Saturday, January 06, 2007

Saturday Surprise - Celebrity Boyfriends

In the cult of celebrity, nothing is more enjoyable than a woman whose jeans we want to fit into dating a man we want to dangle on our arm. Let's take a moment to appreciate the decadence of the celebrity boyfriend.

Halle Berry is gorgeous, but she has horrid luck with men. Here's hoping things go smoother with her current squeeze, model Gabriel Aubry. They've been going strong for a year now, their nine year age difference not snagging them a bit. The woman deserves a happy ending. I don't mind having him share a fantasy when I pretend to be catwoman. Meow!

Jessica Alba is sporting film producer and Yale grad Cash Warren on her arm. He is the ultimate in boyfriend accessories, frolicking with her on beach vacations and toting her golf clubs, and carrying her shopping bags! Besides, doesn't 'Cash' just scream to be the name of a romance hero?

Confession time. I am a boy band junkie, and *NSync was my favorite. No surprise then that Cameron Diaz's cutie, Justin Timberlake makes my list. He's probably not accustomed to being reduced to the man on her arm, but he does it so well he can't go unmentioned. Both have hectic work schedules that keep them apart, so when they are together they always seem to be having a great time and traveling the world. I definitely want that in my imaginary celebrity boyfriend, don't you?

Irish actor Stuart Townsend is phenomenal in his own right, but add his boyfriend skills with Charlize Theron to his resume and the man is stellar. Like Justin, Stuart is secure enough not to push for marriage with a woman content with commitment. While marriage might seem the end goal, he knows to accept her for who she is and what she wants, while making sure he's there the second she changes her mind.

Jenna spends too much time reading magazines and fantasizing about living in the lap of luxury, especially now that she can call it 'research'. Her debut novel, Just One Spark, is on shelves now in Australia. Since she lives on the other side of the planet, let her know if you see it.

Jenna Bayley-Burke

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  1. Another one bites the dust! Justin & Cameron are no more. So...I need a boyfriend replacement...