Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Temptation Tuesday - Biorythms

This Tuesday at The Pink Heart Society our very own Natasha Oakley introduces us to a brand new way to waste time on the internet.

If you need a break from YouTube I've found another fun site. I freely confess I'm not a devotee of the biorythm theory but it hasn't stopped me spending far too long discovering, among other things, that Johnny Depp just will not be completely happy without me in his life. I'd long suspected that but it's nice to have it confirmed.

The theory goes that there are three fixed cycles which start at your moment of birth - a 23-day physical cycle, a 28-day emotional cycle and a 33-day mental cycle. By knowing someone's birthday you can work out the highs and lows of their life. And, by clicking here you can find your perfect match.

Isn't that useful!

Naturally I turned my attention to my fellow Pink Heart Society editors. Nicola has a difficult choice to make. She matches with Shaggy and Dwayne Johnson, both scoring 100%. And then she has Rob Lowe as a third choice with a very respectable 98% compatability.

Jenna was perfectly happy with her 99% 'match' Ethan Embry but if she's prepared to drop a percentage she gets the choice of Matt Stone and Matt Damon.

Ally had a nice selection to choose from - Karl Urban and Michael Varten at 98% and Orlando Bloom at 97%. I've decided to award her Michael Varten because he speaks French and she's such a Francophile.

Trish was more of a problem. She matched with Dougray Scott and she's just not keen.

Since she's a very good friend I sacrificially worked through her list of Male on Mondays and it was all rather depressing. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was a pathetic 23%. Nathan Fillion fared better with 70%. Intellectually they're absolutely perfect for one another but physically and emotionally it just isn't so good. Colin Farell is a 73% match but their score was badly let down on their intellectual compatability. Physically it's a completely different story - 99% - which if half of what's written about him is true that's not so surprising. It just wasn't good enough.

Persistance in the face of depressing odds is a characteristic of all authors so I naturally broadened my search and set about working down the list of all Male on Mondays.

Beginning to understand why Trish is still single I discovered Colin Firth is a 54% match, George Clooney only a little better at 55%, Alan Rickman worse with 51% ....

Then I stepped up a gear with Richard Armitage. A 75% match. I almost stopped there but I couldn't resist checking him out for me and at 80% I think he'd better be mine.

Finally I hit the jackpot - Trish has a 92% biorythm compatability with Jeremy Northam. No one can complain about him, can they??? Also I did the obligatory check and I'm a percentage behind so I'll content myself with Johnny and Richard. Ally, who claimed him in the first place, only scored 48% so she'll have to relinquish him.

Mentioning British actor Richard Armitage on this blog seems to hit a mass of google alerts so if you've stumbled over to the Pink Heart Society via that route I thought I'd put in something special for you!

Match yourself with Richard Armitage

You've got 80% to beat, ladies ..

With love

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  1. In my defense I would like to point out that I match 150% with ALL of my FICTIONAL HEROS...

    You're never alone with one you can make up yourself I say... ;)

  2. There's no doubt your biorythms are extremely tricky. But Jeremy Northam ....... Surely that's got to be okay???

  3. 87% with Richard! True love, I tell you.

    Yes, I'm one of the people who found you through a google alert for RA. :)

  4. yes...well...my husband is liable to run off with Jessica Alba if we tell him about this, so let's not. I rather like him. LOL.

  5. Well, mine gets Nigella Lawson and is extremely happy about it!

    Hello, Julie. Nice to have you with us. At 87% I reckon Richard is yours - although I'll need to have that verified. :)

  6. Yay! 76% match with Richard Armitage!

    Boo! 100% match with Michael Schumacher. Ugh!

    However, there was some light in the tunnel. A 97% match with Nigel Harman.

    He'll do.

  7. Wow! Talk about addictive!
    Brad Pitt 99%
    Richard Armitage 99%
    Oliver Martinez 97%
    My head is spinning. But who's Rob Zombie (97%)?


  8. Now that's where the whole thing becomes weird.

    I googled Rob Zombie and he's pretty much as his name would suggest. Let's just say I won't be nominating him into the Pink Heart Hall of Fame but if you need more information - he's got a pair of boots he's been wearing for twenty years, designed many of his own tattoos and loves horror movies.

    Perhaps you've got schitzophrenic biorythms, Rach????

  9. OOer, Just checked out his web site and I see what you mean!
    NOT the one for me.
    Although having just come in bedraggled after an hour in the rain we do share the 'look'.

  10. I did Jamie Bamber first - 86% overall, and 100% intellectually (which, sadly, is the big one for me).

    But my top matches? Ben Affleck - 99%, Ryan Phillipe, 98%, and Raoul Bova, 97%. I could handle that, yessirree.

  11. Be still my heart -- I actually have a 97% compatibility rate with Michael T Weiss, with Harry Connick Jr just slightly edging him out at 98%, but I'll take that one percent drop and MTW, please. :)

    I never expected that to show up, talk about the odds -- if you all remember I am quite the MTW admirer. It must be meant to be, right? We do have a lot in common -- art, environment, age -- except that I'm very happily married to my own Mike, of course, LOL.

  12. And I get Matt LeBlanc. Oh, nooo.

    85% with Richard. However, intellectually, I'm a 98% match with Antonio Banderas. Which is handy, as I'm currently writing a Spanish doctor hero...

    You can also match your biorhythms with your real life OH at http://www.biolovematch.com/ - am pleased to report it got mine right *g*

    And Natasha, you bad woman - I do not need extra distraction aids!

  13. Fabulous stuff!!!!!! For everyone else...

    All my guys are wet fish. Waaaahhh
    !!! And 48% with Jeremy Northam, that's just cruel.


  14. Ally, you don't like Michael Varten??????? I was sure he was perfect. Man born in France, passionate sportsman ...

    But, yes, Jeremy Northam is one of those learning experiences life is littered with you will have to move on!

  15. 89% for Richard Armitage. Read it and weep.

    Physical not so good... guess greying dumpy housewives don't quite do it for him? Or is it the pummeling he'd get from my husband putting him off?

    physical 68%
    emotional 97%
    intellectual 100%
    total 89%

  16. Oh, I didn't see the breakdown thingie... so mine with MTW was:

    physical 96%
    emotional 97%
    intellectual 96%
    total 97%

    Ya baby! Fun fantasy stuff -- you gotta wonder how they come up with it. I suppose my husband's compatibility must be 100 percent then? LOL


  17. Pomo Housewife, imo if Richard Armitage doesn't 'go' for 'women of a certain age' the fault is most definitely with him. Just think how much we could teach him.:)

  18. Okay, I'm 100% on all counts with John Stamos. Googled him and he is HOT these days (Jen fans self). He's also single. Shame I'm not.... ;-)


  19. You know, though, I wonder -- MTW's b'day is one day from mine, and he's one year older -- so are these biorhythms set on just whose birthdays are close together? I don't see that that could lead to compatibility, as then we would both be in "lows" and "highs" at the same time, and that can put more stress on relationships than not -- better to have a little bit of opposite/complement, I think.

    Still, I like being very compatible with my fantasy man in fantasy life, and with my real man in real life. ;)


  20. Shaggy and that Dwayne guy? Uh-uh, both of them are SO not my thing!
    Rob Lowe? Now you're talking!!! :)

    And Ally, Michael Vartan is scrummy too!

  21. Got 74% on RA, but that's only because it was a really poor match intellectually (33). The other two were 99 and 90! :D

    My top two are Justin Timberlake and
    Dominic Monaghan (98%) the other three I don't even know who they are. :/