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Saturday Surprise - Hamper Winner! (And Why We Should Never Marry Our Teen Idols ;))

A romantic teenager with so many crushes to my name I don't know how I made it out of high school alive, I was a big one for teen idols. So much so we made it our big question for the January Hamper.

My first love was River Phoenix.

When I was a mid-teen, River was the thinking teenager's teen idol. That hair. That voice. Those high-waisted jeans. That crazy hippy family. That talent.

My bedroom walls were covered, and I mean covered, in pictures. and I saw EVERY movie he was ever in (and can still say all the lines along with 'Stand By Me'). He was wonderful in Dogfight. Moody in The Thing Called Love. Glorious in My Own Private Idaho. Heartbreaking in Running On Empty. He was young Indiana Jones for goodness sake! Can you get any cooler?

And I still remember a moment, as a sixteen year old, walking through the school yard with books under my left arm, when I realised that the air I had just breathed in may at some stage have been breathed out by him. the fact that I was in Brisbane, Australia and he was in Somewhere, USA was irrelevant. It was possible...

While in LA just before I got married, my soon to be hubby and our brothers and sisters spent a night crusing the Sunset Strip. There we stumbled upon the Viper Room. We tried to talk our way in for free. The place was closing in half an hour. But even as charming Aussies we couldn't convince the nice doorman. It was dark. Dingy. And really kind of sad. Especially knowing that the kid I had loved all those years before had met his untimely end right there.

Next came Eric Weideman, the lead singer of 1927.

1927 were an Australian pop band circa 1989.

Eric was a pub singer who was dared to go on “Red Faces” a talent segment of a comedy show. The other contestants that night were an old man playing the piano with his feet, and an old lady in too much make-up stripping. Still Eric was gorgeous enough and talented enough a famous Aussie song-writer drove from Sydney to Melbourne that night to grab him and offer him the role of lead singer in his new band. 1927 went onto have the biggest selling record of 1989 in Australia with "…ish”.

EVERY inch of my bedroom wall was taken up with pictures of this band. Even River Phoenix was left by the wayside for the Eric. I went to every concert they ever had in my hometown. I played their first CD incessantly. Or was it a tape. You know what? It was a tape.

He was ten years older than me. Which was fine. Because my best friend was going to marry Stefan Edberg the tennis player and he was ten years older than her so it would be perfect!

I saw him in concert after their heyday. I managed to get to the front row. Someone in the crowd threw up a bunch of dodgy plastic flowers. He threw them back. I caught them. And I still have them to this day.

While looking for pictures for this post, I found images of the Eric of the here and now. With his new band. Boy oh boy do I wish I hadn't. The Eric I knew and loved as a teenager was beeeeautiful. Dark spiky hair. Puppy dog brown eyes. An utterly adorable face. Beautiful arms. Now? Not so much.

Seems my lifee turned out for the better not having married the two original men of my dreams ;)!!!

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The winner of our January Hamper is Aisling. Her winning comment: "I was absolutely crazy in love with George Michael. Now was that a waste of time or what?"

We thought she needed some cheering up, since she now realises her guy is actually...taken ;).

Aisling, email us at with your address. And to see what you've won, check out last Saturday's post!!

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