Sunday, April 29, 2007

April Hamper - Free Book Giveaway!!!

I hazard a guess that this must be our biggest book giveaway ever, all thanks to our wonderful published members of the Pink Heart Society who are beyond generous with their time and support!! Thanks as always guys!!!

Now all you guys have to do to go in the draw to win all these fantabulous titles is to tell us:

What is your favourite category line and why? (And boy oh boy do we have a faaaabulously board range available in our giveaway!!!)

Hamper Prize:

The Consultant's New-Found Family by Kate Hardy (Medical)
Black Widow Bride by Tessa Radley (Desire - debut book!)
In Plain Sight by Tara Taylor Quinn (plus some giveaway goodies that accompanied its release)
The Tycoon's Blackmailed Mistress by Maxine Sullivan (Desire)
The Sheikh's Ransomed Bride by Annie West (Presents)
It's a Wonderfully Sexy Life by Hope Tarr (Blaze)
Hired by the Cowboy by Donna Alward (Romance) ~ debut book ~
A Doctor Worth Waiting For by Margaret McDonagh (Medical)
Sold and Seduced by Michelle Styles (Historical)
Bedded by a Bad Boy by Heidi Rice (Modern Extra) ~ debut book ~
The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella by Liz Fielding (Romance)
Long-Lost Father and Outback Baby Miracle by Melissa James (Romance)
Sicilian Husband Blackmailed Bride by Kate Walker (Presents)
The Desert Virgin by Sandra Marton (Presents) Best Presents as voted by Romantic Times!

Hugs and kisses,

Ally, Jenna, Natasha, Nicola and Trish

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  1. ModEx is my fave line with Desire a close second. It's hard to actually put a finger on the appeal, but I'd have to say it's the tone of the books - young, sassy, flirty, anything's possible type of romance. I find these hero's incredibly adorable as they're generally far more accessible than those in Presents/Sexy lines, yet still have an edge that's often absent in the sweeter categories!! They're great because they really could happen - to any of us... of course, I've already met my real-life hero!

  2. I love historical romance. Not only do you read about the hero and the heroine, you also learn a little about the history and the families. It's just so fascinating.
    Also the work that the writers put into the research for the historical romances is just amazing. The writers make you feel as if you are already there or wish you were. I love the intense sensuality and the adventure.

  3. I actually love to read a little bit of anything but the historical romance is my fave.

  4. Sorry I forgot to put which category line is my fave. I love the Harlequin Historicals and Blaze.

  5. I love Medical. It's contemporary and always fast paced. There's drama and excitement and all of that life and death stuff! It goes without saying that I'm a fan of Holby City and Casualty and oh, yeah, I write Medical romances myself.

  6. WOW...that is a great prize and a tough question to answer. I really enjoy them all (and have probably read them all), but I think my favorite might have to be the Harlequin Historicals. Not only were they the first category romances I ever read (I still remember my first too...Cally and the Sheriff by Cassandra Austin...which led me to search out other category lines), but the Harlequin Historicals allow me to escape to time periods and places that I know I will never get a chance to visit. When I pick up a historical, I can lose myself in the story and get taken away to the past and often learn things that I never knew. I can be a schoolmarm in love with an outlaw or the daughter of a Duke making her debut...with the historicals, the possibilities are endless. The Harlequin Historicals are always well-written and make the historical time periods seem very real...they offer you a glimpse of life and love in times gone by and often teach you a little bit about the history. I enjoy the variety of time periods covered...they prove that love is the same all through the ages. While the contemporary category romances allow you to escape as well and often have characters that are easier to relate to, the historicals prove that the battle of wills between man and woman and the journey to love has been unchanged for many, many years.

    Sorry for the long post.

  7. That's probably one of the hardest questions to answer. For me, it goes in waves. For years I loved Intrigues and Intimate Moments (RSR now) and I hate the fact that the Romantic Suspense line been cut down to four books. Granted, when you got them in the mail they usually only sent four of the six and the two they didn't send were the ones you really wanted to read.

    But, I digress.

    I like Presents for the emotion and Desires as well. I think though, Desires have to win because they are a bit more varied. Oh, sure, they don't go all over the world like Presents do, but you have the modern (rich) cowboys, the business conglomerate, the millionaires, the cops(sometimes)in different cities with different personalities where as Presents are for the most part luxurious ultr-rich settings that all seem the same no matter what city they take place in. (Which isn't a bad thing because really, we're focused more on watching the alpha male fall in love, right?)

    I think I've rambled on enough lol.

  8. I agree ... that is a tough question.
    Temptations were always a favorite of mine due to the combination of heat and, often, humor. Although I love all the lines, if I had to pick a current favorite, it would be Blaze
    because of the heat level and the deeper look into the lives of the hero and heroine.

  9. My favourite line is Modern Romance/Presents. I really love the filthy rich uber alpha male heroes. I like how the stories can be set anywhere in the world. Ok yeah you're never going to bump into an uber rich alpha male doing the weekly shop round Sainsbury's but isn't that the point?

  10. The Romance line is my absolute favourite. I love the emotion, the stories, the romance...I love it all!!!


  11. I love all the romance lines but my favorite would probably right now would have to be the Blaze line. I'm an avid reader of all genres, I can never have enough books to read!

  12. I love the Medicals! They are interesting and I like the various settings.

    I also like the Romances because they are diverse and well, romantic, lol!

  13. Holy cow! That is a full hamper!

    I have to vote for Modern Extra :). Blaze is a close second though. Then NEXT. Romance, Medicals, Presents, and American. In that order. LOL!

  14. Oh! Historicals! Add them to my list too!

    You know how I think of category? It's like a girlfriend already read them and passed on the best :) That's why we get such an eclectic mix. Being a great read is the only common denominator!

  15. Contemporary romance:medical, humor and medicals.


  16. My faves are blaze, historical, mod ex and desire, because they never fail to keep me turning the pages :) And the heroes are pretty yummy too

  17. There's a sentimental attachment I have to the Presents line, since I started reading romances from there, close second would have to be Intimate Moments...and more recently, ModEx makes for absolutely great reading.

  18. My first love in categorary was Presents and it still pulls me the most. I enjoy several others but when I'm looking for a 'for sure' book, I always head to Presents. :)


  19. I enjoy the Harlequin Historicals. They provide me with entertainment, enjoyment and transport me to another time and place. It enriches the entire experience to read these wonderful novels.

  20. I read many romances but my favorite ones are Harlequin historicals. I began reading them years ago and was enthralled with the wonderful writing, the great storylines and the captivating characters.

  21. When I started to read romances what gripped me the most were Historicals. I could visualize the era and the individuals lives. I was hooked after that.

  22. Romances of all types appeal to me but when I sit down and start a new novel I am always intrigued by the Historicals. This has been a fascinating and great journey for me. I ws always entranced with historicals due to the descriptive passages which abound.

  23. Novels that are emotionally appealing are Historicals. I could not begin nor end a week without this type of story. They never let me down and due to their settings always have interested me greatly.

  24. My favorites are Harlequin Presents and Silhouette Desires. Both lines offer emotionally charged stories that have just enough heat to make the read need a cool drink. :) I have been reading both lines since I was 12 and I have never been disappointed. I can take one in my purse and when I have a free moment I can get lost in the romance they provide.

  25. My favorites are Love Inspired, Love Inspired Suspense, Harlequin American, and Superromance. But I read others occasionally as well.

  26. Suspense! I love books with stories about mysteries and crimes.