Saturday, March 31, 2007

March Hamper! Free book giveaway...and more!!!

This month we have a prize pack that will knock your socks off. Books by fabulous PHS members galore! And you think a bunch of signed books is fabulous? Well there's that too, about the chance to have your very own Male on Monday slot in April!!!

Now, we here at the Pink Heart Society guard these slots with our lives. We have only EVER given away two in the history of the PHS and only because some very nice authors begged and pleaded and lathered us with gifts and platitudes and great wads of chocolate.

All you have to do is tell us:

Who would you pick for your Male on Monday slot and why?

Hamper Prize:

Dr Constantine's Bride by Jennfier Taylor (Medical)

Innocence & Impropriety by Diane Gaston (Historical)

The Surgeon's Chosen Wife by Fiona Lowe (Medical)

Two-Week Mistress by Nicola Marsh (Modern Extra)

In the Gardener's Bed by Kate Hardy (Modern Extra)

Plus… a whole bundle of scintillating, sexy, sassy, hot under the collar Blaze books to coincide with our Yahoo Group Blaze party running from 2nd of April to the 7th:

Private Confessions by Lori Borril

A Breath Away by Wendy Etherington

Take On Me by Sarah Mayberry

Room Service by Jill Shalvis

With His Touch by Dawn Atkins

Don't Look Back by Joanne Rock

Just One Taste by Wendy Etherington

Asking For Trouble by Leslie Kelly

Fear of Falling by Cindi Myers

To win all these goodies plus the chance to put together your own Male On Monday slot next month, answer the above question. And to join the Blaze gals listed here, and more, come along to our yahoo group from the 2nd to the 7th of April with questions in hand!!! If you’re not a member of our group, join up here...

Hugs and kisses,

Ally, Jenna, Natasha, Nicola and Trish

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  1. Oh, oh, oh .... *jumps up and down with hand in the air*

    Pick me, pick me... okay, so I know I've already won a hamper pack but I want The Male on Monday slot!

    Since your recommendation to watch 'The Abduction Club', I have fallen in lust,love and all that mushy stuff with DANIEL LAPAINE! (an Aussie hero at that) Don't tell my hubby... he's jealous enough of the old weather guy on Sunrise (brekki show for you oversea-ers!)

    Okay, why Daniel? Aside from the fact that he can carry off long-hair and still make my libido beat? That's not enough? I want to wax-lyrical about Daniel because he's been on the big and little box since 1992 and he still isn't a HUGE name. He deserves to be... He's been in so many brilliant movies including 'Muriel's Wedding' and he's been just as prolific on the stage.

    Whatever the reason, he's relatively unknown and I think it's time this little looker is outed! What do ya reckon PHS?

  2. OOOOHH...tough question. I think I would have to go with a good-looking man that I recently discovered on television...Josh Bernstein from "Digging for the Truth" on the History Channel. He is smart and sexy (a combo that I love and look for in men...real and fictional) and has this rugged quality that I adore. His travels have taken him to interesting places and I find his profession fascinating...he is an explorer and anthropologist/tv personality/author...and I think he would be a wonderful inspiration for a hero for a category romance (or any romance). I would love to read about a hero like him.

    He is eye candy that you don't have to feel bad about indulging in because as you watch his show you learn something from him (when you aren't distracted by his rugged good looks).

    Many people aren't aware of who he is and I would love to is a pic of him:

  3. Anyone else getting an error message when they try to post?

  4. Oh, deary me. I'd want to have Richard Armitage (in more ways than one!) but he's already been a Male On Monday.

    Still, at least I'm loyal...! (swoons)

  5. Oh, deary me. I'd want to have Richard Armitage (in more ways than one!) but he's already been a Male On Monday.

    Still, at least I'm loyal...! (swoons)

  6. Ian Wright from Lonely Planet (or Globe Trekker or whatever that travel show is called these days). Just check out his bio at and you know why.

  7. Oh, some good choices! TV hosts are a pool we haven't tapped yet...Andrew O'Keefe is a fave of mine...and Jon Kelley...and Carlos Dias...OK. Stopping now...

  8. Nicolette, I'm sure we can find more pictures of Richard Armitage if necessary. You'll have to do better than that on the 'why' though! lol

    Don't hold back on playing for the hamper if the idea of writing a 'Male on Monday' brings you out in a cold sweat. We can write up your man for you if you wish!!!

  9. You know I hate seeing that blasted photograph of me come up. It's so incredibly daft. It's only sixteen years since it was taken!!!!

  10. Okay, Natasha, you're on!

    We need to have Richard Armitage back again. Not only because I can't stop myself watching Heathdance's fabulous video on YouTube that Natasha told us about, but because he's so delicious I'd be quite able to remove my wedding ring in a second if he was ever to knock on my door! (Not very romantic, I know. I'm quite willing to say it's all pure lust, on my side, though I'm sure love would grow PDQ if I woke to find him in my bed every morning!) Mind you, he'd have to ignore the fact that I've already got four kids, but they'd be pretty quiet if I put them under the stairs with some food and water, wouldn't they?

    He's talented, gorgeous, hero-material and looks great in black leather. What more do I have to say?

    Natasha? Wish to add anything?! LOL

  11. I'm not allowed to play, Nicolette! But might I suggest you add something on the voice, hands, the ability to furrow his brow (and assorted other crinkles), eyes and capacity to smoulder???

  12. I'd choose Johnny Depp. No matter what character he plays, he's hot! Oh, and very talented, too. That's just as important. lol

  13. For me there is only one man right now: Christian Bale! Followed his career for the last twenty years and he only gets better. He was cute in Mio min Mio and a great talent in Empire of the Sun. Because of his movie Swing Kids I fell in love with Swing. Loved him in Little Women and Metroland. Couldn’t keep my eyes off him in American Psycho. I adore Laurel Canyon and because of him I’d watch Reign of Fire again. He scared me in The Machinist. And he is Batman! :-) He deserves the Male on Monday slot!

  14. My pick would have to be Ryan Gosling from the movie The Notebook! All I can say is ooolaalaala! He was also nominated for best supporting actor in the movie Half Nelson. Didn't win but he will someday.

  15. I have eyes for one man only, Kiefer Sutherland, from "24" the ultimate and the most mesmerizing male on earth.

  16. I go for the mature male, Patrick Stewart, has it all, what appeal and charisma.

  17. Viggo Mortensen is a talented, versatile and greatlooking male.

  18. Patrizio Buanne can serenade me every night. Gorgeous.

  19. Have you seen previews for the Tudors yet? Jonathan Rhys Meyers is looking H-O-T.

  20. wentworth miller he seems so mysterous and hot at the same time

  21. Kim,
    I've already done Wentworth
    (Oops, just realised how that sounded!)
    He's the hero inspiration in an upcoming book of mine, Purchased for Pleasure, so if you check back in the archives I'm sure you'll get suitably inpired too :)

  22. When I think of an appealing male I think of Eric Bana.

  23. I'd pick a few....

    Jon Bon Jovi (who I tell my girls is their stepdaddy LOL)

    Will Smith

    Gerard Butler

  24. How can you Aussie girls forget about your gorgeous Simon Baker? The Devil Wears Prada & Something New. He makes this American girl wave a fan to cool her down! And I can always use some Paul Walker to get inspiration! And I will always love Colin Firth, love his eyes!

  25. Taye Diggs. He's young, handsome, cerebral, and oozes sex appeal.

  26. Jason Lewis who played Smith Jarret in "Sex and the City", and Chad Barry in "Brothers and Sisters." He looks great with long hair, short hair and no hair!!
    And those eyes!! *le sigh*

  27. I'd choose Orlando Bloom. He is adorable. :)

  28. I think the one that I would pick would be George Clooney because he is so caring,charming,witty abd used to be such a nice fellow but lately he has gorn off the rains but he is still a nice all rounder.He is generous with his money for charity. ...So that's who i would pick

  29. I'd choose Gerard Butler. Those abs are so hotttttttt. And I just love John Travolta.