Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Writer's Wednesday featuring Cynthia Reese

Cynthia Reese believes in New Year’s Resolutions. After all, a 2005 New Year’s Resolution to finish writing her first manuscript ultimately led to the publication of her debut novel, THE BABY WAIT (Harlequin Superromance – April 2007).

I’ve always scribbled, and I had at least half a dozen manuscripts started over the years – manuscripts that I promptly abandoned at Chapter Three. But in December of 2004, I made one New Year’s Resolution for 2005: to finish a book.

I finished writing that novel in March of 2005, and then tucked it safely away under the bed. I knew it wasn’t ready for publication, but I had another idea – and a Harlequin editor who was willing to hear it. I was so excited about the characters that I finished the rough draft in an amazing 23 days.

That book, after three rounds of revisions and a few near-misses of offers from editors, eventually became my debut novel, THE BABY WAIT.

THE BABY WAIT, the tale of a couple who are battling to adopt a baby from China while trying to save their marriage, is on the shelves now. I have just a little experience with international adoptions: my husband and I adopted our own daughter from Changsa, Hunan, China in March of 2002.

I knew the process, certainly, but our adoption, while long – 18 months for the Wait – went much, much more smoothly than Joe and Sara’s, the main characters of THE BABY WAIT. Basically, all this could happen, possibly has happened, but never, thank goodness, to one couple.

Already the book has garnered stellar reviews and looks to do well in sales. I am glad, not just because it’s my first novel, but also because I’ve pledged a portion of the royalties to two charities that benefit Chinese orphans. One is Love Without Boundaries, and the other is Our Chinese Daughters Foundation. I’m excited about being able to help the orphans that are left behind – and perhaps will never have the chance my own daughter had to be adopted by a loving family.

I've had more than a little practice in writing. Since 1992, I've had a weekly slice-of-life column in three small-town weeklies, The Soperton News, The Montgomery Monitor and The Wheeler County Eagle. The column garnered two first place Humorous Column awards from the Georgia Press Association. In 1998, I became a reporter and a news editor for The Soperton News.
Currently, I attempt to balance writing with a demanding day job and family, not always an easy task. But the struggle is worth it.

Find Cynthia Reese’s THE BABY WAIT (Harlequin Superromance) wherever Harlequin/Silhouette Romances are sold. The book will be in brick and mortar stores through the month of April, and available online at, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Look for Reese’s upcoming novel, WHERE LOVE GROWS, an October 2007 Harlequin Superromance. Check out her website,, as well.


  1. Cynthia, I'm so glad you're featured here! I've thought so much about you lately.

    TBW looks fabulous. It was sold out when I was at the store the other day...but I'll be at Chapters this weekend and looking for a copy.

    As for resolutions, I made one in 2006. That one turned out ok for me, too. ;-)

    Congrats, D

  2. Cynthia, now that I am officially on "summer time" (work wise, certainly not weather wise!), I have your book in the TBR and plan to read it soon. I think it's a great example of how fiction and real life experience feed into each other, and back out into the world again...


  3. Thanks, guys! On this entry, I did an accidental boo-boo -- I accidentally sent in my press release instead of the MUCH funnier blog entry I'd slaved over.

    Who knew you were supposed to actually close a file you "Saved As" and re-open it before attaching it to an e-mail? Not me, but then I'm notoriously tech-challenged!

    Beyond thanks to Jenna for editing my press release and making it look a little less dumb, I will add this:

    I nearly missed my own Call! Yep, I wound up leaving my cell phone in the car and seeing two calls from a strange number -- that (after business hours, OF COURSE) I later discovered was the number to Harlequin.

    Jenna's promised to take another risk on me later -- if I can get my act together when it comes to e-mailing. Hopefully then, I can share my real Call story!

  4. We're having Cythia back in October for her second book :) WIth the funny Call blog. She'll be our first Wednesday double-dipper!