Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Temptation on Tuesday...Tropical Getaways

Okay, so it's been a week since we started the Pink Heart Society Writers' Diet Club.

So just to get everyone in the mood, to get them primed and pumped and to add a little extra motivation, I thought perhaps we could all think a bit about the kind of place in which you cannot where top to to clothing even if you wanted to. The kind of place where less is more. Where skin is in. Where *gulp* bikinis and sarongs take over from regular clothing...

Far North Queensland

Beautiful one day. Perfect the next. That's the ad line they use to encourage people from all over the world to come visit the tropical north of Australia. And they ain't kidding. Mid-winter? 26 degrees and sunny. Every day.

Think Coronas with so much condensation they all but slip through your palms. Crocodile steaks for lunch and seafood buffets for dinner.

Palm Cove is my holiday destination of choice. A resort town on a lovely crescent beach. Fabulous hotels hidden behind huge palm trees and glorious green gardens. More restaurants than shops. Fabulous place!

From Palm Cove, it is a quick 40 minute boat ride through some, I must admit, choppy waters, to Green Island. But it's worth it. (Take salty biccies to nibble on the way ;)) Pristine white sands. Water so blue it makes your eyes hurt. And the chance to snorkel less that twenty metres out into the shwllow waters of the beach. Coral of every shape and colour. And the fish. Finding Nemo wasn't set in this part of the world for nothing!

Head south and you hit Cairns, a city, but not like a city. Laid-back, sunny, lathered in toursists and with the scent of sunscreen forever on the air. Here you can trawl the casino, laze by the huuuuuge created pool, or spend a lazy day at the markets. Or take the skyrail over the Barron River to the hippy mountain town of Kuranda.

Head inland and you hit the Atherton Tablelands. Waterfalls everywhere you look. Some so perfect they look like they must have ben built by some clever set designer. Some so rugged and impossible to get to they look like something one would have found a billion years ago.

And do check out Barbara Hannay's absoloutely delightful blog all about her adventures setting up a home away from home in this gooorgeous part of the world.

And we can't forget Paranella Park. A beautiful old mansion and surrounds built by a settler for his wife many decades ago. It is a gem. A fairytale estate growing out of the rain forest. Destroyed twice by fires it is now an echo of the maginficent home it once was. But still stunning.

Head North and you hit glamorous Port Douglas. Rugged Mosman Gorge. And glorious Cape Tribulation. Some of the most beautiful beaches, and stunning rock pools, and scary rope bridges you'll ever hope to see!

Many of these sights ended up in my January book, Meant-To-Be Mother which is set in and around Carins. How could they not? There was simply too many goodies for a writer to feast upon!

And even though it has nothing to do with Far North Queensland here is a picture of my hero, James. Isn't he just gorgeous? Maybe he'll be encouragement enough to get you into a bikini? Hmmm??

Ally's latest book, Harlequin Romance Meant-To-Be Mother is available now in North America and the United Kingdom.

You can probably tell by the gorgeous cover that it is set in the tropics. And wouldn't we all like to look like her by the end of the year?

For more about the book, with blurbs, excerpts and behind the scenes info and pics, check out her website.


  1. Beautiful pics, Ally. I doubt I'll ever see this body will ever see a bikini again (except maybe in a dressing room mirror), but I may feel comfortable venturing out in a one-piece.

    I've been doing well on my diet. So far down 2 pounds. Being on deadline and forgetting to eat is probably helping more than anything since I haven't given up chocolate.

    I also started Pilates classes. I'll be doing that twice a week.

  2. Thanks Melissa - I took them all!

    Though the bikini thing is terrifying. I'm a pale wan thing, so even if I loked like a stick figure I'd hardly be a beach bunny ;).

    We can only dream!