Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Temptation Tuesday - Book Launch Parties and Reading Clubs

This week The Pink Heart Society has sent out a *roving reporter* in the form of Trish Wylie to distract you all with tales of book launch parties and reading clubs....

If you've ever wondered what lies ahead for a new author once they have sold that first book and dealt with the new challenges of writing more great books, the vagueries of the publishing world and that little thing known as a deadline (shudder) then look no further! Because I'm here to tell you all about my first trip to a book launch party!!! And having been to this one I have to say I'd happily attend more - just let me know where and when ;)

Abby Green was already on a winner when she chose her home town of Dublin for the launch party of her first book Chosen As The Frenchman's Bride - because it's not called the fair city for no good reason! And they do say the first thing is location - location - location...
Dublin is an attraction in itself for the weekend visitor with plenty to do and see and great choices of accomodation and good transport links (good enough to encourage six editors over from London despite the bad weather! Editors last seen disappearing off into the Dublin nightlife never to be seen again...)

So for her party venue Abby chose The Odeon, which was a great choice! The Building itself, which was formally the entrance to Harcourt Street Railway Station was designed by George Wilkinson and was opened back in 1859. It operated as Dublin city centre main station until 1959 and is now a Tram Stop for the new network that runs through Dublin, which is fitting I think! So already Abby was off to a great start! She then added an eclectic group of family and friends all glowing with pride for her success, a bunch of her dancing buddies (keep reading and it will all make sense), lots of her work friends from her *day job* in TV and Film and of course, a lot of her new writing friends like Biddy Coady, all the lovely editors, Kate Walker (accompanied by the now internationally famous and very charming BM), Susan Stephens, Moi - oh - and a certain Ms Maeve Binchy!!!!!! Now does this girl know how to throw a book launch party or what????

When guests arrived at the start of the night there was a table full of Chosen As The Frenchman's Bride for Abby to sign - which people donated to charity for - a lovely touch I thought! But funnily enough this table seemed to empty quite quickly... Then Abby stepped up to the mike in front of a packed room to thank everyone for coming (and to make some of us smile with red faces while we were introduced) before she later returned to give a Tango demonstration with some of her Tango Club friends! Yes - confirmed again - the girl can throw a party alright!!!!

As for me, I can honestly say I had a blast! I got to talk shop with the lovely Biddy Coady, fellow Pink Heart-er Kate Walker who has a bit of a party planned herself for later this year (yes - I'll rove to that one too if you guys want me to ), and my gorgeous Editor Jenny Hutton (one of those we hope got home but have no confirmation of so far...) - I got to eat both hot and cold nibbles I shouldn't have been touching, got to meet loads of Abby's fantastically funny and suitably proud friends and I drank lots of the nice wine I also shouldn't have been touching...

All in all I am now converted to the theory of a book launch party...

And if the thought of planning your own book launch party one day, or soon, isn't enough of a temptation for you, then how about this? - We spend a lot of time at The Pink Heart Society Yahoo Loop talking books - ones due out, ones we've written and - ones we're reading. So we're going to start a PHS Book Club! Twice a month we will choose books you can read alongside the PHS Editors and to launch the club we will be starting at the beginning of next week with, yes, you've guessed it - Chosen As The Frenchman's Bride by Abby Green!!! So, if you'd like to join us - just click the Yahoo Group key on the sidebar and grab yourself a copy of Abby's book which was reviewed over at The Pink Heart Society's Review Blog here only recently...
Have I tempted you??? I, for one, can't wait...
H's & K's Trish
Trish's latest release is her upcoming (and favourite book to date!) February book for Modern Extra entitled Breathless! It is available to pre-order on the Mills & Boon website in January...

To find out more you can visit her Website or see what she's up to at her Blog


  1. Ooooh, jealous! Wish I'd been there. What fun. And editors came all the way to Dublin too??? How fabulous!

    Do you think they'd come all the way to Australia?



  2. Great idea about the book club, gang! Abby just sent me a copy of her book, too, so I can actually take part in this month's read. Don't think Chosen As The Frenchman's Bride is out yet in the US.

    Also, the party looked fantastic. Pity there weren't more photos of the tango! Abby did send me some to post on my blog, which I have done if you want more. We're still trying to get her to have a blog of her own.

  3. Thanks Anne and Ally and TRISH!! for posting such great write up. It was great to have you there, you were a very glamorous roving reporter...! And I'm going to be having sweaty sleepless nights thinking of people reading the book...yikes!
    x Abby

  4. Sounds like a fantastic book launch party. I've only been to one, a non-fiction book launch party. Abby's sounds like it was a lot more fun!

  5. You can't imagine how jealous I am that I couldn't be there with Daisy and all of you.

    This book is great but the author, incredible.

    I would have loved to see the tango and have been there to celebrate! Like Kate and Annie, we're so proud of Abby (Daisy)!