Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Temptation Tuesday - Blonde Bombshells

Male on Monday has to be our most popular destination. (Did you check out Trish Wylie's post yesterday? Yum!!!) We can only hope that we have helped a million readers and writers come up with the perfect images to keep in their heads while writing or reading their next book.

But you can’t have a hero without a heroine, so over the next few months I’ll be giving you the heads up on a whole load of heroine inspiration as well. Consider us the one stop shop for all your inspiration needs!

First up, this month, I give you:



Uma Thurman -

Is it the height? Is it the elegance? Is it the way she looks in a pair of glasses? Uma can yummy mummy or kick ass, but most of all she just seems to be one smart gal.

Cate Blanchett -

She opens her mouth and every word sounds like she’s telling us something we all need to here. Married to a regular guy, living a semi-regular life, our Cate simply oozes sophistication.

Reese Witherspoon -

She just comes across as super smart to me. So much so I used her as my smart girl heroine in last month's Modern Extra GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS. She can glam it up at award shows, but behind the choppy fringe and hot bod, Reese is all brains.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Scarlett Johansson -

Voluptuous, husky voice, she was a girl next door until she grew into her curves. Now she’s a vamp of the highest order. You simply can’t dress her down and hope no one will notice those lips.

Heather Graham -

I think she is about the most beautiful woman on the planet. This generation's Kim Basinger. Dewy, doe-eyed, blonde, big-boobed, and beautiful. She has a sweet face, but that killer bod and a role in BOOGIE NIGHTS puts her into serious sex pot mode.

Kylie Minogue -

All five foot nothing of her poured into hotpants and fishnets and high heels and tight tops she is just sexpot heaven. I went to a concert of hers years ago and managed to be in the front row. I tell ya, she's tiny, but she has some kind of presence!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Sarah Michelle Gellar -

Petite, pretty, small-voiced, this chick can kick butt but there is just something so sweet about her that made Joss Whedon's casting as Buffy beautifully ironic.

Gwyneth Paltrow -

This is the girl next door if you are living in Beverley Hills. Tall, lithe, kind of ethereal, she is too smart to be a waif, but her kids have too weird names for her to be a smart girl ;).

Claire Danes -

An ingenue in Romeo and Juliet, but now all grown up. Smart, with a hint of shy, and not a typically beautiful face. Completely appealing in THE FAMILY STONE she's got potential.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Noami Watts – fine featured, fine-voiced, the love of King Kong’s life, Aussie Naomi has waif written all over her. A delicate aura makes her seem almost breakable. Beware the hero who hurts her feelings.

Kate Hudson – think Penny Lane in ALMOST FAMOUS. Outwardly strong, but inwardly fragile as a flower petal. And just so teeny-tiny like her mum with those huge eyes and beaming smile. Men will melt.

Siena Miller – dainty, delicate, used, broken, edgy, British. I reckon this gal has a fiery side lurking beneath the hippy clothes. Lots to like.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Cameron Diaz – she plays the perfect tomboy. Sexy and spirited but able to drink our boy under the table. From CHARLIE'S ANGELS to IF THE SHOE FITS, she's lanky, leggy, and fun, but spirited as all get out. Can't you see her on a surfboard clearer than behind an ironing board?

Renee Zellweger – I picture her as the modern day Shirley MacLaine hanging with the boys like our Shirl hung with the Rat Pack. If you get the chance, see the visual director's commentary for JERRY MAGUIRE. She plays with the boys veerrry easily. And have you seen COLD MOUNTAIN? A gal that willing to be stripped bare of any fineries has my vote.

Keira Knightley - proved her charms as a tomboy in BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM and the PIRATES movies. Can kick butt with the best of them, while also vamping and playing it pretty when the need presents.


Rebecca Romjin, Drew Barrymore, Kirsten Dunst, Meg Ryan, Sarah Jessica Parker (a great Katie girl), Grace Kelly, and new kids on the block Ellen Pompeo and Katherine Heigl...

Who's your favourite blonde?

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  1. Gotta be Katherine Heigl. Girl smart, funny, and drop dead gorgeous.

  2. What about Welsh diva Katherine Jenkins?
    Blonde, busty, talented, troop entertaining and as far as I can tell pretty much scandal free. Saw her once in a revealing red sparkly gown - I would just die to look that good!


  3. I reckon we should also add in Sharon Stone. She's an amazing looking woman.

    One of our 'gossip' presenters made a comment about her yesterday which made me laugh. It was all about plastic surgery. Whilst Sharon, of course, has never had any she apparently says the ideal is little and often. Start in your late thirties and have something done every couple of years.

    If you need it, of course ....

  4. Great list, Ally! Sienna Miller is the inspiration for the heroine in the current ms. I'm writing.

  5. Gwyneth Paltrow would be my choice. A great list of heroines though.