Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday Talk Time - Harlequin Romance Report 2007 Pt 5

This week at The Pink Heart Society we look for the last time at what the Harlequin Romance Report 2007 had to say - this time about The New Romantic Man In 2007 And we bring you the results of the Inner Romantic Test we did a couple of weeks ago

Almost 50% of the men surveyed by the Harlequin Romance Report consider themselves hopeless romantics! Which is encouraging we here at The Pink Heart Society feel. But, the report says, while it's refreshing to hear that men are so willing and excited to embrace romance, many of us are left wondering where these great catches are hiding. (ain't that the truth Pink Heart-ers!) The report says romantic men are everywhere; they're just waiting to be discovered. So the experts at Harlequin have put together a list to help us identify the New Romantic Man!

Respectful - He has values. He believes in treating people as he would want to be treated, and that goes double for you!

Open - Communication is the key to the New Romantic Man. He doesn't play games and he hopes you won't either. He is honest and genuine and looking for someone he can trust completely.

Mature - While he is funny and may possess a child-like charm - he acts maturely when making decisions and handling his responsibilities.

Affectionate - Look out ladies, the New Romantic Man is full of passion! He has deep feelings for you and he wants to express them without having to hold back, so enjoyt it!

Natural - Come as you are. This guy is the real thing and isn't fake. He is straightforward, easy-going and looking for someone who can relax and be themselves with him.

Thoughtful - He listens when you talk and remembers the details. Don't be surprised if he picks up on your favourite movie and rents it for you without needing to be asked.

Intuitive - Knowing you means sensing your moods and knowing how to react to them. While the New Romantic Man is very intuitive, he needs direction. No guessing games - just tell him what you want!

Confident - He is confident without being arrogant. He is in touch with himself and his emotions. He knows who he is and what he wants.

Sounds good to us! And there are a few heroic qualities in there we could use, aren't there? So - next up - did you take the Inner Romantic Test with us a couple of weeks back? Well - if you didn't - then before you see the results - you can revisit it here - NO CHEATING NOW...

Mostly A... Where's The Love?

We've taken the liberty of calling a Doctor because you've got no romantic pulse!

You can't deny that you enjoy it when someone (especially someone you love) does something special for you, right? Who's going to object to a little extra TLC?

Don't worry. Romance never ever (trust us) has to be that difficult. It can be as simple as picking up a phone and sending your partner a text message or an e-mail saying 'I was thinking about you and just wanted to say HI'. We all know that showing emotion sometimes can be uncomfortable or, dare we say it, even corny. But we urge you to try it, because the reaction you'll receive will ensure any momentary embarrassment vanishes...

Mostly B... Professor Of Romance - You could write a book on what you know

You do make 'Loving Fun!'. There isn't much for us to say because you're exactly what the doctor ordered when it comes to romance. You've figured out how to strike the right balance: knowing how much romance is needed versus knowing when to draw the line.

You're honest, confident and straightforward and you know exactly what you want. You are the poster child of the Romance Revolution. You're not afraid to show your feelings. We just hope your partner knows how lucky they are!

Mostly C... Romance Overload

We applaud you for embracing your inner romantic so wholeheartedly but are concerned you're going to drop from exhaustion. (We're not sure how you found the time to take this quiz) So please, for now, put down your pen, stop writing those love poems and cancel today's delivery of roses.

We love that you embrace love and romance and affection - we just think that for the sake of your health and your wallet, you might want to pull the reins back a bit.

We've learned that sometimes even the most subtle, yet sincere gestures will say more than the long-stemmed rose. Funnel your boundless creativity into new ways to say 'I love You'.

Mostly D... You're our kinda gal

Yes indeedy - welcome to the PHS!!!

Anyone wanna fess up to what their result was???

So now we say goodbye to the Harlequin Romance Report for another year and look forward to what next year will bring us!!! Don't forget to check back next week here at The Pink Heart Society when we have authors telling us about their favourite Category Romance books!!!

Thirteen Ways To Say I Love You

from the


1. I Love You - Aus/NZ/UK

2. Je t'aime - France

3. Jag alskar dig - Sweden

4. Ich liebe dich - Germany

5. Kimi o ai shitero - Japan

6. Eu te amo - Brazil

7. Kocham cie - Poland

8. Szeretlek - Hungary

9. Ik houd van u - Netherlands

10. S'ayapo - Greece

11. Ti Amo - Italy

12. I love You - USA/Canada

13. Te amo - Spain

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  1. I got mostly D's, although A's ran a close second. Does that mean I have a dual personality? LOL!

    But I'm definitely a D kinda gal, which is probably why I enjoy PHS so much.

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