Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Temptation Tuesday :: Give me coffee... or give me...highly caffeinated soda!

When was the last time you sipped a steaming cup of rich coffee, letting the tendrils of aroma waft through your system until your mouth watered for a taste? As her last hurrah before ducking into the deadline cave, The Pink Heart Society's very own Jenna Bayley-Burke shares her not-so-secret way of getting through drafting a particularly difficult book...

It used to be that alcohol was the typical drink of writers. Truth be told...it can help if you already know what you are writing about and your inner editor is getting a bit annoying. (In fact, I know a dozen or so writers who swear by this method to write steamy love scenes, but that's just between you and me.) For most writers wine is not the drink of choice. Most of us can not live without coffee...in all it's blessed variations.

I came late to this wonderous brew. In America teenagers chug it by the gallon in latte's, frappacino's, blended iced coffee...but not me. Ever the rebel I was a renegade tea drinker. Until college forced me to see the truth - when pushing your limits, the more caffeine the better.

After college long hours as a retail workaholic fed the addiction, followed by office jobs with the obligatory coffee breaks to trade the latest water cooler gossip. Then came a baby who didn't sleep through the night for two and a half years. Being sleep deprived and highly caffeinated led me to decide to try writing novels...and having baby number two.

Coffee fuels me to get through my monster-sized to-do list without dropping, and it keeps me motivated. though I have a suped up esspresso machine in house, (I won it in a contest. I could never afford the thing in real life.) I forgo all espresso drinks until I have met certain writing goals, then I treat myself at a coffee shop!

I've become so fixated, I must know how my characters take their coffee before I begin a story. Straight espresso for the workaholic, iced blended frappacino with whipped cream and caramel syrup for the sensualist, the traditionalist is stuck with black, two sugars.

How do you take your coffee? Let's share a cup before I enter the writing cave, consuming so much coffee and Pepsi One my hands shake!

XOXOXO - Jenna

Jenna is hard at work on her next novel for Sexy Sensation. In the mean time, her second book is on the shelves now in Australia! Check out Cooking Up A Storm!


  1. Ah coffee... and yet it taunts me. Its aroma calls me, enticing me to taste it but that intoxicating swirl floating on the air NEVER, EVER lives up to its promise. And it makes me agitated and it gives me heart burn. So I am a coffee sniffer and a tea drinker :-) Sad isn't it?

  2. Yes, that's incredibly sad. I'm a complete coffee addict. I love it, love it, love it.

    In fact, I'm sitting here with a large mug of the stuff as we speak!! :)

  3. I love coffee, but I agree with Fiona! Coffee always smells better than it tastes.

  4. Milk and sweetener for every day. Flavoured latte for special occasions.

    And btw, wine is SO my drink of choice, but I work in the mornings, never at night. And I can't see myself devouring a bottle of red at 9:30 in the morning. So it's my "god I had a hard writing day" treat at the end of the day. :-)

  5. I'm with you, Donna, milk and sweetener for every day - but on special occasions I like a slug of cointreau in it!

    Ditto on the wine. For years my palete was ruined by my dad's production of potato wine. These days I'm moving towards more expensive reds.

    Trish, of coures, would have me drinking water. WATER, I ask you! She says it's healthy..???

  6. I didn't mention my addiction to flavored creamers. I have quite the collection. Cinnamon hazelnut and creamy coconut so far this morning. Nearly bought Mexican mocha at the grocery this morning...but I still have chocolate caramel, creme brule, white chocolate macadamia, and toasted almond in the fridge...

    My fave treat coffee? coconut milk latte. So choice!