the boys and look like she means it. But there is also an underlying fragility about her. Lots of room for clashing tempers and clashing intelligence.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Angelina Jolie –

Cat's eyes, big lips, big boobs. If this woman ever becomes the heroine of a book of mine then I’ll eat my hat. She is such a sexpot I’m not altogether unsure there isn’t something supernatural involved. But the guys seem to like her.

Jessica Biel -

This girl to me seems like walking trouble. She's played nice girls before, but with that killer bod including a butt to rival J Lo's, those piercing eyes, and that focus, I think that if she wanted something she wouldn't stop until she got it. Or him...

Jessica Alba -

Is there something in that first name? Recently voted the world's sexiest woman, Jessica can be a bit too sweet to be true. Dare I mention the forgettable HONEY? But try her up on stage swinging a lassoo in SIN CITY and you'll see why she's here.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Anne Hathaway -

This girl is the queen of the silver screen makeover. From a school girl to a princess, and most famously from a daggy journalism student to glamorous "Miranda girl". But even when glamorous she never quite loses that feeling in the back of your mind that on her very next step she might yet trip over a bump in the sidewalk and land flat on her face. Beautiful, and loveable.

Jewel Staite -

Known to those of us who are devotees of Joss Whedon's FIREFLY. If you wanna see how to play a girl next door, you must watch this show. Jewel is delightful, moving, funny, sweet, and just a little bit sexy when you least expect it.

Evangeline Lily -

Okay, so in LOST she's a tomboy. A crim on the run. Good with a knife. But if we just take a good look at her without the bikinis and the backpacks, I really think I could use her well as a girl next door. The curly hair, the freckles, the overbite. Too easy. In fact I am beginning to see her as my next Romance heroine ;).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Winona Ryder -

She's teeny tiny. Pretty as a picture. With skin like porcelain and raven dark hair in that famous pixie cut. And those big brown eyes a man could lose himself in. Beautiful in parts such as HOW TO MAKE AN AMERICAN QUILT and THE AGE OF INNOCENCE she was born to be an ingenue. And isn't it time we give her a break over the light fingers?

Halle Berry -

She was super hot as a Bond girl, no dount. And her topless scene in SWORDFISH almost made the internet blow up with excitement. But to my mind there is something infintely fragile about this woman.

Natalie Portman -

Another teeny tiny poppet of an actress. Dainty, lovely, sweet, far too pretty for her own good. She made her mark on me in THE PROFESSIONAL, her first film. And she has grown into a seroiusly beguiling creature with a kind of faraway sadness in her eyes that makes me want to know why...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Amanda Peet -

She hits our small screen in JACK AND JILL; loud, obnoxious, and seriously gorgeous. All shaggy brown hair, and a smile like sunshine and huge blue eyes surrounded by unfairly dark lashes. Topless in THE WHOLE NINE YARDS she still came across as such a tomboy it was adorable. This is one girl I for one can't wait to use as heroine inspiration.

Minnie Driver -

Curly hair, freckles, funny, did the boy’s best friend really well in GOOD WILL HUNTING. Was an ingenue of sorts in RETURN TO ME, but her place is with the boys. Hanging out, telling dirty jokes, laughing loudly. Dontcha reckon?

Sandra Bullock -

Is she the ultimate boys best friend? In combat boots and a short skirt in SPEED or in what could be her poster movie, MISS CONGENIALITY, Sandra is a girl we all root for, in life and in the movies. Your ultimate spunky kid.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Sandra Oh, Audrey Hepburn, Neve Campbell, Alyssa Milano, Liv Tyler, Katie Holmes, Catherine Keener, Demi Moore, Rose Byrne, Ashley Judd, Bridget Moynihan, Kate Beckinsale, Madeleine Stowe, Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Garner...

Who's your favourite brunette?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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  1. You mentioned her only in passing but how about J.Lo? Don't like her music or the constant media attention but I like her in romantic comedies (as long as Ben Affleck is not in them too).

    Also Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, Tamala Jones, Joy Bryant, Nona Gaye, Taraj Henson, Michael Michelle, Kenya Moore, Thandie Newton, and Gabrielle Union.

  2. Audrey Hepburn is a terrific brunette. Strong, sassy, vulnerable yet strong. Breakfast at Tiffany's anyone?

    Also, Angie Harmon, Mariska Hargitay, Catherine Bell... All beautiful women that almost always play strong beautiful characters.

    I'm reading your current release... So far, I'm hooked. :-)