Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Writers Wednesday with Shelley Galloway

Harlequin American author Shelley Galloway joins us to share her call story. Let's give her a big Pink Heart Society welcome!!

I first published with Avalon back in 2000. However, soon after I sold my second Avalon, I began pitching a book to Harlequin called Cinderella in Sneakers.

I first pitched it to the head editor of Silhouette back in October of 2001. Well, it went to readers, then various editors. A year passed. Finally was rejected...but they said if I wanted to change it for Harlequin American I could resubmit.

I did that. Six months went by. Right around then, I went to RWA Nationals in NYC. I saw all those Harlequin girls dressed up for the black and white party and thought it would never be me! However, my agent was sure the book would sell--I just had to be patient. American asked for revisions, then more revisions.

Finally, in November of 2004 I got my call. My agent told me by saying I would have to go shopping one day soon...I was going to need a dress for the next Nationals!

Well, right then and there, I burst into tears. Cinderella Christmas was published November of 2005. Some things are just worth waiting for!

We agree completely, Shelley! Thanks for sharing with us!

To learn more about Shelley and her latest release, A Small Town Girl, check out her website and blog. In addition, The Pink Heart Society would like to congratulate Shelley on her win for RT's Reviewer's Choice Harlequin American Romance of 2006 with Simple Gifts!


  1. Hi Shelley!

    What a great story and how inspiring to us to keep pushing forward! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Hi Shelley,
    Your story brought tears to my eyes...thanks so much.
    Fellow Avaloner,

  3. Hi Shelley! Congrats again on Simple Gifts! I really liked that one!