Sunday, February 25, 2007

February Hamper!!!

Welcome to the Pink Heart Society Hamper for February the month of love.

So, the time has come to spill the goss,

and to tell us about the first boy you loved?

Was it the buff guy who threw that amazing pass on the football field bringing a crowd to its feet and your heart to its knees? The boy who gave you his cupcake for your banana at recess? Or the young man at the grocery store who always used to double scan your coupons...and blush while doing so?

Mine was Heath Stower (Ally here!). I was two at the time. I have a photo of the two of us sharing the same beach towel, kissing. Cute no? I've been a romantic since before I even knew the word romantic! I have photos of us at ~ 5 years old, naked together, washing our underwear in a mud puddle. It was some kind of love I tell ya.

Now, it's your turn. Spill. And the sweetest tale wins the following prizes!

DANCING ON SUNDAY AFTERNOONS by Linda Cardillo (launch book for Everlasting Love!!!)
JUST ONE LOOK by Joanne Rock
PRICELESS by Kelly Hunter

THUNDERSTRUCK by Roxanne St Claire (launch book for Harlequin Nascar!!!)

BREATHLESS! by Trish Wylie



And the lovely Leena Hyatt of Author Sound Relations will be sending the lucky winner:

VERA’S TURN FOR LOVE – Tamela Hancock Murray
ANNA’S JOURNEY – Nancy Toback
THAT WILDER BOY – Kim Vogel Sawyer
SECONDHAND HEART – Joyce Livingston

This month it could be you!!!

Hugs and kisses,

Ally, Jenna, Natasha, Nicola and Trish

x x x


  1. My first love was a boy that lived about 5 houses down from me when I was 12. He was best friends with my brother who is a year younger than me. My best friend was the boys sister who my brother had a crush on. The four of us would hang out at their swimming pool in the summer and play Marco Polo in the pool. I nthe winter time we would go sledding and ice skating in the woods by our house. This boy reminds me to this day of Woody Harrelson when he was on the show Cheers. He could have been his younger brother they looked alot alike. So to this day whenever I watch an old Cheers rerun and see Woody on the screen I get all tingly inside!

  2. My first love was Chris Marshall, grade 2. Had had the whitest blond hair you've ever seen and the cheekiest smile. He was also the naughtiest boy in the class, which probably captured my attention.
    Playing kiss-chasey in the play ground was the coolest!
    And he always tied my ultra-long plaits to the back of my chair and stole my erasers.
    What a guy... ;)

  3. Oooh, I love a good first love story, so I couldn't resist a comment. But I've kinda got two. Is that allowed??

    First love was forced on me, but I still know him and he's still one of my best friends. Paul Cansfield - Kindergarten - our parent's car pooled and we sat in the back fighting. He decided that he was going to marry me when we grew up and I told him I was never getting married. He said, I didn't have a choice - that the man made the decision. Can you hear his dad speaking??? Needless to say, I gave in eventually and we had a tumultuous love-hate relationship until I moved states in Year 2. It was devastating... but we wrote letters and still do. He came across from Sydney to Perth for my wedding in 2003 and he got the garter! How funny.

    Then in highschool, I fell hopelessly in love with Garth Toovey from the year below. Liked him for seven years all up (from 14 to 21) and only went out with him for 5 months of that. How hopeless am I? All my friends thought he looked like a Choir Boy but I thought he looked like Prince William...

  4. I'd have to say my first love was a boy named Joshua in kindergarten. He had the bluest blue eyes and a bowl haircut. He was so cute. On rememberance day, our teacher was asking kids if they wanted to be in the assembly and lay the class wreath on the display. My best friend at the time said no, and Mrs. Garvin called me next and I said yes. I got to walk down the aisle with Joshua carrying the wreath and ended up on the local news. Still have it on VHS somewhere :o)

  5. My first love was an older boy who didn't appear in the least to be interested in me. lol I use to walk up to school, hide behind the bushes, and watch him play basketball with his friends every Sunday. Never gave me a second look. Many, many years later we met at a party and he remembered me. I guess he was looking after all. He was in college and I was in high school. We dated for just over a year. I'd say he was a little more advanced than me in many ways. He ended up finding another more mature girl. I was heartbroken for a while but looking back I think "thank God for unanswered prayers".

  6. My first love was called Greg Stuart. He turned up at our school mid-year and everyone was intrigued by this lad from Birmingham who seemed to know the rules of charm and charisma from the get-go. He was tall, handsome, spoke rarely and was often mysterious. He dressed in black, had this cute quiff that hung over his forehead. Didn't smoke or do drugs and often smelt wonderful from his Dad's aftershave!
    We went out and aged seventeen we even got engaged. Then real life hit.
    We split up, but our parents are still great friends and often wonder about what might have been...(Strange fact, I named my eldest son, James David and Greg and his wife named their's, David James)

  7. My first love was Jonathan Edwards. We were in the same class in the first year of senior school (age 11). He had a pudding bowl haircut and was probably the shyest boy in the whole school but had the face of an angel. I was too shy to ever even speak to him properly as the mere sight of him reduced me to jelly. I gave him the code name No.11 (don't remember why!) to hide his identity in my pre teen diary of (non) events E.g 'I'm sure he looked at me today. etc". I copied him by getting a red Adidas sports bag and drawing the ELO logo on it. I even joined the badminton club (and was hopeless) just to be near him.
    It was all a bit sad and pathetic really, I silently mooned over him and bored my friends silly for 5 years until we all went to sixth form college. I wonder if he ever sussed who kept sending him valentine's cards and silly notes? In all the time I 'knew ' him neither of us had a boy or girlfriend. I do wonder what might have been if I'd ever plucked up the courage to do something about my wild and unrequited infatuation. The last I heard he was going off to Uni to study computing ( on reflection he was definately a bit on the nerdy side.) I sometimes wonder what happended to him, probably another case of being thankful for unanswered prayers! But I'll never forget the emotional pain and longing of being a forlorn teenager.

  8. My first love was a boy in high school. He might be considered a nerd: he was really good at school, didn't smoke or drink and he was polite and helpful and really nice. How could you not love a guy who offers to help you when you are studying for a math test and look desparate? I was too shy to do anything about it, but I did get to dance with him once! I still remember him fondly.

  9. I had cute love type things, but my first real LOVE thoughts were for a guy who worked for us and lived with us too. He was 12 years older than me so when I was 12 and started getting THOSE thoughts, he was 24. Nothing ever happened, but he's always been really special to me.

    I was probably always the little brat to him - I was seven when he came to live with us - but when my Dad died, he was the only one I wanted to see and we held hands all through the funeral.

    I think there will always be a soft spot for him in my heart. :-)

  10. Lovely stories!

    My first big crush happened in about year 3. He was the most gorgeous boy in the school with eyebrows that were an inverted v shape and when he glanced over his shoulder to look behind him, one of those arched eyebrows would go up. I thought this was the most romantic/cool thing in the word and secretly loved him for at least a year.


  11. My first love is still my love.

    I first saw him when I was 14. He was driving though town and I was going to the movies with some friends. We made eye contact as he drove by and I turned to my friends and said: "that is the guy I'm going to marry". And, that is exactly what happened (after I graduated from high school). How's that for love at first sight?

    Twenty-eight years, four children, 1 1/2 grandchildren and he is still the love of my life and most importantly my best friend.

  12. I was in high school, and his name was Scott Lucero. He had eyes so dark it was hard to tell where the pupils left off and the irises began. He also had an incredibly deep voice, especially for a sophomore.

    He was in my guitar class, and he was a Bad Boy. I tried to convince myself all his talk about marijuana was "just talk."

    He broke my heart by barely knowing I existed. Now, I count my blessings that nothing ever came of it!

  13. The first boy I ever remember loving was named Andy. We were both in the same kindergarten class and I had the biggest crush on him. I wanted him to notice me, so to impress him one day I decided to take a dare from someone on the playground while he watched. The dare was to hold onto the highest monkey bars with one hand and then switch quickly to the other hand...sounded easy, but 6-year-old me didn't take into account the fact that it had just rained and the bars were slick...all I knew was Andy was watching and I wanted him to be impressed. As I went to switch hands I slipped and fell 10 feet to the ground and broke my arm. I am not sure if he was impressed with my scream (which I am told could be heard all over the huge playground) or my less than graceful fall, but it got his attention and he was so concerned that he sat with me until the teacher made it to me. When I returned to school, he was one of the first to sign my giant cast! He moved the next year and I never saw him again, but I still have my yearbook where I drew a heart around his picture...ah, to be 6 again. I must say that I have not broken a bone to impress a boy since.

  14. Hmmm. I started reading romance MUCh too young. Poor boys had no idea what to do with my high expectations. I didn't calm down about it until high school...where all the boys blended together.

    There are boys I Danny from kindergarten with the pet snake (so cool), and Dylan from 1st grade who refused to clean his desk so the teacher dumped it on him (what a rebel). But, I always thought a man should have a car and a job. Even then!

  15. An adorable boy from my grade 1 class whom all the girls loved. I could not stop gazing at him day after day and he was totally oblivious.

  16. In my grade 5 class this boy was totally smitten with me. He would give me small gifts and visit me at home. We would play scrabble and then he would kiss me sweetly. What an experience that was, unforgettable and memorable.

  17. At summer camp there was a great opportunity to meet boys, especially when we had the Saturday night dances. I loved them since they were the most fun and the boys were very attentive. I met the most dreamy boy who took an interest in me for the entire time I was at camp. I will never forget that summer.

  18. My first love was a boy in kindergarten. He had wire rimmed glasses and beautiful blond hair and blue eyes. He would be considered a geek by today's standards but he made my 5 year old heart pound. :)

  19. The first boy I had a crush on was in my kindergarten class and his name was Randy. I was not alone in my adoration as many girls in our class thought he was cute. Looking back I think it was because Randy played nice which is so important. He didn't pull our hair, call us names or make fun of us. He was a little gentleman.

  20. When I was young our family vacationed during the summer at a lake where other families were. A beautiful setting. There was this quiet and dreamy boy who was there and we swam together, went for walks and then when the vacation ended he kissed me goodbye. I was heartbroken. A summer I never forgot.

  21. In our neighborhood the kids were all about the same age and we went on the same bus to and from school. Every day I would see this striking little boy get on the bus and sit there so composed and adult like. we were in the same class and I could never stop staring at him. I invited him to my birthday party and he kissed me there.

  22. At school this cute little boy was a favorite of all the girls. They were crazy about him and he was totally unaware of this. All year I would watch him. At the end of the school year there was a party at one of the classmate's home and we spent time together talking and he was as special as I had thought. When the party ended he kissed me goodbye and said he would see me over the summer.