Sunday, July 01, 2007

June Hamper... What a Load of Free Books!

Now as you know, we here at the Pink Heart Society ... LOVE giving you lots of free books!!!
This month, in order to be in to win, we would love you to leave a comment below and tell us:

What season do you most like to read about? Couples snuggled together in winter, or half-naked on a beach in the height of summer? Or somewehre in between?

Our favourite answer will win you this hamper Prize:

The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge by Kate Walker (Presents)

The Return Of The Rebel by Trish Wylie (Modern Extra)

The Stranger by Elizabeth Lane (Harlequin Historical) ~ out in stores in July! ~

Crusader's Lady by Lynna Banning (Historical)

Memo: Marry Me by Jennie Adams ~ Winter Warmer Collection with three other books!!! ~

Bride Of The Emerald Isle by Trish Wylie (Romance)

And the lovely Lee Hyatt of the Tote Bag blog is giving away:

MARRIAGE BY NECESSITY – Marisa Carroll (Superromance)
THE COMEBACK GIRL – Debra Salonen (Superromance)
BEDDED BY THE DESERT KING – Susan Stephens (Presents)

Hugs and kisses,

Ally, Jenna, Natasha, Nicola and Trish

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  1. I like them all, but if I had to choose just one it would be Winter. After all, the anticipation is half the fun, and there's something very sexy about removing all those clothes one piece at a time. Also, you can't cozy up by the fire in the Summer. Well, you could, but heat stroke is just not that sexy lol. :)

  2. I LOVE to read in the summer. After I get the kids to bed, I curl up with a good book on our back porch swing and read until the day light fades. I'll have to invest in a book light so I can stay out a bit longer.

    However...there is something to be said for cuddling under my feather duvet all warm and snuggly and reading until I fall asleep with the book still in my hands.

    It's a toss up!


  3. i like th ewinter read. in bed with nice cofee

  4. Spring. All the greenery and the smells of spring. During the day you could take walks and the evenings you could snuggle b/c the evenings are still cool during the spring. ALso while taking those walks if it rains you would have to run somewhere for protection and who knows what will happen.

  5. I'm partial to Christmas romances. During my two week leave from my thrid graders at school I usually gather up six or seven Christmas romances and enjoy!

  6. Half naked on the beach in summer can be an awesome read and I believe is my favorite. There are the lazy, hazy crazy days of summer and they bring laughter and fun.
    The couple can be on a blanket on the beach beneath the night stars and whispering 'sweet nothings' into each other's ears or they can go strolling down the beach with arms entwined around each other and giggling about the footprints they leave behind and the cool water lapping at their tootsies. They can be sitting on the sand applying sun screen on each other and this brings about a 'hot love about to explode' episode. They can play a game of 'kisses' which would lead to other things; every time one comes upon a sea shell the other one gets a kiss. They can be sitting under a umbrella on the beach with a cool drink and, in their minds, they are the only ones there-no one else exists but them. They are oblivious to anything going on around them-they only exist for each other.

  7. I think snowy English and American winters. Here in Australia it gets cold, but you have to go to the mountains to get snow. So rather than the reality of shoveling driveways and trudging through sleet, snow for me is something magical, crisp and clean and beautiful. What can be more romantic than snuggling by an open fire? And snow always seems to lend itself to dramatic rescues!

    Then again, I just love those bronzed Mediterranean heroes and sun-drenched islands.....

    Nope. Can't choose. Love them all!

  8. Ooohhh... Cowboys and winters, love them! Getting snowed in with a hunka burnin love... the possibilities :)

  9. Love reading about the summer, with half naked bodies and the beaches.

  10. Winter. Snowflakes falling, fires burning, rosy cheeks, all bundled up...these are the things of romance. And because it's cold, there's more of a contrast when the heat rises in the story.

  11. I like them all but I love beach reads. Summer is my favorite season and it is great to read about some where warm and inviting in the winter.

  12. My favorite season to read about is Halloween because writers, in the spirit of the season, let their imaginations run amok with lovestruck witches (my favorite), lusty werewolves, vampires pining for their human lovers, and of course, demons that no mortal female can resist.

  13. oopss. make that the season of Halloween (late fall)