Monday, March 12, 2007

Male on Monday :: Men of THE UNIT

This week, Jenna shares her own guilty pleasure with the Pink Heart Society family. As research she thought she could watch just one episode of a military show. But one is never enough. Check out the Men of 'The Unit' and you'll see why...

My husband cannot fathom why I am so in love with the show. Eye candy aside, they have guns and routinely blow stuff up. Not my typical make-me-laugh fare. But, the characterisation is so spot on, as a writer I am in awe of how tightly they keep the reins on these characters. Plus, since it is a weekly show, and not a soap opera (they best not change that!), the guns fire and explosions happen, but my beloved heroes stay in one piece.

The stories are different every week. I never know which continent they'll be on, what kind of clothes they'll be wearing. Jeans, fatigues, suits...they do it all. Go ahead, next time the show airs, curl up with your sweetie on the couch and enjoy it together, for completely different reasons.

Reason #1 :: Scott Foley
We've known Scott as a cutie since his days on Dawson's Creek & Felicity. He was hilarious on Scrubs. That humor is under wraps here...but he still looks great in jeans. As the most junior member of The Unit, he seems to get beaten up an awful lot, but thanks to the miracle of television he has no noticible scarring - even from bullet holes.

Reason #2 :: Dennis Haysbert
Now that his run as President on 24 is over, he's taking names as the leader of The Unit. He's the one who gets to be funny and sting the others with one lines. That, and keep them all alive. One of my favorite things about his character is how he lets his wife lead at home.

Reason #3 :: Micheal Irby
The Latin contingent of the cast is usually the voice of reason. In the middle of the group leaders and the younger guys, he acts the role of peacemaker and provides a nice foil for the guys dealing with personal issues. They've yet to give him a romance interest...I think. I've only been watching since October.

Reason #4 :: Max Martini
I'll admit, up until his recent faux pas, he was my reason for watching. There is a barely controlled fire about his character that draws me in.

Enjoy! XOXOXO -- Jenna

Jenna is hard at work on her next novel for Sexy Sensation. In the mean time, her second book is on the shelves now in Australia! Check out Cooking Up A Storm!


  1. Alright....*steps AWAY from the computer so that Donna Alward may make an appearance*


  2. LOL. What, does she think she has claims on Scott Foley?

  3. *creeps close again to whisper VERY quietly*

    I couldn't possibly say Jenna... but I think she can play that name the episode the line came from game...

    *steps back again and whistles innocently into the air*.... waiting...

  4. Well, while we're waiting for Donna...

    Just wanted to say, Jenna, that your Sexy Sensation cover pic is just gorgeous!


  5. OH yes, I started watching because of the Mamet name and then I was totally addicted. It is Ultimate Force, but with better writing, acting, and way better home/work balance!! We left them at the shoot 'em up 'dinner' and now we are waiting to see what happened.

  6. I love watching The Unit! So does DH. For me, the guys are gorgeous and hunky and we also get the domestic side from the wives at base, with all the typical bitching. For DH, there's all the guys with guns and shooting and bomb blasts and all the stuff that men love. Perfect!

  7. I'm here!

    And yes, I could probably NAME THAT LINE. I have season 1 on dvd. Your picture of Scott Foley was the basis for my wounded soldier hero in my currently under-investigation-revised romance. You'll find great similarity between Mike in Marriage at Circle M and Max Martini. It is my MUST WATCH on Tuesdays along with NCIS. The shower scene with Dennis Haysbert earlier this season was a definite highlight.

    I'd LOVE to see Ultimate Force but can't seem to get it here. I understand it's not the best series BUT it does have Jamie Bamber so can't be all bad.

    You SO don't want to get me started. :-)

  8. Wow, I don't watch much television, but it looks like I might need to change that, lol.


  9. I saw the pilot of this show. Some really hero-worthy guys that's for sure! Looks like you could easily write a military series featuring each one of them:)

  10. Ack! I've created a monster! I suggested you watch teh show because you wanted some characterization help, but didn't think you'd be hooked.

    But to be honest, I'm the same way. I shouldn't have been hooked either. Guns? Things exploding?

    I thought for sure it would just be a show that my hubby would love and I would ignore. LOL!

  11. One question Jenna- why did you leave out Hector?

  12. I left out Hector because the boys had a fiasco ala mud AND I drafted the post and intended to get back...

    In fact...Trish posted the draft (Egad!) I fixed it up quick, but no Hector. Maybe because he hasn't done a semi-nude yet (LOL) or has he? Donna?

  13. No, dammit. You know there's the big three - Jonas, Bob and Mac - then 2 lessers - Charles and Hector - and let's not of course forget the Colonel.

    And yay! It's Unit night!

  14. Can't we forget the Colonel? I left HIM out on purpose. LOL. he is not a fave of mine. In fact...I have a theory about his wife...but it is a little soap I'm hoping they aren't going that route.

  15. What sort of faux pas did Max make? I am a fan and haven't heard any of this.