Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Temptation on Tuesday...Life Changes

Desire author and Pink Heart Society regular Maxine Sullivan brings us a list of five things that she's noticed changed suddenly in her life since she went from being unpublished to published. Do such changes tempt you?

1. SUDDENLY... everybody wants to hear what I have to say. More importantly, they actually listen. J Of course, I DO have more interesting things to talk about these days.

2. SUDDENLY... I’m Grammar Girl. If there’s a question about grammar, everyone expects me to know the answer.

3. SUDDENLY... I’m J.K. Rowling and everyone thinks I’m raking in the dollars. I tell them that it’s like winning the lottery - without the money.

4. SUDDENLY... every single person I’ve ever met wants a copy of my book, including the pizza delivery boy.

5. SUDDENLY... everyone wants to know the secret of my overnight success. (See Maxine's Writers Wednesday to find out how she succeeded overnight...after trying for publication for over 20 years)

Maxine’s second Desire THE TYCOON'S BLACKMAILED MISTRESS is out now in North America!

(How gorgeous is that cover??)

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  1. Maxine, I saw you book on the eharl website: Congratulations!! I can't wait to read it!!

  2. What you didn't say in #4 but I'm betting as sure as I'm living is that they want your book for free

  3. Patricia, yes, you're right. It was only after I sent Ally the version without it, and she put it up online yesterday, that I realized it needed changing.

    Still, at least we had a talking point here. And yep, everyone I've ever met wants a free copy for sure. :)

    2PAW, I hope you enjoy the book. Thanks for dropping by, ladies.


  4. Congrats, Maxine. You must be thrilled with that cover, too. And I'll know where to come with my grammar guru questions. Heh.