Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Film Night - Picture Perfect

This week at The Pink Heart Society due to the lovely Jenna Bayley-Burke breaking her wrist (ouch!) last minute stand in Trish Wylie brings you a film she first saw in an accidentally private screening (with a little help from Natasha Oakley who went and found all the pics! - now that's PHS teamwork for you!) So here we have it… it's Picture Perfect

She was prepared for anything until love stormed in.

If you're in need of a sweet romantic comedy this weekend then you can do worse than seek this one out. For me it was an accidental find - as some of the most memorable ones are - and I'll always remember the fact that on a *date night* I got to watch this in one of those huge multi-plex cinemas, in one of the smaller screening rooms, which due to it being late was completely deserted...Mind you, it did mean that there was no-one to blame on any spilt popcorn!

Set in New York and directed by Glenn Gordon Caron, who brought us Moonlighting (gotta love him for that) Picture Perfect sees Jennifer Aniston, in her first big screen role away from Friends, as Kate, an art director with an advertising agency whose personal and professional life is stuck in neutral. While her work is good, her boss won't give her a promotion. And though Kate is attracted to bad-boy co-worker Sam (Kevin Bacon), he's not interested in her because she's too much of a good girl... not helping any with Kate's persistant mother's (Olympia Dukakis) opinion that she should be settled down by now:

Rita Mosely: I want a grandchild.
Kate Mosley: Well, Ma, you'll be happy to know that I am looking into having some eggs frozen.
Rita Mosely: Wonderful. I can tell everyone I'm having a grandsicle

As the only single girl at a friends wedding, Kate has the embarressment of being forced into catching the bouquet while the only single guy and Wedding videographer Nick (Jay Mohr) is given the brides garter. Nick's a nice guy, seems genuinely interested in Kate, but she pretty much dismisses him even after they have their picture taken with their wedding souvenirs...looking distinctly like a couple.

That picture comes back to haunt Kate when she learns that her boss is loath to promote single people, reasoning that without permanent attachments to ground them, they're free to leave whenever they wish. Because Kate's friend Darcy (Illeana Douglas) comes up with a possible solution: use the photo of Kate and Nick to convince her boss that she's engaged to be married. Thats grounded, right? Can anyone see a problem coming here? Yuh-huh... And Kate's not happy about the difficulties of a lie that big...

Darcy: You're in advertising, Kate. I didn't lie; I sold.

It works - Kate gets her promotion, and Sam, who's attracted to women already spoken for, starts showing her some attention. Everything seems to be working out great for our heroine. But when Nick saves a small child from a fire, and ends up splashed all over the TV, Kate's boss wants to meet her heroic husband-to-be. Which means Kate has to track down Nick and persuade him to pose as her fiance for an evening, planning a big public break up with him for the end of the night. The best laid plans... Because, by the time he spends some time with her, charming her mother along the way, Nick decides he's not so keen on the break-up plan!

Kate Mosley: I don't want to date you, I don't want to marry you, I don't want to have kids with you, I just want to break up with you.

This is a lovely, feel good, happy ending film. And it has that caught between the bad-boy and the good-guy triangle that we category romancers so often like to see - tough call between Kevin Bacon and Jay Mohr really... I have to say, if you took out the bad-boy relationship in the office then this is another film that could very easily be a Romance Line movie... All in all, well worth the rental, even if you don't get the extra fairy dust of an empty cinema to watch it in on a date night...
I give it a Warm and Fuzzy Rating of 8/10.

And a big GET WELL SOON to Jenna and a HUGE THANKS to Natasha for googling pics at the last minute!!!

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