Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Film Night...category style!

Every year more than 500 movies are released to theaters. I'm lucky if I see one. I miss going to the movies, but I like waiting for them to go to DVD, that way I know what to expect.

We all have our favorite type of move, just like we all have our favorite category line. (Like how I tied that in? Hold you applause.) We won't miss the kind of movie we crave, be it suspense or romantic comedy. But sometimes, the unexpected flick can be the one that we need to help open our eyes. Just like reading an unfamiliar line might open our minds.

Blaze -- 40 Days and 40 Nights :: To put the brakes on a string of romantic disasters, Matt gives up sex for Lent. And what happens in romance as soon as someone swears off sex?

Modern Extra - How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days :: One is on assignment to get, and lose, a guy in ten days so she can write about it for her magazine column, the other must make a woman fall in love with him in order to gain an advertising client. What could possibly go wrong?

SuperRomance - One Fine Day :: Two single parents work through their divorce angst while trying to balance work and kids who should be on a school field trip. This one is sweet and funny and explores a lot of angst without being depressing.

Romance -- Lovewrecked :: While on a cruise with the best friend she never saw as a potential boyfriend, Jenny is marrooned on the far side of an island with a rock star. Since he's lacking in the brain department she doesn't tell him they could walk to civilization, but in spending time with him she starts to wish he were someone else...

Presents -- The American President :: Smart and educated woman swept off her feet and showered with gifts and attention...only to be pushed aside when the going gets tough. Little does our hero know, she's tougher than he is.

Romantic Suspense -- Mr & Mrs Smith :: Assasins, blackmail, and intrigue...Oh my!

Everlasting -- The Notebook :: This movie is always quoted as being what Everlasting novels are 'like'.

NEXT -- Because I Said So :: Next novels have a romantic element, but there is always something else going on, like in this mother/daughter story. I love the 'You look like you're asking for it.' aside from the mother, followed up by the flippant, "I am asking for it." from the daughter.

American -- Sweet Home Alabama :: Only in an American could the heroine leave the polished Manhattan prince for the rough and tattered Alabama hunk. It's good to be an American, isn't it? it's your turn! What is your favorite romance, and which category line does it fall into? Is it the line you read the most?

XOXO -- Jenna


  1. Can I just say... How cool is that?! And you have confirmed my belief that ModEx is the line for me. I've been having line issues of late - Romance vs ModEx. Well, I adore How To Lose a Guy and have never even heard of Love Wrecked. So I'm taking this as a sign..

  2. LOL I don't want to de-rail you Rachel - but I've not heard of Love Wrecked either and I love How To Lose A Guy!

    Of course, I could be writing for the wrong line myself ....

    Today is Savoy day. Wish me luck as I fight my way into these Magic Knickers. I've opened the packet and the things look like they'd fit a doll. They have got to stretch alot!!

  3. Okay, Jenna

    My favourite screen romance (or at least one of the many) has got to be The Big Easy.

    Dennis Quaid with his hand in Ellen Barkin's knickers saying 'Your luck's about to change, chere.' Oh my! I guess it's romantic suspense as there's a couple of murders, a spot of police corruption and a big chase in there somewhere, but I only had eyes for Dennis's sexy Cajun cop so I'm claiming it as a ModEx anyway.

    And I hate to say this, but I've been reviewing films for the last 10 years, and I've never heard of Lovewrecked either!

  4. I loved this post!!! Lovewrecked was a Made-for-tv movie that aired here in the states on ABC Family I believe. It is now out on DVD.

    My fave romance movie is probably Sabrina (both the old and the newer versions). I guess it would be a Presents...powerful male and the chauffer's (sp?) daughter.

  5. Well, I guess that makes me a Modern Extra, and a Next person. Who knew? LOL!

    I loved How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days and Because I Said So!

    I also never heard of Love Wrecked. I'll have to look it up.

    What a fun post!!

  6. See...that's what I get for searching for a sex free movie! I have this theory that Amanda Bynes is the next Lucille Ball. Could be because I loved watching her on her tween show as a teen, and now that we're both trying to be adults I still enjoy her.

    What movie do y'all think is a good example of Romance...but still has sexual tension? (You know, having it be this hard for me proves Romance is the hardest line to nail. Literally.)


    I'd have to agree with most of them... can't obviously comment on the unknown romance choice - erm - well... for the same reason as everyone else...

    I guess the one usually quoted for romance would be Sleepless In Seattle for all that lovely poignancy... tho in a romance they'd need to be *together* more on the page... I'd also add Bed Of Roses myself and maybe even While You Were Sleeping... only in WYWS she wouldn't have got quite so close to marrying the WRONG brother...

    All suggestions read with GREAT INTEREST here!!! I think 10 DAYS is BANG ON for Modx!

  8. Hmmm...for Romance, how about:

    You've Got Mail (I really like this movie...has some romance and a bit of sexual tension)
    13 Going on 30 (although it has a bit of a paranormal element)
    50 First Dates (?)
    Never Been Kissed (another fave of mine)
    America's Sweethearts (?)
    Mrs. Winterbourne

    Just some suggestions