Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Temptation Tuesday - Must See TV!

Okay, so the new television year has begun in Australia. And am I excited??? You have no idea!!! Last year my hubby bought me a present. Well it wasn't exactly for me but since that time it has become mine. All mine. The temptation I am offering you today is the magic, beauty, efficiency, and perfection of the hard-drive DVD recorder.

Mine can record ~ 300 hours worth of stuff onto the hard drive. So I can 'tape' what I please and simply scroll through a menu to name it, edit it, and/or watch it later. You can burn the keppers to DVD at the touch of a button and delete the ones you've watch in three seconds flat. If the phone rings and you're in the middle of a show, press pause and it starts recordning instantly. And then when you come back from the phone you can just press play and watch it, pause it, fast forward it, at any point while it is still recording. And, the best bit by far, it recognises ad breaks! Truly. Click the chapter button as soon as the ads start and boom, you're at the beginning of the next segment of your show. I know! Doesn't it make you want to cry with happiness!

It has changed my life. Now I don't have to beg and plead and block one ear while listening with the other as my hubby sighs and grumbles and makes smart alec comments when I want to watch GREY'S ANATOMY and SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (my favourite summer show my a mile!) or other girly shows (BTW two weeks to go here in Aus so NOBODY tell me who wins!!!!!) I just tape everything, and watch it at my liesure. Usually as I eat breakfast, or sit down to lunch when I am at home writing. Perfect!

So, this coming must see TV season I am desperately looking forward to recording hours and hours of:

HOUSE (I could marry him, seriously - that dry wit, those blue eyes, all that damage)

UGLY BETTY (the ads look darling)

WEST WING (the final series is yet to play in Aus)

GREY'S ANATOMY (McDreamy, McSteamy or McVet? Is it fair one woman has so much deleriously gorgeous choice?)

LOST (I've seen the first 6 and is it exciting!!! I don't even care that I reckon the wrtiers have less of a clue about what's really going on than we do! I adore it!)

We are a tad behind the US so no spoilers please ;), but I would love to know what you guys see as THE must see TV shows of the year.

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  1. McLEOD'S DAUGHTERS. I loooove that show. The new series started last week and already I'm hooked. There are some gorgeous guys in this one/coming soon, to give the girls a run for their money.

    HOUSE is another one I'm looking forward to.


  2. I LOVE my DVD recorder!! I delete all the ads, I name things, I change the thumbnails, I separate titles, I tape endless hours without worrying that the tape will run out: almost as good as a Tivo!! Best we're likely to get. The West Wing is the ultimate TV show. What a fabulous ending to the season and then on Saturday the start of last season with a 3 years into the future teaser!!! I'm hoping for good things with HEROES.
    Oh and I love the Timeslip feature of DVD recorders!! After the phone call I can just press play and FF to the part I was up to!! Can you tell I am as enthused as you??

  3. The Unit. I LOVE that show. OK, so last weeks episode set me off and they may have gone the way of the soap opera...but until then I loved it.

    I'm also a Survivor fan. OK, maybe freak.

  4. Oh, thank you, Ally! I now know EXACTLY what I want for my birthday!!

    I've started watching BROTHERS AND SISTERS and, early days, still getting to know the characters, but I think I'm going to like this one.

  5. The DVD recorder is brill I agree but the handbook is is big as a best seller! I have yet to work out how to use all these lovely features but will get there eventually (when I can prise the remote off the house Alpha that is).
    One of my must see programmes this year was BBC's Torchwood. Yes I KNOW John Barrowman would be 'disinclined' but I just don't care.He has the sexiest mouth in the business and the boss rates his hairdo as well, so we all have a good time.

  6. I'm with Bron. Brothers and Sisters has me hooked.

    As does 24 and Prison Break.

    Watching Heroes, semi-hooked, sticking with it.

    My old 'writing every night' adage is seriously suffering at the moment with all these shows!!

  7. House, Heroes, Criminal Minds, and Men in Trees are some of my Must-Sees.

  8. I can't live without my weekly Bones fix. I never got into the Kathy Reichs books, but I adore the on screen chemistry. Angel should have joined the FBI a lot sooner!

  9. Men In Trees hands down. And the new season of 24's pretty good (just getting into the show so playing major catch up)