Monday, February 12, 2007

Male on Monday -- Michael T Weiss: The Pretender

She begged, she pleaded, and in the end we here at The Pink Heart Society had to agree with Samantha Hunter's desire to see Michael T Weiss grace the PHS Hall of Fame as this week's Male On Monday...

I know – you’re saying, Michael T Who? But that’s exactly why I chose him as the man of the week. If you’ve watched The Pretender, we’re on the same page, though you may also know him from Crossing Jordan. But seriously, look at this guy. His eyes are wonderful, deep and hypnotic – he was on Dark Shadows, the remake, though I couldn’t sit through it, but I think he’d make a superb vampire.

He has a great voice, deep, manly, “just woke up” sexy. I like him with a little five o’clock shadow, but not a full beard, though he can wear it. He was also a personal trainer, so he’s in great shape. . .in fact, there’s this one episode of The Pretender where he’s handcuffed to a pole in a back tee-shirt, his hands up over his head… okay… where was I?

Anyone watch The Pretender? He was Jarod, the super-genius stolen from his parents when he was a child and raised by scientists at The Center (similar to my own superheroine in my book, Untouched). Jarod escaped as an adult and went out into the world to do good deeds, find his family, and who unfortunately rarely got laid.

Seriously – in the first three seasons they have one love scene – no wait, two, though only one with sex since he was a virgin when he escaped in the first season. This is probably why it got canceled in the fourth season. Still, I love the show for its simple, straight-forward formula and the fun it can be. And because MTW is nice to watch for an hour at a time.

In many ways, the show was an earlier, more innocent version of Alias – in fact, if you think about, it The Pretender and Alias are synonyms – kinda neat. Some of the actors even crossed over between the shows, though the shows were far apart. Jennifer Garner played a young soul singer in one episode of The Pretender, and she’s got a pretty good voice, actually. Patrick Bauchau, who played Sydney (not Bristow) on The Pretender, showed up as an enemy in the last season of Alias. Do these intersections only tickle me? Probably.

There’s a huge, vast source of fanfic from The Pretender, much of it addressing the show’s lack of romance. I find that fascinating, because obviously it’s not enough to create a hero – even a really hot one – every hero needs a heroine. Or your show gets canceled – listening Hollywood?

I have a movie on my Netflix queue called Net Worth, where MTW plays an alcoholic womanizer. I don’t know if I’ll watch it or not, because while Jarod was a pretty sexless character for a sexy guy, I like that Clark Kent type, and I don’t think I want to see him in a negative role. It spoils the fantasy for me. At least with Jarod, while there wasn’t a lot of romance, there was romantic potential. Though he is in one of the upcoming Red Shoe Diaries, so I’m looking forward to that.

Multi-faceted, MTW is also an artist – you can check out his work here:

He is a huge environmentalist, too, which earns big points. So there you have it: Michael T Weiss. If you didn’t know him before, now you do. Keep an eye out because he’s worth a second look. ;)

Samantha Hunter is a former professor, quilter, dog lover, environmentalist, and not above picking her husband's brain for plot details. To learn more about Samantha, check out her website , find her on eHarlequin (check the Blaze rooms or the We Call It Research book challenge) or her new blog, Love Is An Exploding Cigar.

Wow, Sam!! Thanks so much for this addition to our Male On Monday listings!


  1. I loved watching The Pretender! It was such a great show and the character, Jared, was so great, cool, intelligent, etc, I actually named my second son after him!

  2. I loved The Pretender!! Such a great show and Jared took his shirt off- a lot!! I am sad there was never an ending. We had 2 movies, but nothing was ever really finished(Donoterase!!!) He was also Mike in DOOL: I remember watching it when I was in Matric in my free lessons!!!
    An excellent choice, he's very fit!!!!!

  3. Thanks to Jenna and Nicola and all the PHS gals for letting me indulge my crush. Also for putting my cover up -- I didn't expect that, it was enough to be given the opp to have a little MTW fix. ;)

    This guy is fascinating to me -- did anyone check out his art? I look at it and try to reconcile the sort of interesting/sensual/disturbing kind of feeling I get from it -- he seems like a really interesting man, and aside of that, he's just hot. I know I've said that about 10 times now...

    I love that he's my age, and that he's not a "plastic man," you know, the sort of mannequin kinds of guy models that seem to be all over the place lately, and I think that's what pushes him to the top of my list, maybe even (gasp) above The Hugh.

    Oh, I never watched DOOL... damn, missed one. ;)

    I'll be checking this blog a lot today, just because I like those pictures, LOL.


  4. I think it's cool you named your son after Jarod. :)


    I have a character in my paranormal that I have built with Jarod in mind, and if you've ever read Lori Wilde's Some Like It Hot (Hotel Marchand series) for some reason the hero in that book just seemed like he was Jarod to me. Definitely increased the pleasure of my reading experience, though I love Lori anyway.


  5. Sorry for three comments in a row, but have to apologize for the typo "back tee shirt" but you see, every time I think of that scene my brain fries, and so no wonder... shoulda been BLACK tee-shirt... ;)


  6. Love, love, love MTW and the Pretender! Thanks for posting his pics. Like everyone else, I would'vee loved to see more romantce in the show - I'd love to see him in a romantic movie.

  7. It was fantasizing this morning that maybe one of my Blazes would get picked up by Oxygen, and he would be the hero. ;) But which one? Hmmm... He'd be perfect for Daniel in Untouched, actually, and for Ian in Fascination.

    He'd probably do really well as Rafe in the Christmas Blaze I have coming out this December as well -- see, that's not so hard! Now they just have to make the movie. ;)


  8. ROFL, why am I not surprised by this choice? Hee hee! Can't argue it, though, hot guy in black all the time. It was destiny he'd be a Male on Monday. :)

    Great choice, Sam!

  9. Oh, I loved The Pretender. Perfect choice for a Male on Monday! WTG Samantha!!!!!

  10. Dee, you know me too well. ;)

    Thanks Melissa -- glad to see I have so many like minds. I'd love to see him come back in another show. I wonder what The Pretender would be like if they redid it now, on something like FOX? Much edgier, I think.

    I wonder if he would even do it, tho -- you know, maybe afraid of being typecast or known only for that role but it was a great one. Still, I can completely understand how actors, like writers, need to grow and change.


  11. Hi Sam,

    Yes MTW was the perfect actor for the role of Jarod in the Pretender. I love the show and it is a shame that they never gave us a conclusion to the story. I met MTW in person a few times when I went to see him in two plays in Boston. He's very charming, funny and very handsome. He's very talented and I hope to see more of him on TV and the big screen.