Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Male on Monday :: McSteamy aka Eric Dane

This week, The Pink Heart Society's own Jenna Bayley-Burke dares ask the question, McDreamy or McSteamy, in the second of her two-part Male On Monday series. Up today, Eric Dane as McSteamy.

Last October mega-hit Grey’s Anatomy upped the sex appeal when Eric Dane joined the cast as Dr. Marc Sloan. Tension crackled as his past as McDreamy’s former friend and his affair with Addison (McDreamy’s ex-wife) came to light.

Quickly dubbed McSteamy by the Grey’s Anatomy interns, and for good reason. Dr. Marc Sloan is desirable, sexy, suave, but horrid dating material. What makes him hero worthy if he is a modern day rake? We all love a bad boy…and a challenge!

If McSteamy looks familiar, it’s for good reason. He’s been spotted on Charmed, Gideon’s Crossing, and in X-Men. In real life happily married Eric Dane is no scoundrel. Too bad really. He does it so well!

As a romance hero, he's the typical bad boy. Ready and willing for a good time. Tempting because you know it will be worth it!

The other day I saw a woman wearing a Team McSteamy t-shirt. Is she glutton for punishment, or chasing down a challenege? It's all up to you...which is it? McDreamy or McSteamy?

XOXOXO -- Jenna


  1. Oooh Jenna, what a dilema to take to bed ;-) I think I need to see more McSteamy to make an informed decision. Cant wait for Season 3 and hope he has more appearances.

  2. I love this pic Jenna!!!

    And so well cast. He is soooo McSteamy!!! Kinda makes McDreamy need to pick up his act if you ask me ;).

    I'll choose...whichever ones the clever writers make me want to choose in any given moment ;).


  3. See...the buzz here is that Addison is getting a spin off...so will McSteamy stay at Seattle Grace...or go with Addison to her new show?

  4. McSteamy is great...makes Dreamy look like a little boy! I love this new 'bad' boy!