Wednesday, February 14, 2007


We inturrupt the steady stream of Writer's Wednesday posts to wish you the best on this day of love and romance.

Now as for me, Valentine's Day is usally something of a let down. The media (florists, candy makers, and greeting card companies) build up Valentine's Day so that we all expect a dozen long stemmed red roses, a sappy card, and a heart shaped box full od soft centers. But really...what are we after? Just the thought that they thought of you enough to find something you could brag to your girlfriends about.
Last year I had this theory that I would do for my Hubba Bubba what I'd like for him to do for me. I sent him a dozen cards (one for every year we'd been together) that were postmarked from sappy places like Love, Valentine, and Sweetheart. Fresh flowers on the table. We went to a chocolate festival. He...paid for the chocolates the kids and I ate at the festival. It's just not his thing.
I think that creative gifts are the best. The chocolates and roses are great, but the inventive stuff scores more points. (Yes, I know no one is keeping score). Here are some fun ideas for your special someone ::

Bubble bath with a dozen rubber ducks, locket key chain, movie night with all the treats, dinner for two.

Now it's time for you to share your woes or brag about your man! What did you get for Valentine's Day?



  1. My husband bought me some hand made chocolates that spelled out 'I Love You' and sent me a wonderful card with a poem inside that he'd written himself!

    I got him a card (which I'd bought ages ago) and haven't been able to get him a gift yet because I've been stuck in the house for days looking after ill children. Typical!

  2. I've just blogged about my 'Valentine's Day' on my eharlequin blog - link at the bottom of my FinDaBoo post below!

    But, in case, you don't get there - according to my garden centre Valentine's Day is cancelled this year. It's 'National Bird Box Day'!!!

  3. My hubby made me dinner. Steak and three veg. My fave!!! He's Italian so would east pasta every night. Making a typically Aussie meal is a hardship so he did it out of love ;).

    Hope everyone was able to kiss and hug their someone special.


  4. Can I gush? My lovely Man (he pretends it wasn't him but I could hear him rummaging about last night)gave me two cards, one soppy with hearts and ribbons and the other a saucy naughty one. Then I found a velvet box containing a pair of art nouveau style sterling silver amber drop earrings. We must be made for each other as we both bought identical (soppy) cards, thinking neither of us would buy it in WH Smiths! They make a very jolly pair on the mantlepiece - just like us (later maybe!)

  5. ARGH! Can I just say how much I hate the google part of this whole shebang? I've tried to post for 2 days, and it keeps giving me an incorrect password message even though I KNOW it's the right one.


    Anyway...we didn't do anything for Valentine's Day, my choice. It's not a big deal for me, because I know there will be other days when he will surprise me with something Just Because. I'd much rather have those moments. Like last night - I was talking to my mom on the phone and he brought me a cup of tea without even asking...just put it down and smiled. :-) I guess I'm pretty low-maintenance! LOL

  6. Agree with the "just because" philosophy. We're like that, too.

    Valentine's has never been a big deal for me, either -- in fact, in a role reversal, there were a few times in the early days where dh came up with a card or gift, and I completely forgot it even was Valentine's Day. If you looked down the card aisle at the grocery store on a few Valentine's Day past, you would have seen about a dozen desperate men -- and me. LOL

    I tend to feel bad for guys who are under all that pressure to be romantic on one particular day, when they are probably great guys all year long.

    We go on dates a few nights a month, and he's always there when I need him, and that's what counts. Tonight, I would rather stay in, and as luck would have it, his class is canceled so he'll be home too -- probably clearing more snow, LOL. But we both have work, and we're both trying to stick to diets, so snuggling and clearing snow is just fine by me. ;)


  7. I got two dozen roses delivered yesterday and chocolates (my fave Bernard Cs) this morning. Plus a lovely card and a special breakfast. We'll go out to dinner tonight, our first V-day dinner out since kids. Our oldest is eight so it's a big deal. Of course, I've got a horrible headcold. Oh, well!


  8. I got the soppy card and a bunch of flowers that nearly got bashed and chucked in the bin! They were beautiful but they were a pain to arrange and I was in a rush! Anyways, we're staying in tonight and saving the date for this weekend instead. We're going to Paris, woohoo! It's a pre-baby, before all hell breaks loose, 'us' time :) The weather's probably going to be horrible but wth, its Paris right? ;-)

  9. Melissa, where are you that you can get Bernard C's? They are made right HERE! and are the best chocolates I've ever eaten. :-)

    Thank god they are so expensive, because I'm really trying not to eat any of that stuff! LOL

  10. So...I told him about this he bought me some Hershey's sticks. I laughed! He spends at least 3 times as much on the bag and card (which were very cute) as he did on the chocolates. You know, it is a good thing he is cute.

  11. Hi Jenna!

    For Valentine's Day this year my hubby gave me a card with a box of Turtles (yeah, chocolate) but on the inside of the card he wrote some neat stuff, then said it was good for laser surgery for my eyes, which I have needed forever! So like a coupon!

    Now my kids and I have given him tons of coupons for golf bags (he must have 10 in a drawer-ha-this has become a joke--the bag that never came) but he started taking steps to make the laser surgury a reality. It wasn't flowers, it was better. I thought this coupon was the sweetest! Yeah! Gift that makes a difference!

    But . . . I still remember the year (not having much money) I put a watch on layway for him and made payments for months!!! It was a huge deal and I was so excited to hand over the lovely watch.

    He handed over a wooden rose thingie he'd picked up at the quickie mart on the way to my house! Ugh.

    Needless to say, he really outdid himself this year and has come a long way!

    Marian S