Sunday, May 27, 2007

Shaking Things Up at The Pink Heart Society!

This Sunday at The Pink Heart Society we take a break from the normal routine to tell you all about the shake up coming your way these next few months!


In June, one of the first changes we'll be having is the addition of regular

Pink Heart Society Columnists
who will help out all of us lovely Editors while we try to juggle deadlines and all the plans we have for the next few months! So watch out for them as they appear and make sure to make them all feel welcome, won't you? They'll be blogging on different days and on different topics and we Ed's CAN'T WAIT to see what they have up their sleeves!!!

Have you ever wondered what life is life after The Call??? Well starting in June we revisit some of the new writer's from our Writer's Wednesday Slots to see what life is like for them since they first sold! Come and find out on Writer's Wednesday - Beyond The Call!

As part of our Thursday Talk-Time Slots we invite authors to come tell us about their Favourite Category Romance Ever! So if you've ever wondered what writer's read or if you're just looking for a top tip for your TBR pile then pop by on Thursdays...

And that's before we even add in our usual doses of Hero Inspiration, The Spotlight Interviews, our favourite Films for a Friday Night, FinDaBoo and The Diet Club slots!!!

You need more??? Well how about this - this is YOUR CHANCE to add an article to The Pink Heart Society when once a month we run our Member Blog Day!!! All we ask is that you be a member of our PHS Yahoo Loop and that your Blog is Category Romance related in some form whether that be on writing, reading, fav books, movies you think fit a line, how you first found your way to those little books we all love, whether or not they're your guilty little secret, the friends you've made that share your passion for reading, your fav authors or maybe simply how those little books cheer up your day! The skies the limit so long as you don't go over 1000 words or make it a promotional Blog for your own book - just email your Blog to and if we're using your Blog we'll email and let you know what day so you can pop by and answer any of the comments!!!

In July we'll be shaking things up even more!!!

Oh yes indeed! In July we'll be bringing you IN-DEPTH-FLY-ON-THE-WALL coverage from the RWA NATIONALS!!! With our own on-the-spot roving reporters. So if you've ever thought about visiting Nationals then we'll have the low down on what it's REALLY LIKE!!!


So now we want to hear from you! What do YOU enjoy reading most at The Pink Heart Society and what might you like to see in the future???

Simply take the poll to let us know which days you enjoy most and let us know in the comments what you might like to see... And yes - we have left the Male On Monday slot OFF the poll... cos we all know how popular THAT day is!

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  1. hmmm. No Male on Monday on that poll...I think Ally knows us all a wee bit too well!