Saturday, January 13, 2007

Saturday Surprise - Launch of the PHS FinDaBoo!

So one of your resolutions for 2007 is to Finish the Damn Book??? Well, you're not alone! And we here at The Pink
Heart Society are going to be here with you every step of the way with tips, hints and links and guest Authors who have been where you are right now and know what it takes to get the book written all the way to the words - The End...

The main thing to remember when you make the decision to sit down and write that book that has been in your head for so long - is that the only one setting you a deadline is you! We all have busy lives, families to take care of, commitments to work and that little thing known as getting through the day, so finding the time to sit and write can be the first challenge... And we at The Pink Heart Society thought if you could all band together for moral support and with a few helpful hints along the way, it might help to get those creative juices flowing and encourage you to keep going til you get to the end...

So this first post is all about Getting Organized and ready to Finish The Damn Book....

1/ Decide what kind of a book you're going to write - This involves spending time on the internet, so yaay you, you're already halfway there...
We all know what we like to read, but what we like to read and what we will be able to do the best job of as a writer are often poles apart. Unfortunately. But when it comes to category romance the chances are what you like to read most of is what you'll find *easier* to write. (In theory). So once you've read lots and lots and decided what is your kind of *thing* then head over to the computer and browse the internet to find out what that particular publisher lists as their criteria for the line you want to pitch and how to get them to look at it. Eharlequin in particular has a wealth of information for aspiring writers, as does the Mills And Boon website... So get thee off and research! (After you've finished reading this blog of course...)

2/ Decide where you're going to write - Sounds silly. And the answer isn't as simple as 'at the computer'.

Having a place where you sit down to work is going to make that place become your *office* - even if your office is just a corner of the kitchen table or a comfy chair with your laptop on your legs... The main thing is that there are no distactions from the world you are creating so that you are focussed on what you are doing. So plan ahead - think of where you are going to sit down to write and...
3/ Set aside the time from your usual schedule - Because the only way to get the thing written is to make the time to write it!

The beauty of this first book is there is no deadline set in stone. You can be as quick or as slow as you need to be. It's not a race! The main thing is to finish it - cos that's an achievement in itself!!! And any book that you write is a learning process. So decide how much time you can spare, preferably when the house is fairly quiet, and even if you only manage 50 or 100 words, keep going! But don't stress if your life gets in the way from time to time. You're hopefully doing this because you love to write, so remember that. Enjoy it. There's time enough to worry about deadlines and scheduling and all that when you sell...

4/ Look into having someone who can read your work - Family and friends can almost be too nice for this job as they won't always tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but...

This doesn't always work for everyone, but a lot of people swear by a critique partner in the early stages of their writing. The best ones will be ones who are targetting the same line you are, so that you both have an idea of what your looking for. And it doesn't have to be someone next door, they can live a half a planet away thanks to the internet! But just like our PHS Diet Club, simply knowing that someone else is right there with you can be incentive enough to keep going during the dark times. Which *will* come. And you can learn as much from critiquing someone elses work as you can from having a fresh set of eyes look over your own...

5/ Remain flexible - By remaining flexible with both your writing schedule and your writing itself you can avoid undue angst along the way!

We've all been there when it comes to dark moments when writing - no matter how many books we do! So be prepared by not beating yourself up if the book isn'st as far along as you had planned on it being and if you write yourself into a corner don't be afraid to go back and edit with avengeance!!! Unless you're the kind of person who plans their book to the letter before they begin, an sometimes even with that planning, once you get a few chapters in your characters and the story may lead you on a path that either doesn't work or takes you in a different direction to the one you had planned. This doesn't mean you have failed to tell the story, it doesn't mean the characters or motivation or conflicts haven't worked, it just means you need to have a bit of a re-think. So be prepared to be flexible!!!

So we're inviting all you budding authors to band together here with us at The Pink Heart Society to make 2007 the year that you Finish the Damn Book. Our guest Editor, Jenny Hutton, said herself that they are actively seeking new writers!!! So why shouldn't that writer be you??? And we all know what a friendly and amazingly talented bunch we have amongst our members so don't be afraid to ask for advice either! You may get varying different answers but that's just the thing, isn't it? No one method of working will work for every single writer. Every writer is individual. Just like you are. But every one of us here at the PHS loves to welcome new writers into the fold - and the best way to get to that place is to Finish the Damn Book!!!

We will have varying pieces of advice from the PHS Editors and from guest authors (the first of which next month is Kate Walker whose 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance has proven such a success for so many newly bought authors!) And we invite you to copy and paste the logo at the top of this post onto your Blog if you are joining in...

So, who's in??? Come let us know if you're joining in and don't be afriad to shout if you're looking for a critque partner... You'll even get a special logo to place on your Blog when you finish!!!

And next week look out for Ally Blake's first piece of advice!!!

H's & K's Trish

Trish's latest release is her upcoming (and favourite book to date!) February book for Modern Extra entitled Breathless! It is available to pre-order on the Mills & Boon website in January...

To find out more you can visit her Website or see what she's up to at her Blog


  1. Hey folks

    You can count me in too. And I'd love a critique partner who's writing something similar and wants to really get their teeth stuck in this year. I'm targetting Mills & Boon Modern Extra and am a third of the way through the first draft of my second category story.

  2. Well, as you know, I have just 'Finished The Damn Book!' and sent it off! I'm just in the throes of setting up and thinking about my next Medical, which is taking shape nicely.

  3. Congratulations Nicolette on your FinDaBoo! I'm in. 2007 is the year!

  4. I'm in. Is FinDaBoo set to run for a year, or are we aiming to finish our books well before the year end?

  5. I've been MIA for a bit, and may be for a bit longer, but please count me in!
    I am determined to FinDaBoo - no matter what (oops, there I go, jinxing myself again)!
    Sticking together is so important - it's a big, scary world out there.
    Many thanks to the PHS eds for coming up with another FAB idea!

    Sue :-)

  6. Count me in too. It's great to know I'm(probably) not the only one out there who's half way through their first book and feeling a bit lost sometimes. Yes Sue, it is scary old world out there, especially when you have to learn all this technology as well! (HTML, whassat?)
    Chasing the dream...

  7. Count me in as well! Love your blog, BTW - the pics, author and agent interviews, the helpful hints, and now findaboo. So helpful to those of us still working away. Almost done with my first wip - sent the first chapter & synopsis into the Harlequin American Romance contest. Wish me luck. Starting on my next book, a H. Romance - would love to have a critique partner. Thanks for all the work you put into this site. Love it & your books!

  8. I want to get 2-3 MX's done, and try for another line...not sure which...

  9. You can count me in. I recently found a new critique partner (who is fantabulous!) and I'm encouraging her to visit too. Can't wait!!!


  10. I'm there too! Have to finish one by June, and another by years end...

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