Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Male on Monday...Sporting Heroes

This Monday The Pink Heart Society's very own Ally Blake brings you a group of inductees in the form of sporting heroes.

It's one of those urban myths that get bandied about romance writing circles. Readers don't like sporting heroes. The reasons being - they can't suspend disbelief enough to believe that any such man would put the heoine first, above their career. And the fact that so many of them in real life have been caught with their pants down. But so have tycoons, stockbrokers, businessmen, cowboys, Sheikhs and the like. So why the backlash against sportsmen?

I'm here to show you the good side of sportsmen. and I promiose you, when they have a good side, it's a very good side ;).

Take the world's top earning sportsman, David Beckham. He is one of the most beautiful men in the world. And despite the fact that the second he opens his mouth you want to button it up tight (by all accounts he's having voice lessons ;)), he seems utterly sweet, family oriented, and a genuinely nice guy.

Australia breeds them just as nice. Our own World Cup Soccer hero Lucas Neill is something special. gorgeous bod, heavenly eyes, dimples. And a smile that'll melt your knees.

Golfers come in fabulous packages nowadays too. This here is Aussie Adam Scott, actually first introuduced to me by onne other than Trish Wylie.

Being that I am a glutton for punishment and like a challenge, in my second book I wrote about an ex-golfer who'd had to stop due to a back injury. I think Sebastian was one of my sexiest heroes. All that proven athletic prowess. the fact that he went to the top of a difficult career made him super manly in my opinion.

And those how know me, know that I am an Australian Rules football fanatic. My team is the Collingwood Magpies. And this is Alan Didak. Number four. A zippy goal sneak with talent oozing out of every pore. Dark good looks, a guy who adores his family and has the most beautiful brown eyes you'll ever see.

Then there is the man who is the hero inspiration behind my most recent Romance - the delightfully arrogant, funny, self-deprecating, and supremely gorgeous to the point of actually making my husband jealous of my love for him - tennis player Marat Safin. From the Russian accent, the beautiful girlfriends - or Blondetourage as Jim Courier calls them - who follow him around on tour, the dark good looks, and the adorable smile all make him hero material in need of a good woman to bring him to his knees.

So what do you reckon? Are sportsmen good hero material or bad? And why?

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  1. I LOVE sports heroes. Going to have to write one of my own sometime, though I think he's probably going to end up a hockey player :)

  2. What a nice way to start a Monday! I love sports heroes and love to read about them.