Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Temptation Tuesday :: Internet Playground

This week, Jenna Bayley-Burke confesses her biggest temptation -- the internet!

I'll admit, I spend more time online than I should. Not that I have much free time, what with the writing and the husband and the dog and the kids and the volunteering and the...what was I making excuses for again?

I can't help myself. I'll log on just to check my email on the off chance my editor might have decided to drop a three book deal in my inbox (ha!), and before I know it naptime is over, the kids need a snack, the dog needs out, and I've found the snarkiest website devoted to book reviews ever!

Let's blame eHarlequin, shall we? Before I found eHarlequin to guide me on my journey from writer to author, I checked email and used the internet to get driving directions. Then I found an entire community of people with stories buzzing through their brains like hornets at a barbeque. It was like the mother ship calling me home!

Next came Romance Divas, another romance writers portal. Absolute Write, NaNoWriMo, CataRomance... though nothing compared to eHarlequin until The Pink Heart Society opened it's arms wide. I love category romance, it fits with my short attention span.

Now, I even talked my husband into ditching dial up so I could use the internet faster. It's how I research my books (look for my FinDaBoo report on point and click characterization coming soon), how I keep up on trends in the market, and how I procrastinate.

Blogging is my favorite procrastination activity. It's like having a cup of coffee with a girlfriend. Fine for the first half hour, but then, unless you brought Krispy Kreme, it's time to get home and get some work done. Forums are a tough one. You can get in and out with the information of the day in a quick five minutes...but then you want to check what's happening in a new thread and the next thing you know...you missed lunch. What about articles, free reads, travel sites, recipe searches, and searching out pictures of your secret crush? Not to mention using Google to find out what websites your name comes up on.

At least I'm not wasting my time playing internet games. (Sudoku anyone?) Now that I've paved the way, I think it's time we all confess. Where is your favorite place to hang out on the web?

Jenna's latest book is her January Australian Sexy Sensation release, Just One Spark. To find out more, you can visit her website, blog, or reading group, We Call It Research.


  1. Oooh...that is a good temptation...one of my biggest! I know I spend more time on the Internet than I probably should. It is weird to think that just a few years ago I didn't even know what a blog was and I was lucky if I got one e-mail a week...and until a couple of years ago I lived with dial-up.

    I must say though that if it weren't for the Internet, then I wouldn't have met or discovered as many wonderful authors that I have. I love being able to communicate with authors even if it is just through blog comments.

  2. I like my gmail inbox lol Tend to lurk on ehq and divas, and now that I'm researching paranormals I found a few fun boards to hang out on.

  3. I check my email more than I need to, as well as amazon to see what the sales ranking on my books are! Oh, and since Natasha introduced me to that wonderful Richard Armitage video on YouTube, I tend to watch it at least once a day...purely for research purposes, you understand.

  4. I understand completely, Nicolette. Almost essential I'd say. :)

    Both the Richard Armitage day and the 'North and South' film day caused a marked upturn in our blog hits. Being a curious kind of a girl I had to go over and find out why there were suddenly so many people coming from a place called C19.

    Go see!

  5. I like your list, Jenna. You named most of my favorites.


  6. Oh, I think we're all guilty of this one if we're here talking about it. ;)

    I used to hang mostly on eHarl, but lately I've found that the blogging really does open up more doors, bring me into contact with more people, readers and industry contacts alike. Things can get claustrophobic on a board, where in blogging you can sprawl out all over the place. I have 4-5 regular blogs I visit/post to now, and I like to click on a name here and there and do random blog searches, which is fun.

    As long as it doesn't interfere with getting my work done, I figure what the heck. However, I also go in reverse from time to time. So, for instance, this week, I am finishing up my August Blaze, filling out the Art sheet for the December Blaze, getting the Cigars site contest and guest bloggers set by Thursday, and then I'm off for the weekend and maybe for a few weeks. I'll check in daily, but I won't sit for hours the way I do when I'm writing...

    I think in part it's because sitting and writing is something I can only do for so many minutes at a time, and popping into the internet world breaks up the day.

    However, if I'm not writing, or if I'm traveling or busy out in life, I can't say I miss the internet all that much, so it's kind of weird.


  7. Jenna,

    I can't help myself either.

    I play websudoku.com and trivia in a chat room at Steeplemedia.com when not on deadline.

    Google is my downfall. I could spend hours googling all in the name of "research."

  8. Yes, I blog blog blog, and keep on finding new blogs that I HAVE to read, it's insane, there isn't enough hours in the day to read all the blogs I want to read!

  9. Email is at my fingertips all day, during business hours. Constant checking, responding, composing. Daily blog reading and posting.

    But I don't apologize because I learn so much and I've met so many wonderful people who are helping me move from writer to published author.

    I admit though, that at times, I use it in place of writing. Sometimes putting words on the paper is scary. And I "hide" on the Internet.