Monday, June 11, 2007

Male On Monday - Michael Weatherly

This Monday on The Pink Heart Society we're inducting into the Male On Monday Hall Of Fame a man whose real-life story is possibly even more interesting than his on-screen ones... Trish Wylie tells us all about Michael Weatherly...

And I tell ya girls - if there's not a category romance or two borne out of this one then all hope is lost! Because I'll admit I knew very little about this guy until I started researching for this Blog and well... you'll see...

Let's just see if it sparked your muse the same way it did mine shall we?

Michael Weatherly was born on July 8th 1968 in New York City and was raised in Farifield Connecticut in what has been described online as a Gatsbyesque lifestyle of private schools, tennis lessons and summers spent in Europe. His father; Michael Weatherly Sr. is a millionaire exporter, famous in the US for introducing the Swiss Army knife and when he discovered his son was considering taking up acting after he left college, he threatened to disinherit him! Michael Jnr. stuck to his guns and his father then carried out the threat and despite later admitting his son's conviction for what he wanted to do, didn't offer to help him financially...(I swear gals - you couldn't make this stuff up...okay... well yes, alright, we could... still you can see why my muse started making notes as I read all this...but I digress...)

Anyway, a year after taking up acting Michael's career began with a role as Theo Huxstable's college room-mate in The Cosby Show, followed by a regular part on a soap opera called Loving. And it was this role in what is described as 'the sensitive, brooding heartthrob Cooper Alden' (muse liked that description), that he quickly became one of the show’s major stars, thanks to a mass of swooning female fans. He stayed on until the end of the show’s run and in its final year on the air, the show came back slightly revamped with a new title of The City in which he appeared as the same character. After this show was also cancelled, Michael apparently received *handsome offers* from bigger, even better known soaps, but turned them all down - probably 'cos he'd been there already - and instead opted to take the gamble of trying to make the 'upward move' from daytime soap to primetime.

Relocating to LA in 1998, the gamble got off to a promising start when he landed a lead role on a new romantic comedy, Significant Others co-starring with an unknown Ms. Jennifer Garner. Unfortunately the show was short-lived but Michael managed to rebound by landing a recurring role as Roy, the ex-husband of title character Jesse Warner, in the sitcom Jesse with Christina Applegate. But even though it was regularly ranked among the Top 20 every week throughout its run the show failed to be as successful as the network had hoped and once again, this time after two seasons, Michael saw the show cancelled from under him. Poor Michael!

But the cancellation proved a blessing in disguise as he then moved onwards and upwards - cast to co-star in Dark Angel, a sexy, new Sci-Fi type action drama from director James Cameron, with newcomer Jessica Alba -where I first tripped across him... Though in fairness I always wanted Max (Jessica's character) to end up with Alec - played by Jensen Ackles (a previous Male on Monday of mine) - cos I apparently have a bit of a thing for the wounded hero-type with a sarcastic sense of humour... (C'mon - you've *met me* - haven't you???) . Anyway, as Logan Cale, a wheel-chair bound leader of an underground resistance movement, it proved to be the role that would catapult Michael under more noses than just mine - including his leading lady's! Despite a 12 year age difference, Michael and Jessica began dating while filming the pilot episode, eventually getting engaged and they would continue the relationship for most of the show’s run – a union that apparently delighted both the fans and the press - even though ultimately it didn't last.

The show itself had a cult following, but due to huuugggeee production costs the network dragged its feet when it came to a second season. Cameron entered talks and managed to secure another run with some of his Hollywood clout - but that was it. And another show bit the dust... You kinda gotta feel for him at this stage, don't you???

So with no Dark Angel and no Jessica anymore either our *hero* was hired for a two-episode stint in the military law drama (and a favourite of mine), J.A.G. - the story serving as a launch-pad for a spin-off they named N.C.I.S - a kind of "CSI" meets "Cold Case" meets "JAG" would be a *very loose* description for the uninitiated. And it's as the playful, wisecracking Agent Anthony (Tony) DiNozzo that we can find Michael right to this date - the show doing very nicely in it's third odd season now thankfully - building on the original JAG fanbase and then adding to it with some fans of its own.... Michael himself says of Tony:

"...he has the attention span of a gnat. He is like a goldfish that swims from one end of the bowl to the other, turns around and goes, 'Look at this.' It is always a brand new goldfish bowl [for Tony]. I love that about him. He is very enthusiastic. But it means every relationship lasts about three weeks."

On a more personal note 6ft 2 Michael is currently single (and if anyone can find any other info than that then they're a better gal than me - tho you kinda gotta respect that kind of privacy after such public affairs with the likes of Rachel Hunter and Jessica Alba). He has a son from a short-lived marriage, and he's one of a family of 5 sisters and one brother. To supplement his early acting career he played in a band - guitar and piano - and he sold shoes, delivered pizzas, and dabbled in songwriting. And finally, for all you gals down in Aus, he was at the TV Week Logies in Melbourne last month as an international guest, accompanied by his niece, Alexandra Breckenridge (who acted in the movie She's The Man) - so if you missed him... well... tough.

So there you go - that's Michael Weatherly for you. To discover more there are several good sites out there - one of them being - and remember you can look back on all of our previous Male On Monday inductees by following the link on the side-bar - ENJOY!!!

H's & K's - Trish

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  1. LOVE HIM. LOVE NCIS. And I've loved his character even more this season...we saw a new side of Tony...and if you've seen the season finale all that just got blown out the window...I have my own theory of the whole thing.

    Good choice, sweets!

  2. I think this man is simply terribly attractive. I can't imagine that he wouldn't appeal to every woman who watches NCIS like I do.. His looks are handsome, and his good breeding is apparent.

  3. I love Michael Weatherly as Logan Cale and I like him as Agent Anthony (Tony) DiNozzo! :)
    Max (Dark Angel) would never sleep with Alec out of her free will because she sees her fellow transgenics as brothers and sisters. Therefore a romantic Max/Alec relationship would be incestuous from her point of view and OOC.
    Besides, Max loves Logan and not Alec.