Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Film Night :: Sarah Plain and Tall

This week the Pink Heart Society's own Jenna Bayley-Burke find a romantic movie it is safe to watch with the kiddos in the room!

I don't have much time for movies anymore, especially since when the TV is on the boynados comandeer it for Thomas the Tank Engine. Every month when my Friday Film Night comes up I scramble for something to put on the reel. Not this month, though. The Hallmark channel showed the entire Sarah Plain and Tall trilogy last weekend, reminding me how wonderful the story is.

Glenn Close. Christopher Walken. A late 19th century Kansas farm. A love story that begins with a newspaper ad, continues with letters strong enough to cause a single woman to travel from Maine to meet a widower and his children. You don't even have to like Westerns to find this utterly romantic.

The story wasn't written as a romance. Sarah Plain and Tall is part of Patricia MacLachlan's library of children's stories, usually with a narrator around ten years old. But once Glenn Close and Christopher Walken got hold of these characters, childishness was set aside for the adult drama unfolding.

What's even better than the soft build-up of adoration is that the stories continue. In the sequel you can see the couple become a family and have a child of their own. The follow-up to that comes farther down the line, checking in to see how the love has stood the test of time...and toddlers.

As a girl I loved Sarah Plain and Tall. I worked my way through all five books in the series. Skylark (also a movie), Caleb's Story (a movie as Winter's End), More Perfect than the Moon, and finally, Grandfather's Dance. I loved the simple language, the rural setting, the growing family.

As an adult the romance catches me the most. I mean, they fell in love in letters. She helped him find his smile after losing his wife. He helped her have the family she'd always dreamed of. The story is absolutely beautiful, and the kids can watch it too!
Check it out! You'll be glad that you did
-- XOXOXO --
Jenna is currently hard at work on her third Modern Extra Sensual novel. She needs to finish it soon, she doesn't allow herself any books, television, or short story writing as an incentive to get the words out! Wish her luck at her blog!


  1. I love these books and movies...I haven't seen them in a long time though.

  2. My eldest, who is 8, read SPaT last fall. :-)

  3. I've never heard of these. And in the UK we can't get the DVDs! Isn't that annoying.

  4. (pout) These are great stories. Right up there with Little House on the Prarie as must reads for kids, IMHO.