Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Male On Monday - Christian Clark

This week at The Pink Heart Society's coveted Male On Monday slot Trish Wylie introduces us to Australian Actor Christian Clark and asks for info on him from anyone who might know... cos it would appear he's a bit of a mystery...

This is what you get for taking a break from writing to eat lunch... Cos in the UK that's when Neighbours is on. Now don't laugh!!! I know. Neighbours wouldn't normally be a fountain of research in the romance writing department - but just lately here they've been running a couple of story arcs and they are most distinctly category romance related!!! Trust me.

Let's see if this sounds at all like a category romance plot to you...

Tall, good looking guy moves into street - works as a bartender, seems like a genuinely nice chap - but has mystery guy turning up every now and again to try and hand him wads of cash and a better place to live - good looking guy wants left alone - meanwhile, meets girl - falls in love - then someone finds out good looking guy is actually secret millionaire hotelier and that someone threatens to tell girl - good looking guy reveals that all his life people wanted to know him because of his money and position and not because of him and he just wanted to escape and have a normal life - good looking guy then tells girl and girl wants nothing to do with him cos he lied to her... and she can't have a relationship built on a lie - she'd have loved him for who he was so long as he was honest...

*Cough* Uh-huh. Sounds like a category romance and a black moment to end with to me... Only thing is good looking guy then leaves... Whereas we all know the category romance would have had a happy ending... But isn't it jolly interesting how the kind of romances we all love to write and read can appeal to a TV audience too???

I'll confess I was so wrapped up in this story line and so impressed with Christian Clark's ability to step into the romantic hero role so easily that I just HAD to find out - who is this guy???

Well, information is not easy to come by - Christian, if you're Googling your name - GET A WEBSITE!!! I can tell you he's 26, I can tell you he's 6ft 1 tall, I can tell you he's from Sydney and that he was a personal trainer for a while...erm... I can tell you he has a myspace... Oh, and I can tell you he's landed a film role now... but after that I can tell you zip.. nada... not a thing...

And trust me ladies - I LOOKED! Because I take my Male On Monday research VERY SERIOUSLY... On YOUR behalf of course... Mind you, it was worth doing this for the pictures alone if you ask me! But then, in fairness, I am working on a new Modern Extra at the moment... so some of these pics were jolly inspiring!!!

Anyone with any additional information come let us know! Especially if you're Christian Clark! Fan bases are built this way you know... ;)

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  1. Thanks for the pics, Trish! I was starting to miss him already... shame he only had such a short stint.

  2. Well, he's not the man for me! I just popped over to myspace and he likes EXERCISE. Well, that's that then!!

    I think you ought to post a few questions over there, Trish! :)

  3. He is now appearing in 'Home And Away'...