Monday, January 22, 2007

Male on Monday :: McDreamy aka Patrick Dempsey

This week, The Pink Heart Society's own Jenna Bayley-Burke dares ask the question, McDreamy or McSteamy, in her two-part Male On Monday series. Up today, Patrick Dempsey as McDreamy.

Grey's Anatomy is back in the prime time line up, which gives the veiwing public plenty of time to see Patrick Dempsey in action as Dr. Derek Shepherd. The peircing gaze, the wistful smile, the husky whisper. What's not to love?

No longer type cast as a teen idol (remember Can't Buy Me Love?), he's been making the leading man rounds, delivering dynamite performances in movies like Sweet Home Alabama and his current outing, Freedom Writers.

As a neurosurgeon with a mysterious nature that has viewers wondering where he stands with both his ex-wife and his new love, we all tune in to see whether his take charge nature will have him grabbing Meredith for a kiss or pulling her into the car for a drive and a quickie.

Aside from his Grey's persona, there are more reasons to love Patrick. And I'm not talking about his skills as a pupeteer, juggler, unicycler, or magician (though if you are writing a romance set in a circus, they could help). He loves the speed of race cars as well as staying home with his make-up artist wife, their daughter, and soon to arrive twin boys!

Thanks all for letting me gush and look for McSteamy in February!!

XOXO - Jenna

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  1. We don't have Grey's Anatomy back on screens here in Aus, so everyone please be careful with any spoilers!!!

    That said, I've seen the first eight ;). And boy oh boy do I love that show!!! And that McDreamy. Those eyes, those longing stares, that voice...


  2. chatting about the latest episode...but which Grey's character are you? I'm Izzie.

  3. Oooohh Jenna, close call for me! We've only seen McSteamy once here in the UK but I am looking forward to seeing him again. McDreamy is definitely that but I think his eyes are more dreamy (cant think of any other adjective) while McSteamy's are more piercing and naughty ;) As for which character, I would love to say Christina but I am probably a George :p

    Looking forward to your McSteamy blog!

  4. I don't watch this show and while I know he's popular, it's just one of those things where I don't seem to get it. LOL

    On the other hand, Jenna, I LOVE your cover. I swear, the one thing that will probably never fail to make me want to pick up a book is the image of people laughing or having fun. That's the absolute best.


  5. Only watched a couple of times...but have seen loads of interviews...McDreamy is 'dreamy'...until he opens his mouth, then, all the 'McDreamy' fades into mediocre! BUT...McSteamy! is steamy, voice and looks!

  6. I love the show too. The writing is fabulous and so are the characters -- all a bit zany in their own right. I like them both, McDreamy and McSteamy -- put their qualities together and they make the perfect hero - Steamy's naughty alpha side and pecs, Dreamy's eyes and long suffering looks. Doesn't hurt that they are both brilliant surgeons now, does it?
    Charlene Sands

  7. Oooh, I'm McDreamy in your quiz Jenna!!! 75% match. Ha!


  8. Sam - I LOVE this cover too! Sensation does a great job over all.

    Ally McDreamy. Who knows, maybe he'll take after you and start breeding chickens!