Tuesday, January 02, 2007

No Temptation Tuesday - Eat Less, Move More!

The Pink Heart Society is *pleased* to announce the launch of our Writers' Diet Club for 2007 with our first No Temptation Tuesday! Natasha Oakley launches the monthly club with a look at the Diets out there and invites you to help combat the disease known as Writers Butt...

Eat less, Move More! Yes, I think that basically sums up my findings. Put like that - eat less, move more - it sounds so simple. BUT ... it's not, is it!

And I reckon weight gain is a bit of an occupational hazard for writers. Firstly, you spend your days hidden away in whatever you feel most comfortable. (I can't remember the last time I've bothered with make-up or shoes during my working day!) And, secondly, the kitchen is soooo close.

It's all bad news for the conscientious writer who spends a goodly portion of each day sat on a computer chair. So, Trish, Jenna and I have decided the time has come to do something about it. Nic is excused because she's busy growing an addition to The Pink Heart Society and Ally because she's an annoying exception!!! :)

Our levels of motivation are slightly different. Trish is intending to go to lots of writers' conferences this year and isn't content with being a natural blonde. She's already bought lots of books and signed up to a local gym. I'm less keen but I know I've got to stand next to her in September and I'm blowed if I'm going to be twice her size. (Particularly since, without L'Oreal, I'm more grey than brunette.) Jenna has, perhaps, the noblest reason. She's decided to reclaim her true self after some health problems.

And we wondered if you'd like to keep us company?

So, hands up who's unhappy with the way they look? Anyone here prepared to own to that well-documented phenomonen 'writer's bottom'? If so, make sure you pop by on the first Tuesday of the month which has now become NO Temptation Tuesday.

In no time at all we shall all be as svelte as Kirsty Alley. (She does look amazing now, doesn't she! Apparently she used the Jenny Craig diet which, being in the UK, I know nothing about.)

Trish is embracing the GI diet which I think means she's going to be eating lots of porridge for breakfast. I'm doing Weight Watchers because I've discovered you can do it online. Jenna is doing the Dr Phil Ultimate Weight Loss Solution - I have absolutely no idea what that is - but I suspect it follows the 'eat less, move more' philosophy (though if it turns out to be some peculiar diet that involves eating nothing but cabbage soup it'll be great fun to read about).

There are any number of options out there - many endorsed by celebrities. Anyone fancy embarking on the Macriobiotic Diet as followed by Madonna? Or the incredibly complicated Zone diet which Jennifer Aniston is said to embrace? I just don't think I could get on with that one. But then percentages were never my thing!

The main thing, they say, is to pick one that you can stick to and that fits in with your lifestyle... So you may need to shop around and do some research but once you've decided on your own method of torture maybe you'll come along and join us and we can compare notes on each of our individual diets??? Strength in numbers and all that...

Having done my research, I can tell you that Heidi Klum was back in her pre-pregnancy clothes just weeks after giving birth. Apparently this was achieved by sticking to 1700-2000 calories a day and working out at the gym at least three times a week. Her top tip - to take weekly photos of yourself in the nude.

We at The Pink Heart Society are fairly convinced it would scare all readers away if we shared ours - so we won't. Besides, Trish says she'd rather have all her fingernails pulled out with tweezers...

Claudia Schieffer sticks to three meals a day with no snacking in between. Her top tip - lots of fruit for breakfast as it's easy to digest.

Now that does sound like something we can
all do, doesn't it? Like replacing chocolate during a writers block with things like fruit - replacing wine with large glasses of water - maybe even replacing some of that caffeine with a herbal alternative... And drinking water is something that nearly every diet claims is an essential, right??? Though replacing the wine, coffee and chocolate may test everyones resolve in our profession around about deadline time... (LOL Trish secretly snuck this paragraph into my beautiful blog because she knows I'm addicted to coffee and hate water.)

Patsy Kensit is also a three meals a day girl but has basically cut out diary, wheat and sugar. She also runs and does weight training.

Considering that practically every writer on the planet does their work sitting down in a stationary position for hour after hour each day I think we're all going to have to accept that exercise is unavoidable! Maybe you are going to invest in a pedometer and do the 10,000 recommended steps each day, maybe you'll take Trish's lead and stop using your Swiss Ball as a footstool, or maybe you'll buy one of those dance/salsa/jazzercise videos and make a fool of yourself alone in your living room... What will be your method of exercise? - come and tell us and we'll all compare notes... (ROTFL at another Trish addition. Anyone who read my personal blog yesterday will know I really, really hate exercise and couldn't possible advise anyone to buy a pedometer. But Trish is *very* keen! You know she's bought one and even plans on taking her swiss ball on her travels next year ...!!!)

Drew Barrymore also advocates three meals a day, mostly consisting of fruit and vegetables. Plus exercise (I'm beginning to hate these women.) - swimming, dancing, jogging, crazy golf (??). She says, 'It doesn't matter how you raise a sweat, so long as you have fun doing it.'

That excercise thing really does seem to be a bit of a theme. I hate excercise. I've never experienced the kicking in of endorphyns so I'm obviously at a big disadvantage here.

But it would seem, if you wish to emulate the celebrities who grace red carpets, the 'best buy' is 'the A-List Workout'. It claims to divulge the secrets of personal trainers who sculpt the stars.

Basically, the accepted wisdom is that you need to 'Train hard, Train smart and Be consistent'. Not for me then! :)

So, this is what's going to happen - Trish, Jenna and I will faithfully blog our progress on the first Tuesday of every month here at The Pink Heart Society - along with any tips or good recipes we have discovered that don't taste like cardboard and we'll keep you updated on our own Blogs in between, confessing our failures and successes in public on your behalf.

We'll even add progress meters which you can get yourself online here for your own Blogs or websites. (Yes, you guessed it, another Trish addition!!!!! I don't even have a word counter on my blog because I can't be trusted not to lie ....)

And we'd really like to hear about your progress! Top tips for survival, wonderful things that can be done with vegetables, how you put your back out with a session of Yoga ...

Who's playing?

With love Natasha

Natasha's latest release is her one and only Silhouette Romance before the line merges in Febraury with the new Romance line.

Millionaire Dad: Wife Needed is available in stores now and online at eharlequin.

You can check to see how Natasha is getting on with her Diet and with her writing at her Blog.


  1. In defence of the add ons - we're all here to ENCOURAGE each other - right??? I just happen to know your weaknesses...

    Day One of the NEW ME plan saw me doing an hour and a half show-juming lesson on my horse so I now ache from head to toe... Natasha says if I'd been doing HER diet that would have earned me a TONNE of points...

    And I have a massive headache - so the detoxing is obviously kicking in...

    So far, not having fun...

  2. It's going to take some convincing to pursuade me water is a great alternative to coffee!

    My brother doesn't drink tea, coffee, alcohol, fizzy drinks ... and he ended up with gall stones at something like 24. Apparently it was all the hard water. See!!!

  3. I'm in. One of my resolutions is to get back down to where I was when I lost my "first" weight 3 years ago...who knew? I sold 4 books and gained 3 lbs for each of them. Darn it. Anyway I'm going to follow what I followed the first time - Body For Life. 6 small meals instead of 3 meals a day because I'm a snacker. If I go 4-5 hours between, I over eat. :-(

    There's no way I'm going to AMBA this year looking like I do now!

  4. I'd so love to jump on this bandwagon.

    Not sure about Writers Butt. But I've certainly noticed a bit of muffin top this year.


    I'm gonna give Mike Thurmonds Six Week Makeover a Try. Just planning on toning it down a bit. As I'm in it for the long run.

  5. Track our progress! What did I sign on for? Not humiliation, so I better get to it!

  6. Undiagnosed Coeliac's Disease has kept me looking like a matchstick, but now i know about it, it'll take two years or so for my gut to heal and start reabsorbing food again. Apparently, gluten retains water, so thought I'd share that nugget with you which is why so many diets advocate cutting out white bread, pasta, etc...

  7. Count me in. I am determined to get back down to the weight I was 20 years ago. I am tired of writer's butt and my excuses for it.

    If I have to discipline to write a book, I must have the discipline to lose weight.

    The time I lost the most weight was when I was waiting for my gallstone op. Basically it was a no fat, no alcohol, no caffiene diet -- a variation of Rosemary Conley's Hip and Thigh Diet. She had gall stones which is how her diet empire was born...

    Anyway count me in.

  8. Nicolette, how have you adjusted to cutting all those things out of your diet???

    I ask as a person who, for the first time ever, weighed the quantity of noodles I was allowed to go with my Chinese Five-Spice Chicken (for three points) - just not much!!! This was a bad, bad plan. But now it seems I'm going to have to stand next to Donna in September, too! I will be firm ....

  9. Now how come I didn't even know about this until it started, and it seems I've been counted out before I even began. Doens't the fact that things I lay-byed before I went away at Christmas I then had to cancel because they no longer fit mean I can at least throw my hat into the ring? Hmmm???

    I've never been a weigher, and don't plan to start, but I will go by the 'which clothes no longer fit me' rule, as I try to lose a few kilos over the next few months.

    My diet of choice? I can't promise to cut anything out as I will only be lying, but I hereby vow to excersie everyday (we own a rowing machine and an excercise bike so I have no excuse) and to drink 2 litres of water a day.

    Let's to it!!!


  10. You shouldn't go away over Christmas, Ally!

    And the very fact you own a rowing machine and an exercise bike speaks for itself. Good job we like you. :)

  11. Natasha,
    It was hard cutting out bread, pasta, etc and all the gluten-free varieties tasted like cardboard...but I'm used to one of them now so I can still get my cheese on toast! But after a while, you get used to it. You know that if you eat foods with gluten in, you're gonna get sick. Gluten is poison to my body and I was slowly starving to death. I'm just glad I've a condition that I can control without medication.

  12. Count me in, as far as I can be anyway. I'm sick and tired of not seeing the 'real' me whenever I dare to look in the mirror.

    I used to have a high metabolism (and I miss it!!!). I'm not always able to be physically active, but I'm determined.

    Today I managed to walk 250 metres to post my application for the RNA's NWS - how's that for motivation?!! (I'm trying to adopt the 'use it, before I lose it' mentality.).

    I can't believe I've reached a point where I'll be happy to go back to two sizes ago!!!

    I don't do diets but if I did Weight Watchers would be the one I'd go for (I may have a sneaky look 'cause I didn't know you could do it online...). I've also heard good things about Rosemary Conley's.

    A good day may even see me digging out my Reebok step and Cher's fitness video... *groan*

    Best wishes to everyone with achieving whatever goals you've set. I'm sure we can achieve loads if we stick together.

    Thanks for another great idea PHS!!!! (I think...) ;-)

    Sue :-)

  13. I'm definitely IN! There are just too many things in my closet that I'm not in anymore.

    I know South Beach works for me because I've done it. Trouble is, I didn't keep being faithful about the maintaining part so now I've got to get back at it. The doc who wrote it spends a lot of time talking about the body's metabolism and the way we process food. Interesting stuff -- and it makes sense.

    So I'm back doing that, as of today. I have dogs to keep me moving. We "exercise" together by going on walks every day. It's also a good time to think about whatever mess I've made of the latest manuscript.

    Thanks for the encouragement, gang. I'll be checking in on Tuesdays.

  14. Count me in. Not sure if I'll be using The Sonoma Diet or Eat to Live yet! The hardest part for me is going to be adding in the exercise. I've got two really tight deadlines one after another and it's hard to not be writing when the kids are at preschool and school.

  15. I'm in. My writer's butt has been, um, growing for quite a while now. ;)

  16. I'm in too! I've tried several diets over the years, but the only one that has worked for me was Weight Watchers, but that was 20 yrs ago and all those pounds have crept back on and have kept on creeping on.
    Good luck with the online version, Natasha. I tried that a few years ago and it didn't work because I only had to send my weight loss to WW through the mail and it was very private. I need public humiliation to make me stick to a diet. Sad but true!

  17. Envisage me chuckling maniacally at you all as I eat whatever I want and stack on the weight.
    Pregnancy can be fabulous :)

  18. Just don't remind me I said that later this year when the weight has to come off!!!

  19. Count me in. I'm going with the more fruits and veggies and water route (I'm 1/16 italian, i can't cut pasta lol)

  20. I'm in. I've started this week by doing the cereal diet just to kick start me then I'll switch to my usual calorie counting and wearing my pedometer. My doctor will only let me walk or swim for exercise and even then I have to be careful becaise of my hip but I found before that when I was more aware of my activity levels I did better.

  21. Oh good! There's lots of us. It's nearly the end of day three and I've still got enough points for a glass of wine. *Unfortunately* I've not managed any excercise ....

  22. There's also lots of methods going around which sounds good. I've modified the body for life thing to include more milk products as protein, and most of the problem is that I got out of my workout routine. If I am more disciplined, it'll all come together.

    GAWD, imagine how fabulous we're all going to look at AMBA? :-)

  23. I'm in too. I'm basing my diet on the Weightwatchers points plan which I've used before but I'm not joining WW this time. I've found that I have to eat most of my points during the morning when I'm starving. If I try to spread them out over the day, I set myself up to fail.

    It's hot here so I'm swimming every day.


  24. Guys, I'm in but there is NO magic, K? She says putting on her nurse's hat. I lost 10kg in the first 6 months of 2006. I put four back on the last book and the festive season. Why? I ate junk. How did I lose the 10kg. I didn';t drink booze and I ate really well and I exercised. Sound boring? AT times it was but I have the HMB Sydney Valentine's ball and I need to lose those 4kg right over holiday time. Easy? Not bloody likely but I have a killer dress I want to fit into :-)