Sunday, March 25, 2007

Saturday Surprise - Through the keyhole!!

This Saturday our Natasha Oakley turns her attention to Writers' Caves. Step this way and take a look 'through the keyhole' .....

A year ago last January I was very excited. The extension to our house was finished. Well, up to a point! The builders thought our extension was finished. We were left with plaster walls, an uneven floor (don't ask - still ongoing!!), no doors hung on the downstairs rooms ... But, and this was the good part, for the first time I had a space entirely devoted to my writing.

Fired with enthusiasm, this was the point at which I put out a request to fellow writers on our Pink Heart Society loop asking to see photographs of other writers' caves. I thought they would prove inspirational and I wasn't wrong. Some of you are soooo lucky!

Just look at 'Romance' author Jennie Adam's beautiful white board. I so want one of those.

And she's so darn tidy! All I can say is, it's a good job she lives on the upside down part of the world and can't drop by my house unannounced!!! :)

Prior to our extension all my writing had been done in very unwriterly places. 'For Our Children's Sake' was written on the kitchen table, 'The Business Arrangement' at my dressing table, 'A Family To Belong To' on a tray while propped up in bed ...

It wasn't ideal but it was the best I could do in a house full of children. Post extension everything was going to be different!

By now I fully expected the pages of 'Good Food' magazine (stuck to my window to keep the glare off my computer screen) to have been replaced by a blind but ... no. My 'small but perfectly formed' space is ...erm ... exactly as the builders left it.

There are extenuating circumstances. As most of you know, my life became difficult with my husband's cancer returning for an unwelcoming visit (next scan in June so cross your fingers) and then my mum's ovarian cancer and recent death.

Decorating didn't seem so important somehow. Currently I'm sitting in comfortable chaos. I did buy a desk (black - an incredibly stupid colour because it shows every speck of dust), some bookshelves (nowhere near enough) and a chair - but I've decided you're not going to get to see a photograph until I've painted the walls ...

Don't hold your breath. The prospect of removing all my books is enough to send any sane woman back under her duvet.

Meanwhile these wonderful photographs are still sitting in my Pink Heart Society folder.

I've decided Sierra Donovan is a kindred spirit. She works in a wonderfully chaotic space. I want her lamp, btw.

When all that artistic 'clutter' becomes too much she picks up her laptop and travels to comfort. ( I do that!!)

Cheryl St Johns' cave is 'aspirational'. She has 'STORAGE'. I have always felt my life would be perfect if only I had more of that.

Only her 'cave' is clearly bigger than mine because she has room for so much more. My family tend to refer to my 'space' as the 'cupboard'. More worryingly they shut me away in it. What do you think they mean by that???

I wish I had the room to adopt Claire Baxter's 'working' half and 'creative' half.

It reminds me of Kate Walker's palatial 'cave'. She has a sofa and a TV in hers!! But since she's fast approaching her fiftieth release I suppose we should allow her that ...

Claire has a pinboard. Do you think that would be more or less useful than Jennie's whiteboard??? She also has a lamp. I think it's clear I need a lamp!

If anyone has a photograph of their 'cave' do send it to me - I think I might have begun a series. :)

Much Love


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  1. I have a pin board and a white board. The pin board takes all the business stuff. Notes, reminders, airmail stickers.

    The white board has a wonderful assortment of magnets I've collected over the years and at present is hosting all the wedding type stuff for my wip. And cool pictures of gorgeous men. And my latest cover.

    The dh also puts up photographs he's been working on. He'd take it over if I let him!

  2. I do all the 'business' stuff at my desk - checking emails, updating website, printing etc - then I move into the comfortable chair in the other corner to start writing. It means I switch into writing mode and it works for me :)