Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday Spotlight - Sharon Kendrick

This week The Pink Heart Society spotlights Best-selling Harlequin Presents Author Sharon Kendrick!!!

About Sharon:

Sharon has been writing stories for as long as she can remember and completed her first book at the age of 11! It featured identical twins fighting evil at their boarding school, but — sadly — this early manuscript has been lost. Sharon wanted to be a journalist and so enrolled in a secretarial course to learn shorthand and typing, but life kind of got in the way and she drifted in and out of a succession of jobs. She has been a waitress, a cook, a dancer, and a photographer. She has worked in shops and sung in bars. Sharon even qualified as a nurse and drove an ambulance across the Australian desert! Her first book; Nurse in the Outback was accepted by Mills & Boon without any changes and since then Sharon has gone on to write many more, garnering several Waldenbooks best-sellers and a legion of fans along the way!. She adores writing romance and considers herself lucky to have the best job in the world!

Spotlight On Sharon:

Where do you get the inspiration for your books from?

Everywhere. From the sky. From a woman's dress. A man's eyes. A wistful expresssion you'd glimpse on a crowded train. I cross-read newspapers and sometimes tacky magazines, and I scrutinise the photographs - for the unusual look which might tell its own story, or inspire one of mine.

What makes you mad?

Rudeness. Unkindness. Cruelty - all the usual suspects. I think the world could be a fairer place - and that we should all do our bit to make it that way. I HATE people who leave their car engines running - in fact, I'm a bit disapproving of over-use of cars in general!

What’s the most romantic thing that has ever happened to you?

A man once concealed a beautiful ring in a box of chocolates...

What in a hero makes you drool?

Passion. Talent - and a self-assurance which borders on the arrogant!

If you weren’t a writer what would you be?

A cook, I think. Or an actress - but that is more difficult to achieve!

What do you do to relax and wind down?

Going for long walks, or runs (depending on how energetic I'm feeling). Immersing myself in a deep, scented bath. Seeing a foreign films. Losing myself in London.

How do you get out of a writing rut?

Rethink what I'm doing. If I'm "blocked" then it's because something isn't working, and there's usually a good reason why. The solution tends to be in the characters - I have to listen to them, instead of trying to tell them what to say!

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Oooh - that's very difficult. I suppose it would be Paris - as long as I could keep my lovely house in Winchester as well!

Who would you most like to give a hug to for a fabulous book you’ve read?

F. Scott Fitzgerald - for Great Gatsby or Evelyn Waugh for Brideshead Revisited. Or Ian McEuan for anything he's written (and because he's alive and rather delicious!)

What music do you listen to when writing?

I don't. I need as close to silence as I can get. Music is too powerful - it intrudes by weaving its own story.

What was your most embarrassing moment?

There are too many to name - I have a loud voice and a tendency to say what's in my head!

What have you had to celebrate in the last year?

Living well.

What’s beside your computer when you’re writing?

Two photos of my children as babies (the one of my son has a mop on his head!). A beautiful green alligator which I was given by a friend in Santa Barbara. A huge "sapphire" I bought in Siena. A pink glass paperweight given to me by a schoolfriend. A talking Dalek. A postcard of a dreamy Schloss in Germany which looks like Cinderella's castle. Oh, and a vast dictionary and a Thesaurus!

If you could kiss anyone in the world who would it be?

I'm afraid I can't possibly tell you my number one choice, on grounds that it might incriminate me - but if it's someone unlikely and unobtainable - it would probably be that French bloke who Kylie used to go out with.

What are you working on now?

Book one of my Greek billionaire twins - it has been held up by the breaking of bones in my right hand - but I have been reading the most amazing book for research. Called Greek Fire, it's written by an Oxford Don and tells you all about passion and tragedy and art and life's questions and answers and it makes you shiver with delight and fear and all kinds of emotions.
Sharon's latest book is The Desert King's Virgin Bride and is still available to buy at eharlequin and Amazon in the USA & Canada and at the Mills & Boon and Amazon UK sites!
And don't forget to keep an eye out for her next release The Sheikh's Unwilling Wife - out in August in the UK!!!
Sharon absolutely LOVES to hear from her readers and you can contact her via email at
Thanks Sharon!!!


  1. Sharon --
    I am so pleased to hear that your bones have healed.

    And if anyone reflects the glamour of Presents, Sharon does. She showed up to the RNA awards lunch with her cast matching her purple outfit. I was SO impressed.

  2. Sharon, great post - love your books! Hurry up and finish the Greeks!
    x Abby Green

  3. Sharon,

    Lovely to have you here. Like Abby, I'm a fan and I'll be looking out for your Greek twins next year.

    I'm wondering if the talking dalek gives you inspiration - a great excuse to buy one! Thanks for mentioning your new research book -it sounds fascinating. Another one to investigate...