Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Talk Time - Harlequin Romance Report 2007 Pt2

This week at The Pink Heart Society we look at some of the International Results from the Harlequin Romance Report 2007… so are we all that different from one country to the other? Apparently, yes we are

Forgive and Forget?

While 67% of French men say that they would forgive their partner for kissing someone else – only 33% of them could forgive their partners for sleeping with someone else…

According to the women of Switzerland, Germany and Italy; flirting is 100% forgiveable! The women of Spain and France however, are not quite so forgiving, since only 40% of Spanish women and 43% of French women could forgive their partners for the same act…

So is it still cheating of you’re not having sex the survey asked? Apparently the jury is still out – but some would appear more tolerant than others… 33% of Brazilian women would forgive their partners for having sex with someone else! (REALLY???) But in the UK only 1% of women said the same thing! Hell hath no fury like a British woman scorned the report says…

How Romantic Are You?

Well, it would appear the most romantic women in the world can be found… wait for it… DOWN UNDER – where 61% of Aussie women consider themselves to be very romantic… (might explain the number of lovely romance authors per head then?) Not far behind are Swedish women at 57% and Greek women at 50%...

So what about the men? Cos let’s face it – that’s info we could with, right? A staggering 77% of men in the Netherlands believe that romance is reserved solely for special occasions and 19% of American men claim they don’t have a romantic bone in their body! And in the UK – well – only 9% of the men feel the same way as the Americans… So does that influence where you’d like to live? Do you agree???

So where are the world’s most romantic men? Well, thankfully for all those romantic women down under – Australia tops the list, along with Brazil and France – a third of men in those countries claiming to be hopeless romantics…( bodes well for single gal Trish Wylie whose visiting Aus this summer doesn’t it???)

Fast-Track Into The Sack

And here we are with the biggie… 91% of British men have at one time or another used a compliment as a conduit for sex! While 44% of Australian men and 67% of Japanese men admitted to the same tactic. And compliments work on men too ladies! 67% of the Dutch and Polish women, 60% of the Spanish women and 29% of the French admitted to using the exact same approach for the same result…

So that brings us to those three little words: I love you – as a fast-track method…

According to the survey, 67% of French men have used it as what they hoped would be a straight path to la chambre….58% of the Dutch, 43% of the Swedish and 42% of the British agreed! So ladies beware!

Women however, will resort to other tactics… Greek women (75%) use their culinary skills as do 29% of Japanese women. But in Brazil it’s sexy lingerie – an astounding 90% using that method to entice their man. And wait for it – in Germany 33% of women would consider plastic surgery in the hope it leads to sex!!! (a tad of an expensive method we here at the Pink Heart Society feel…)

And so onto our first Thursday Thirteen where we list some of the Whats Hot and What’s Not in the age of the Romance Revolution!!!! And don’t forget to pop back next week here at The Pink Heart Society when we look at what the Harlequin Romance Report had to say about Romance Resuscitation and we invite you to take the Inner Romantic Test!!!

Thirteen What's Hot and What's Not from the


1. NOT: Going Steady.... HOT: Dating Exclusively

2. NOT: Sappy Poetry.... HOT: Sweet text message

3. NOT: Long Walks On The Beach... HOT: Walking the Dog Together

4. NOT: Red Roses.... HOT: Daisies

5. NOT: Serenading.... HOT: Playlists

6. NOT: Older Men/Younger Women.... HOT: Older Women/ Younger Men

7. NOT: One-night stands.... HOT: Romantic Encounters

8. NOT: Arrogance.... HOT: Confidence

9. NOT: Drunk Dialling.... HOT: Goodnight Phone Calls

10. NOT: Dinner By Candlelight.... HOT: Picnic in the Park

11. NOT: Box Of Chocolates.... HOT: Personalized Candy

12. NOT: Making Out In Public.... HOT: Holding Hands In Public

13. NOT: Dating A Friend's Ex.... HOT: Online Dating

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  1. I'm sorry, but since when is picking up dog poop together hot (see No.3)!

  2. Welcome to the madness of T13!