Tuesday, April 03, 2007

No Temptation Tuesday - Emotional Eating

Is it April already? Have we really been taking part in the International Ban-The-Butt Campaign for three complete months? Egad. Time to line up for your congratulations on a job well done...or to confess to all the things you should have been doing.

I've been spying on The Pink Heart Society's Diet Club members, and it seems most are either celebrating their losses, or not talking about weight at all. I'm one of those. I have lost two pounds through going either Dr. Phil, Bob Greene, Fat Flush and gluten-free in the last three months. And I know why.

I'm an emotional eater. When I am stressed about anything from the kids to my current string of manuscript rejections, I eat to deplete the stress. It works, I could quote some scientific mumbo-jumbo, but I think we all know it's true. Those of us with ample cushioning when we sit know this all too well.

Most of the time we can control what we eat, making healthy choices that help our bodies run more efficiently. Then something happens...and we know only Ben & Jerry can help. To make matters worse, people under chronic stress gain weight through no fault of their own, their body chemistry just shifts! Creating more stress!

So this month I am going to work on the stress, and hope that helps the weight side as well. Otherwise, instead of looking how I see myself in my head...

What are your best stress relief tips? I picked up Melatonin to help me sleep more soundly, and some Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer tea.

And...if you want to get an objective (albeit cellulite free) look at yourself, try making a Virtual Model. That way, you can keep track of your before...and keep your eye on your after!

XOXOXO -- Jenna

Right now Jenna is in her writing cave, completely stocked with coffee, Girl Scout Thin Mints and Pink CD's, working on her latest story, Driven To Distraction. Her latest release, Cooking Up A Storm should be on the shelves in Australia. When she is procrastinating, she has lots to say on her blog, website, and reading group, We Call It Research.


  1. I love this body model thingie Jenna! How fabulous!

    God the things you can find on the internet. How did we ever survive without it?


  2. My name is Natasha Oakley and I'm a comfort eater ...!


    I did really, really well the first month and then my mum's health took a downward turn and my weight started to go in the opposite direction. I'm currently sitting at a 12lb loss overall - but I'm not going to be able to buy anything 'small' to wear at the Savoy. Hey ho!

    Trish is being very quiet on the subject, isn't she???!?

  3. Yuh-huh and it's STAYING THAT WAY...