Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Male On Monday - Colin Farrell

This Monday The Pink Heart Society's very own Trish Wylie brings you an Irish Inductee into The Pink Heart Hall of Fame in the form
of actor, Colin Farrell...

So, anyone in need of a *bad-boy* hero for their next book??? Cos Colin Farrell can play that role both on and off-screen you know... If you listen to all the rumors that is...

Colin James Farrell was born on May 31, 1976 in Castleknock, Dublin and, as a teenager, hoped to follow in his father's footsteps to soccer stardom (Dad, Eamon Farrell, is an Irish football player). But after attending the Gaiety Drama School in Dublin, and taking some time out in Sydney, Australia, he eventually dropped out to play Danny Byrne on the BBC series Ballykissangel. And his acting career began...

In Sydney he was apparently just like thousands of other Irish backpackers who blow through town. He waited on tables, crashed on people's couches, spent a lot of time at Bondi Beach and toyed with the idea of trying to break into acting. But those who remember him as a 19-year-old tourist were not surprised at his success. Photographer Stuart Campbell met Farrell through a mutual friend and ended up giving him a place to stay when he first arrived in Sydney. "He slept on my couch in Bondi for a few nights," Mr Campbell recalled. "Colin mentioned that he wanted to be an actor so I offered to take his pictures. He was totally, absolutely charming."

While shooting the snaps at the old Colgate Palmolive factory in Balmain, Campbell introduced Farrell to NIDA head of acting Tony Knight, who pointed him in the direction of Performance Space where he landed the role of Steve Hart in Kelly's Reign, a play about the life and times of Ned Kelly and his gang.

He got his role in the Dublin gangster movie Ordinary Criminals thanks to co-star Kevin Spacey, who suggested him for the part after catching his riveting performance in the play "In a Little World of Our Own" at the Donmar Warehouse in London. But it was his role in Tigerland that would bring him under the gaze of Hollywood. In the story of American soldiers taken to the backwoods of Louisiana in 1971 to play war games in preparation for their first tour of duty in Vietnam, his role as Bozz, a roughneck Texan (played by an Irishman?!) recruit who helped his boot-camp buddies avoid combat, garnered him a Best Actor Award from the Boston Society of Film Critics.

And Colin cites the movie's director Joel Schumacher as the catalyst for the career that has since seen him take on the role of Jesse James in American Outlaws, have a starring role in Phone Booth (with Schumacher again), co-star with Bruce Willis in Hart's War and even work with legendary director Stephen Spielberg in Minority Report - all by the time Colin was 25!!!!! Not bad going when you think about it, for the boy who would have settled for owning a Chipper (chip shop) in Dublin if he couldn't make it in football like his dad! And that's before we even move on to talk about his roles in films like Veronica Guerin or S.W.A.T or Miami Vice or Alexander or... really, need I go on???

Now let me see what else I can tell you about the man who carried the moniker of "the lusty leprechaun"...

He has a brother and two sisters (one of whom is his PA)...

He auditioned for Irish boy band Boyzone but was turned down (lucky escape there then)...

Has suffered from chronic insomnia since he was 12...

Didn't use his own Irish Accent in a film until 2003 in Daredevil... and many of the people who worked with him were stunned to find out he was Irish...

He's five feet eleven tall (as a potential hero we could of course *enhance* that...)

His childhood hero Al Pacino called him 'the best actor of his generation'!!!

He speaks German and French...

Oh, and he was once a line dancing instructor in a nightclub in Limerick...

You can't say I don't research a potential hero for you! But let's just go back to the start and look at this *bad-boy* image before we finish up, shall we??? Well we all know that the tabloids can help things along when it comes to that kind of a reputation - and there's no doubting that Colin likes to party and to hang out with beautiful women... But then you get quotes like this from co-star Rosario Dawson who worked with him on the film Alexander:

"I wouldn't have thought this from the things I was reading about him before I met him. I knew more about his drinking and personal life than I knew about his talent and his acting. The level that he brought it to in this scene and the complexity that he was able to bring to such a dynamic character and make him so human. He was able to weep, and still be someone that you believed was Alexander. I was really glad to meet someone who is a phenomenal person beyond the rumors. It opened my eyes up to Hollywood..... And now I just refuse to let anyone make petty little comments about him."

And from Colin himself:

"I'm not seduced by it all. I swear to God. I'm easily pleased, yeah. Don't get me wrong, I'll indulge in it. I'll be in Los Angeles for two weeks and I'll have a laugh, get battered and have a buzz, but at the end of the day, I'll go home. It's just me earning a few more stories to tell everyone at home and all."

So, a bit of a *bad-boy*? Yeah, I don't think even Colin would disagree with that. But when it comes to writing a category romance these days, a bit of bad-boy can go a long way! All I know, is when I asked the visitors to my Blog to vote for a hero to cast as Rory Flanaghan in Breathless!, Colin was the runaway winner. And with the help of that image Rory became one of the cheekiest, sexiest, most truly gorgeous hero's I have ever had the pleasure to create...

And having researched Colin Farrell for this Blog, I have to say, he had me at "Being Irish is very much a part of who I am. I take it everywhere with me." Cos I get that. And when it comes down to it, we Irish do know how to party...

H's & K's Trish

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  1. Nice choice Trish!!!

    I've almost used Colin on a couple of occasions but he's one of those guys who comes with so much personality baggage I haven't been able to use him as yet. Perhaps cause my heroes are all too *good* ;).

    Thanks for the piccies tho!!!


  2. I love Colin :o) He's my next hero, unless he morphs on me again lol

  3. Yes, great choice Trish! Can't wait for Breathless and reading about Colin, er Rory ;-)

  4. Very nice choice, Trish. He came across my radar in American Outlaws. I was amazed to listen to him talk on the commentary on the DVD and hear his own Irish accent, because he did the American accent so well.

    I'll keep him in mind for the 'bad boy' in my future!