Wednesday, February 07, 2007

No Temptation Tuesday - The Diet Club Weigh In

Yes it's that time again here at The Pink Heart Society, when all those of us taking part in the International Ban-The-Butt Campaign have to pop in and fess up to how badly we've done in the first month of The Pink Heart Society's Diet Club... But first, Trish Wylie looks at a few more of the fashionable diets available for the connoiseur...

Well, seeing as and how January was and is traditionally the month that every magazine, newspaper, TV Show, Blog (including ours), Radio Show and passing pink elephant seems to have something to say on the subject of Dieting... It wasn't too flipping tough to find an article or two on current Diets... I hate them all for constantly mentioning it to be honest... But more about that later...

For me, it was Now! Magazine's breakdown that made the most sense... so I'm bringing you a few of the books they featured - and the categories they placed them in...

First up we have what the magazine calls the 'I want to be spoon fed diet'... you see, that's kinda selling me on it already...

The Food Doctor Diet Club by Ian Marber is apparently a ring-bound version of a book suited to those who prefer a step-by-step manual for weight loss rather than a diet book per-se. The practical preparation phase includes a food diary, a questionnaire to help you assess your current state of health and comprehensive shopping lists to help you restock and organize your kitchen cupboards (useful! - I wonder if it hoovers too...) so that you have everything you need for the 30 nutritious daily diet plans. There are lots of useful tips, recipes for all meals and space to write what you've enjoyed eating and how you're feeling... The highlights being really prescriptive eating plans that leave you in no doubt as to what you should be eating... According to the magazine this means you will never say 'I thought double choc fudge cake was allowed...'

Next up is what they call the 'Food and wine loving Diet' (and with Natasha in mind I knew I had to feature this one!!!)

The Sonoma Diet by Connie Guttersen claims to not be about cutting carbs, finishing with fat or curbing calories (I have your attention already, don't I Natasha???) It promises to focus on making food and eating a pleasurable, enjoyable experience. (Still have your attention...Wait for it - here's the real selling point...) One glass of wine is allowed per day (and she's off to Amazon already...get out of her way people!) and food plans are based around the same principles of healthy eating that apply to the Mediterranean diet - plenty of fresh fruit and veg, lean meats, fish and extra virgin olive oil - with the added advantage of helping you lose weight too! The highlight of this one being that it's worth it for the wine - even just the one glass! According to the magazine on this diet you won't ever be caught saying, 'Pass me the lard...'

And finally - the one that caught my eye is what they call 'The Dormouse Diet'...

The Duvet Diet: Sleep Yourself Thin by Jane Worthington and Adam Fletcher (can you see why it caught my eye???) claims that research shows that broken nights disrupt our hormones and metabolism, leaving us prone to overeating and weight gain. Studies such as the one carried out on over 6, 000 people at Columbia University found that sleeping for four hours or less a night makes us 73% more likely to be obese than those who get seven hours sleep (73% folks!!!!!!!!) So the book explains how a lack of sleep can cause weight gain by disrupting appetite-controlling hormones and blood-sugar levels. Apparently it's particularly important to cut back on caffeine and alcohol, especially during the evening... (Natasha would hate that!) The highlight of this one, obviously, is the theory that you can lose weight by staying in bed! (My kinda diet!!!) And the magazine says that you'll never be caught saying 'A nightcap? Make mine a double espresso with a shot of brandy, please...'

They had a tonne of good diets listed in the article, including ones for The adventurous dieter (that didn't seem to me to be for any of us Ed's then...) - The I don't do deprivation dieter (which was a possibility if I had been able to pronounce any of the foods never mind find them at the local supermarket) - The If only I had more energy dieter (which was very close to the GI one I'm following so I skipped that) and the I don't do diets dieter (which was another possibility except it tells us tonnes of scientific stuff about why thin people are thin - and I'm sorry but talking or reading about naturally thin people would only depress me and force me to eat!) But just the same as us lot here at The Pink Heart Society, the magazine came to the same conclusion... It's about finding something that works for you and sticking to it...

So let's see how we're all getting along...

Natasha's Progress:

This month has taught me why I 'suddenly' put on weight when I simply hadn't had a problem before. Somewhere along the line food has become much more than the thing that nourishes my body. I eat when I'm bored, when I'm tired, when I'm sad, when I need an excuse not to write, when I socialise ....

WeightWatchers is clearly a plan that will work because it makes you look at choices. I don't honestly think I'll ever be able to eat a Magnum again. 9 points! I could have steak and chips for that.

And I can still have a 120ml of wine. I budget for that!

The big downside is that so many of the low-point choices are not things you chew - soups and stewy things. All nice, but I've discovered I like to chew. I also like cheese which is a suicide points choice.

Jenna's Progress: Oh wow. I do not want to be here. You see...I started out well. I was doing great. Then life started tripping me up. Family, kids, writing, cash flow...and I, know. Don't make me say it. I could truly rock this thing since I have so much more to lose, but I crumbled when faced to choose between cookies and crying.

Next month I promise to keep on it, if only so I don't have to embarass myself here, because...yikes! Do you see how great Trish & Natasha are doing

Ally's progress:

I've been a fairly good girl this month! My diet was to excercise, cause I never do. And I also knew that if I promised to cut out bad food I would fail before I'd even begun ;) So I've been on the rowing machine almost every night. Have done some yoga. A few evening walks. And today I went for a swim!!! (Gorgeous warm sunny day in Brisbane while on holidays eating too much of everything!!) I have certainly lost some of the muffin top. And my arms are less wobbly. No idea what I ewigh, but I feel better already!

So, for next month... A study came out in Australia last week claiming: participants who went on an excercise bike for 20 minutes three times a week, cycling for 8 seconds super fast, then 12 seconds at a normal pace for the whole twenty minutes, lost 3 times as much weight as those who cycled at a regular pace for 40 minutes three times weekly. That's my February plan!!!

Trish's Progress:

I wish I could tell you that it'll keep going at this rate every month! But I know better. And being the *expert* on the whole dieting thing - I also know myself well enough to know that this is a pattern with me. I tend to lose more right at the start (mostly water retention I would guess) and it's gonna be about halfway down this ticker thing that I start to run into the most difficulty... that's when I'll have to settle for a pound here and a pound there...

This month I got off to a great start - LOVED the food on the plan - had BAGS of energy (which was useful cos I exercised lots) and everything seemed to be running along swimmingly... Then I got sick. I talked about it a bit on My Blog but basically this is also a pattern for me - I diet and exercise and lose weight and I get sick. And then I rest lots cos I don't feel well and I eat *get better soon* food and before I know it I've put weight back on again!!! And that's exactly what happened this month. I GAINED three pounds at one point and just wanted to cry!!!
But I've kept going - I've eased back into the exercise - and I've upped the vitamin supplements... All I can do is stick with it, not weigh myself any more than once a week, take any weight loss no matter how small as being a good thing - AND KEEP GOING... Or pay for liposuction a month before the conferences...

So how is everyone else getting on???

Pop in and let us know the highs and lows of this first month of the International Ban-The-Butt Campaign and we can all help each other to keep going for another month... Come on... Don't be shy... And if you haven't already stood up to be counted and to have your name added to the list of PHS Diet Club Members on the sidebar then please yell and we'll add you straight away!

Don't forget to regularly check the Diet Clubbers Blogs during the month to see how they're getting along and we'll be back here on the first Tuesday of March to WEIGH-IN again...


  1. Wow girls!
    You're all doing great :)

    I might have to join the weigh in, though on the opposite end of the scale: 28 weeks, put on 7.5kg!

  2. And Jenna, you're going in the right direction! This is good!!! :)

    I can't *believe* we let Trish talk us into this.

    And where are the rest of you???? Michelle, I know you're playing ...

  3. Hooray for everyone.

    And as natasha asked:

    I lost 9 lbs last month. I am very pleased with it as it is a good solid start.
    Because along with Natasha, I have the Savoy and the RNA awards lunch coming up in April. I have decided to do the A List Workout Book -- 12 week weight loss workout plan. The slogan on the book says be red carpet ready in 12 weeks...The down side to this was that I actually did my measurements... Yesterday, I nearly died doing intervals on the ski machine, but this is going to be good for me. Today it is resistance bands and exercise balls plus my usual hour long walk...
    At least I have a very solid goal to aim for.

  4. Well done you lot :) Keep it up... I would love to say I want to join the club but Ive got a very good excuse. Seems like I caught the Julie and Nic bug and we'll be having a wee one again in July :D As with Nic, I am keeping an eye on the scales but going the other way.

  5. I'm here, not doing as well as the rest of you, but you know steady in the right direction suits me ok...I was down 4 for January. And I'm pms'd right now so I'm not weighing again until it's over because I always retain and it'll only depress me.

    Tonight I'm going skating. :-)

  6. I like that we are all doing more...skating sounds like fun!

  7. Jopee, that's fantastic news! Congratulations.

    Have you worked out what's causing it yet???? I can help if you email me privately. lol

  8. Yay Jopee!
    Huge congrats!!!

    Good, now I've got someone to keep me company in going the opposite way :)

  9. Well done gals! Between us we might lose a whole person in the first three mnths!!!

    Jopppppeeeeee! Loovely lovely news.


  10. LOL at losing a whole person Ally *g*

    And no, Natasha... I've absolutely no idea what's causing it ;-)

    Nic, hope the queasiness has eased up for you. My Bub was very considerate in that it stopped soon as I passed the 12th week.

    Thanks Ladies and goodluck again with the diets :)

  11. Congrats to all who are doing so well. And congrats to Jopee who will be 'going the other way.' Hooray for you, Jopee!

    I've been hovering about 2 lbs lighter than last month. But I haven't been focusing on it. I should. I know I should! And now I'm going to Ireland where I will eat. Sigh. Are there calories in Ireland, Trish? Even for Americans? Seems like we should get a pass. We'd give you one if you came here. No calories in America for visitors. How about that?