Monday, May 21, 2007

Male on Monday - Jason Lewis

This week our very own Natasha Oakley grants the honour of being a Pink Heart Society Male on Monday to a man who has been the focus of many a coffee morning conversation ........

Jason Lewis

Jason who????? I can hear the cries now!

Well ... you know how irritating television commercials can be??? But that sometimes there's an exception? And that every now and again the creative souls whose job is it to get us to part with our hard earned cash hit the jackpot with something we don't mind having our programme interrupted with?

Jason Lewis is the star of one such advert.

I can't honestly say the recent Aero commercial which began airing in the UK this April is politically correct but it has got everyone talking. Mostly these conversations are along the lines of 'I know I recognise him but where from?'.

So, first the advert - 30 seconds of a semi-naked man talking about chocolate - then the answer. Go on you know you want to!

It's possible you might recognise Jason from some high profile fashion shoots for Guess, Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss but I bet it all falls in place if I remind you of Smith Jerod in Sex and the City. Remember? The actor/waiter who charmed Samantha??

Jason Lewis was born 25 June, 1971, in Newport Beach, California, the second of four children. His father, a superior court judge, and his mother, a nurse, divorced when he was 21.

He attended college in San Diego, California, and after leaving he went to Paris on the advice of a model scout. A little modelling later he moved to Milan and was quickly adored by the fashion industry there.

In 1996 he was nominated for Male Model of the Year at the VH1 Fashion Music Awards but these days he limits his modelling work to fashion editorials and ad campaigns - like aero - and concentrates on acting.

His most prominent acting role to date has to be that of Smith Jerrod in Sex and the City.

I hesitated to show you this mock-up poster they used in the show because I can just feel my mum looking down at me from Heaven and shaking her head. So, with the proviso that I was brought up better than this, I've included it because Jason sued Absolut for using his face on posters advertising their vodka without his permission.

More recently he's played Alex in 'My Bollywood Bride' opposite Bollywood actress Kashmira Shah and Jesse Vialo in 'Mr Brooks', a thriller, opposite Demi Moore and Kevin Costner.

Those of you in NA will perhaps have seen him guest starring as Chad Barry in 'Brothers and Sisters'. His character is a closeted gay actor and possible love interest to Matthew Rhys's character and the storyline was extended from four to seven episodes. Jason is quoted as saying that he enjoyed his love scenes in Sex and the City but didn't want to kiss Matthew Rhys as it made him uncomfortable.

What else can I tell you? He has a scar below his right eye, is in to yoga and jujitsu. He's 6ft 1" and his favourite colour is blue. In 2006 he was one of People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive.

Here's a fun quote: "When I'm not enjoying more active pursuits in my spare time, I'll happily pick up needles and a ball of thread. I surf, snowboard, mountain-bike ... and now I started knitting."

On the personal front - he was engaged to Maxine Bahns who later sued him for $130,000 after he failed to repay a loan. Since then he's lived with Rosario Dawson but they split up November 2006. From March this year he's rumoured to be dating Michelle Trachtenberg.

But only because he's not met me yet! Though the knitting bit is a strange one. I know it's useful but I'm just not sure I'd write a knitting hero ............

What do you think?

With love

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  1. Ah! A knitting hero. You'll find one in Knit Two Together When your life comes unraveled, cast on and start over, by Connie Lane, Mar 2007,
    Harlequin NeXt.
    You can even superimpose Jason Lewis' face over Hal's, the hero (in your mind's eye, that is).

  2. Ahhhh, yeah. What was the question again at the end of the clip?

    Natasha, I think the tone and pitch of his voice (if that was indeed his voice) is almost as mesmerising as his physical/visual appeal. Thanks for the MoM Moment!

    Yvonne Lindsay (with whom blogger is still incommunicado! grr!)

  3. I DID EXACTLY that thing with the advert - I *knew* I knew him from somewhere!!! And when I suggested it was Smith my sil said there was no way it was..


    Off to ring SIL and be SMUG....

  4. Does anyone else think he looks like a young Clint Eastwood? He's gorgeous. :)

  5. He is quite ...... er ...... inspirational isn't he! And, I have to say, I'm not usually turned to putty by blonds.

    Ah well ....................