Friday, May 18, 2007

Thursday Talk Time - Harlequin Romance Report 2007 Pt3

This week at The Pink Heart Society we look at what the Harlequin Romance Report 2007 had to say about Romance Resuscitation and we invite you to take the Inner Romantic Test

So - your pulse is fading and you're afraid all hope is lost... Well, here's what the Harlequin Romance Report had to say about using Romance Resuscitation to jump-start your heartbeat - It's a Romance To-Do list of sorts... Though we here at The Pink Heart Society think it might be handy printed out and pinned to the fridge door for the men in your life to read too ;)


Flirting is one of the oldest forms of romance simply because it works. If you think you've forgotten how to flirt, don't worry, it's as simple as riding a bike. It all starts with a coy little smile, a gaze that's held just a little bit longer than necessary, or a gentle touch. That someone will pick up your intentions immediately...

Compliments never hurt...

Next time you're wracking your brain trying to create the most romantic moment of all time (WHO - US???) remember that you can get the same results with a simple compliment. As long as your partner feels special and loved, your mission is accomplished...

Baby, it's cold outside...

On a blistering cold morning, run out and start the car. It's the little things that matter, right?

NO Television...

Don't turn on the television while you're cooking and eating dinner. Play music instead and you'll be amazed at how much more you talk to each other and it might even lead to an impromptu dance...

Go on a Date...

Even if you've been together for a long time, tell your partner to get all dressed up and have a date night together...

Two spoons, One bowl...

Get a bowl of ice-cream with two spoons and share it. Maybe two straws and a margarita?

How are you?

When was the last time you asked your partner how they were or how everything was at work, and really gave the time to listen to the answer? Never underestimate the importance of being a good listener...

Take Charge...

Ladies - don't be afraid to stand up and take charge. All too often, both men and women think that the romantic wooing should be left up to the men. Not in the age of the romance revolution. A woman who takes charge is incredibly sexy! (this one could be a reward on the fridge list we at the PHS feel... you know... men try a few off the list and well... you just never know...)

Take a powder... (?)

The bathroom is a virtual candy shop for romance (aha... now we get it...) - Draw a bubble bath (run one if you're in the UK...) and if you're feeling fun join in (especially if you've been following the PHS Diet Club!!!) - Find a scent they like and buy it in a candle to light before they get home - Write 'I love you' in steam on the bathroom mirror while they're taking a shower - Or put your partner's towel in the drier when they're in the bath/shower so that when they get out they'll be wrapped in warmth...

A Favourite...

On the way home pick up something you know they like. It doesn't have to be the flat screen TV they've wanted - it can be their favourite magazine or a book of sudoku puzzles. (or a CATEGORY ROMANCE we say!)

Have Fun Together! (We like this one best)

Don't forget that laughter can be a powerful aphrodisiac. Spend the day at the zoo, go apple picking, or go go-karting... Anything that takes you away from the everyday (and feel free to let us here at the PHS know of a day out of the norm that you love! Enquiring minds need to know...)

And now for the Inner Romantic Test...(go on - admit it - we've ALL taken one of these at some point... AND we've even added a few PHS options of our own...)

1/ An ideal date with your significant other would be:

A. Staying home, renting DVD's and ordering Pizza

B. Staying up all night talking to each other.

C. Twenty-four long stemmed roses, a candle lit dinner and a horse & carriage ride...

D. No kids for the night, a romantic comedy (without complaints all the way through) and/or talking all the way through your latest plot for your WIP...

2/ The perfect gift from your partner is:

A. A DVD player

B. Something made by your partner, whether its a card or cookies

C. A love letter read to you by your partner on a bed covered with rose petals in a room lit by a thousand candles

D. All the dishes/laundry/housework done - the kids put to bed without any arguments while you soak in a bath and/or a nice new laptop to work on...

3/ You show your partner you love them by:

A. Doing his/her tax return

B. Leaving little notes or sending text messages

C. Tattooing his/her name on your arm

D. Making sure you tell them every day and taking turns with the dishes/laundry/housework/kids to bed stuff and/or not spending all the quality time you have on your laptop while you FinDaBoo...

4/ A song about your relationship would be:

A. A song? No way... too corny...

B. "You make loving fun"

C. "Die Without you"

D. You have to pick one? Your relationship has a soundtrack! And every lyric matters cos you'll remember something from the time in your life when the song played (and it might be useful to play when needing mood music to write or read to...)

5. It's a special anniversary and your plans are:

A. Do nothing. Why make a fuss when it's just another night...

B. Take them to their favourite restaurant followed by a concert by their favourite band.

C. Have flowers sent to the house and to work, have a limo take them to the best restaurant in town and then serenade them with an opera singer...

D. Something as simple as a bag of chips where you had your first date, or your partner cooking a meal without killing the kitchen, or a picnic at the beach... so long as you're together...

6. Your partner suggests a romantic weekend getaway, your ideal would be:

A. Cleaning out the basement or garage cos there's too much to do to waste a weekend going away...

B. A road trip, driving until you find a quaint little bed and breakfast

C. Taking a few extra days and flying to Paris.

D. Kids all packed off somewhere while you spend that special kind of quietness together in whatever way you think you'll most enjoy!!! (and/or possibly somewhere that has both a car museum/football ground tour while a writing course is on at the same time....)

We'll let you guess which answers we added... and better than that - we invite you to create a set of E. Answers of your own!!! Come back next week and we'll let you know what your results were and we'll look at what the Harlequin Romance Report had to say about Deconstructing common relationship woes and we look at five Hollywood couples who help us believe in relationships that work...

Thirteen of the Coolest Women and Coolest Men from the

1. George Clooney (Not a Male On Monday yet!)

2. Sheryl Crow

3. Johnny Depp (a PHS Male On Monday!)

4. Cameron Diaz

5. Hugh Laurie (Nope another one not done)

6. Angela Bassett

7. Matthew Fox (Hmmm... if he hasn't been he NEEDS TO)

8. Sandra Oh

9. Matt Damon (should we or shouldn't we?)

10. Diane Keaton

11. Vince Vaughn (another should we or shouldn't we?)

12. Salma Hayek

13. Jack Nicholson (frankly we're not convinced...)

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  1. We need to change it up and let the heroines come out and play...mistress on monday? Nah...too erotica...

  2. No George Clooney yet? How can that possibly be?!!
    Can we have him one Monday soon?

  3. How very fitting that George be the first on the list!