Friday, February 02, 2007

Thursday Talk-time with Erica Orloff


I grew up watching the Creature Feature. For those outside Manhattan, the Creature Feature was aired on a local New York City station, and on Sunday mornings they showed back-to-back monster flicks. Frankenstein Created Woman had my little sister shrieking with nightmares for weeks. And then of course, there was Dracula. It was love at first bite.

When I was fourteen, my aunt took me to see the great Frank Langella play Dracula on Broadway. We had third-row seats, and when he stood at the edge of the stage, mesmerizing the audience, I thought I might actually get bitten . . . or at least swoon. My best friend and I stared at him in the Playbill for weeks.

When I wrote my first novel, Spanish Disco, no vampires were involved. But fifteen or so books later, I released Urban Legend, which was re-released in trade as Twice Bitten, and I finally got to write about vampires. And then the new Nocturne line came along and my first release, Blood Son, has . . . what else? Vampires!

So what is it about those sexy, dark, deadly men of the night that rock my world?

Well, in the immortal words of my favorite transvestite comedian, Eddie Izzard, history is much about “Cake or death.” Vampires have a slightly different slogan, “Love or death.” In Spanish Disco, with nary a vampire in sight, my heroine is angry at the world. Her older, wiser best friend tells her that she’s simply angry at the gods. At life. People leave us. Lovers fall away. They depart us—one way or the other. Through betrayal or break-up, or even in a happily ever after, one day through death.

But a vampire lover cheats all that. There is no death. They don’t leave. They are immortal and seductive forever. Or at least until they get a stake through the heart.

At least that’s my take on the vampire.

What do you think it is about the immortal blood-suckers that we find so erotic and irresistible?

Erica's Silhouette Nocturne, Blood Son is available in North America from today!

Erica is a multi-published author who has written for Red Dress Ink, Mira, and Bombshell as well. The girl gets around ;).

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  1. Hi Erica. :) Looks like a great book.

    I love vamps as well. I've often thought what the attraction is, not just for me but in general, and I think it probably comes down to a sort of animal magnetism -- even when they are very civilized, they are animalistic in a basic way, and that links into power. Their physical power is very attractive, I think, but also contributes to their charisma. Like the vampires of old, and even with many of the newer versions, they can reach inside and connect with their prey on very deep levels, and everyone wants that to some degree. With a vampire they might just pay a heavy price for it...


  2. I need a new author picture. Erica & Paula are both adorable.

    ...what a great cover. Vampires scare me. I think that is the attraction for me. It's instant tension in the story.

  3. Could it be the whole thing about having our necks nibbled? Some people don't like it, I know, but a lot of women find that their necks are very sensitive.

  4. Nicolette:
    Neck nibbling could be it. But I really think it is the eroticism, that animal magnetism. Either way, I swoon. :-)

  5. Samantha:
    Charisma . . . definitely a big part of it. Power. And they always seem to be wealthy and cultured.