Sunday, January 28, 2007

January Hamper! Free Book Giveaway

Welcome to the first Pink Heart Society Hamper for 2007. And it's a doozy!!! Books, books and more books. Not like we don't all have teetering to be read piles already ;). But we are in just that kind of mood that we want to make yours bigger!

In order to win the following free, signed books, as sent to your by the lovely Pink Heart Society authors listed, tell us before midnight today:

Which movie star / rock star were you certain you would marry when you grew up? Who was your teen idol?

To give you a head start, Ally was absolutely going to marry River Phoenix, to the point where she practiced her married name signature. That long hair, the angst, the love of animals, how could a sixteen year old girl not love him? Sigh...

Jenna on the other hand was, and by all accounts still is, in love with Justin Timberlake. So much so that her Hubba Bubba will NOT alolow his CDs to be played on car trips.

Natasha’s favourite was Michael Praed in 'Robin of Sherwood'. Funnily enough he later went on to read some of those Harlequin audio books.

At the risk of being laughed at, Nic admitted she was head over heels for Brit popstar Rick Astley. Did they ever really prove that he wasn't Kylie Minogue's real singing voice speeded up? ;)

And the lovely Trish? The one she rearranged her life for, who the entire world stopped for once a week... and who she dreamed a very long and happily ever after about was Richard Dean Anderson as MacGuyver...

Does it make you wonder if these are personality types that have shown up in our heroes time and again? Please no!!!


MR IMPERFECT by Karina Bliss

FALLING FOR THE FRENCHMAN by Claire Baxter (debut book!)
BLOOD SON by Erica Orloff


MAKING PROMISES by Michelle Monkou

NOT QUITE A LADY by Louise Allen


SHADOW HUNTER by Linda Conrad


The lovely Leena Hyatt of the Tote Bag fame has donated:

THE SHIEKH’S GUARDED HEART – Liz Fielding (Harlequin Romance)
MERELY PLAYERS – Kathleen E. Kovach (Heartsong Presents)
TO LOVE AGAIN – Janet Lee Barton (Heartsong Presents)
SUBMISSION – Tori Carrington (Harlequin Blaze)
HIS E-MAIL ORDER WIFE – Kristi Gold (Silhouette Desire)
THE CARIDES PREGNANCY – Kim Lawrence (Harlequin Presents)

Hugs and kisses,

Ally, Jenna, Natasha, Nicola and Trish

x x x


  1. I had a HUGE crush on Anthony Andrews, well before his Brideshead Revisited days. He was often the romantic lead in British shows the ABC used to put on on a Sunday night. Sigh. And then he went on to make my heart beat faster in Ivanhoe and a really fantastic version of The Scarlet Pimpernel. Sigh double. It's strange, my taste then and now was definitely more for the tall, dark, handsome, dangerous and mysterious types (Michael Praed comes to mind!). And my heroes sure fall into that category. But for a while there, AA was my only object of desire!

  2. My heartthrob at the time was Dr. Kildare, Richard Chamberlain. I watched the program every week and just dreamt about this sensitive, well bred and gorgeous doctor whose life was fulfilling, beautiful and exciting. This went on for years until the program was discontinued.

  3. The movie star that I was nuts about was Christopher Plummer. I still am for that matter. He had presence, charisma, and a voice that I could just listen to forever. I saw him perform at Stratford, Ont. and that was it for me. I was totally hooked. After that I saw him in various movies, David Copperfield, and a television program set in Montreal, he was the lead, naturally, the progenitor.

  4. I was always mesmerized by Patrick Stewart. His acting just sent shivers down my spine. He is the consummate actor with looks, charm and ability. I saw him in Star trek and all of his recent movies, but have been pining for him for ages.

  5. My favorite folksinger/performer was Leonard Cohen. He had the talent to hold an audience for hours. I attended his performances and was enthralled with his repertoire and his unique blend of singing and talking. I still am overboard for him.

  6. Michael Praed was wonderful in Robin of Sherwood. I think I'd still fall for a man who says, 'you're like a May morning'. Particularly if he was looking at me at the time and managed not to laugh. :)

  7. When I think of a classic star whose looks and sheer appeal is just the ultimate it has to be Gary Cooper. What a man! Especially so when he played Lou Gehrig. that was amazing. He always was a looker and special.

  8. My two guys were Joey McIntyre from New Kids On The Block and wwe wrestler Shawn Michaels. Course I still crush on Shawn *g*

  9. I was in dreamland over Robert Wagner. He was and still is so good looking, strong and sexy as well as having a ton of charisma and charm. No one could compete with him in any department and I would watch his movies and fall apart.

  10. Oh, Lis...Joey McIntrye is another good choice! He was the first picture I posted on my wall out of Tiger Beat...when I was in the sicth grade. (sigh) Don't ask what I did to honor my *Nsync obsession in high school. Let's just say...Britney was involved.

  11. Anna!!!!!! Anthony Andrews!!! I looooevd him. My mum and I sued to sit in front of the telly on rainy Sunday morning and watch Scarlet Pimpernel over and over again. (It's out on DVD by the way ;))

    But I haven't seen Ivanhoe in years!!! Sam Neill was in it too right? Wow, that takes me back.

    Ally Phoenix ;)

  12. I had two crushes that I recall and can't choose between the two...both were strong crushes back in the day. I figured they could share me...LOL.

    One was Leonardo Dicaprio...but it was pre-movie star days when he was on "Growing Pains" with Kirk Cameron. I thought he was so cute on that show and I had his picture in my locker. Now he doesn't do much for me though...not sure why.

    I also had a crush on Josh Brolin (son of James Brolin)...Josh was on one of my favorite tv shows, "The Young Riders," a show set in the Old West about a bunch of pony express riders (cute ones that were all crushworthy in their own way) and starred in one of my fave movies, "The Goonies." Now he is married to actress Diane Lane I believe and still not bad to look at. I must admit that I got "The Young Riders" DVD set last year so I could watch him and the others and reminisce.

    Oh, and Lis and Jenna I believe I still have my New Kids On the Block lunchbox...LOL.

  13. I must confess that I haven't heard of some of these.

    Oh, and I have gotten over my obsession with the stars...LOL...I no longer watch my VHS tapes of The Young Riders nonstop...I have the DVDs for that...LOL.

  14. lol Jenna, you've got me curious now :o) I never got that into NSync, Backstreet Boys however... well still love those guys hehe

    I too still own the nkotb lunchbox. :o)

  15. For me it was Jason Donovan, although I'm not sure he can be defined a rock star. The obsession started with Neighbours and before long I had all his tapes and would play them over and over while I dreamed of the day he would come over to England and whisk me away! The obsession faded away and then I got to see him in The Rocky Horror Show a good few years later and any romantic thoughts were soon knocked on the head!

  16. Christopher Reeves(Superman) was my idol. I had the hots for him so bad that he's all I ever talked about. My friends got so sick of hearing about him that they bought me a lifesize poster of him for my room for my birthday. I used to look at him every night before I went to sleep and every morning before I woke up. Mads

  17. I was this huge fan of Duran Duran and totally believed that John Taylor (tall, lanky one playing the guitar) would someday find me! Then I shifted my allegiance to Tom Cruise after watching him in Top Gun (though must say I have gone off him now).

  18. I will die of shame for admitting this but I pined for Andy Summers, guitarist with the Police for years. After that it was Arnold Schwarzenegger for a decade or so. These days there are too many too mention - must be a hormone thing!
    The lengths we'll go to for a freebie!

  19. This is one of those questions that definitely dates you but for me and all my friends in my neighborhood it was Donny Osmond. One of my friends decided we would be a Donny Osmond fan club but to join our group each person had to know a different Donny Osmond fact which of course we all knew from reading those teen magazines.

  20. Oh God, I can't believe I'm admitting this here, but it was Shaun Cassidy. In fact, my family had quite a hoot a few weeks ago because as they were digging Christmas decorations out of the closet of my old room in my dad's house, they found a manilla envelope of all my Shaun clippings. Labeled. I was organized in my crushes...


  21. I fell in love with Tom Selleck...Mag. PI TV series...never fell out! LOL


  22. Johnny Depp, when I saw A Nightmare on Elm Street I fell in love with him

  23. My idol growing up was Peter Frampton! I just loved his hair. He was my first concert I ever saw. It's funnt I just saw him the other night on a PBS channel, he was on soundstage doing a concert. The hair is gone now but boy can he ever still sing and play the guitar!

  24. The Young Riders! I LOVED that one. Wow. That was a flash from the past. Who was it that played Jesse? He was my fave. Where have all those boys gone!?!

  25. There were a lot of nice-looking men on that show. Christopher Pettiet played Jesse on The Young Riders...he passed away a few years ago though. I occassionally see the others on tv shows and movies...Josh Brolin and Stephen Baldwin (one of the famous Baldwin brothers) are the two I see most often. I saw Melissa Leo, who played Emma, on a tv show last week.

    Okay, so maybe I am not over my obsession (or maybe I am just full of useless information)...LOL...but it did inspire me to do a research project on The Pony Express in elementary school and I won 3rd place in at the Social Science Fair for it.

  26. Oh, good grief! Naming your teen crush is such a giveaway, isn't it? My early teens -- and you can't believe how embarrassed I am to say this -- were dominated by a pile driver crush on Pat Boone.

    But then I got a older and fell for Richard Chamberlain as Dr Kildare. I even had one of those "doctor" shirts that fastened at the shoulder.

    And then they made the film Tom Jones and Albert Finney won my heart... I still quite fancy him actually.

  27. I was absolutely crazy in love with George Michael. Now was that a waste of time or what?

  28. It was Jason Donovan and Gary Barlow for me.

  29. I had a crush on David Hasslehoff, I still think he's gorgeous!

  30. I was going to be Mrs. Manilow and Barry and I were going to have a daughter named Mandy. Then Bono Vox came along ... (sorry, Barry) and I still think Bono's hot!

  31. Just one??? I actually have 3. At the risk of showing my age and knowing you youngsters may never have heard of him . . . when I was a teenager, it was Mark Shera. He was in the series S.W.A.T. Never missed a show. My early 20s - Harrison Ford. Late 20s and still today - Chuck Norris. I think he still looks good.

  32. I'm not on here to enter the comp as I won last month's but just had to tell ya who my best friend was HOT for! And I mean HOT! Doogie Howser! Now come on?!

  33. Wow, y'all are all bringing back some memories!

  34. I'm LOVING some of these answers!!!!

    Shaun Cassidy!!!! OMG! As in Joe of Frank and Joe Hardy in the Hardy Boys mysteries???? I LOVED that show when I was young... Made a gal wanna be Nancy Drew...

    Also made a gal go out and read all the books....

    Keep em coming gals... we promise not to exact any future blackmail from all these revelations ;)

  35. LOL about the blackmail...I still can't believe that I admitted some of my obsessions...there are some that I shall never reveal though.

  36. Okay, I have two:

    The first is John Schneider, who played Bo Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard. And you know what, even in Smallville over the last couple of years he's still totally got it!

    My second, although it may not strictly count because he's a sports star and not a movie/rock star, was Kyran Bracken, who was a scrum-half for the England rugby team. I loved him and used to get my parents to drive me across the country so I could watch him play. Was thrilled to discover last night that he is now appearing in ITV's "Dancing on Ice"!

    Jess x

  37. I was totally in love with David Cassidy and Rick Springfield. I had posters all over the wall of my bedroom.

    I was a fan of Peter Frampton, too. I saw him not too long ago doing an interview on TV and the hair is all gone

  38. Carol!!
    I was sooo into Tom Selleck too!
    But I named Rick Astley cos I didn't want to 'date' myself too much ;)
    I loved him on 'Friends' too as Monica's Richard. He's still got it! :)

  39. Just crawling out of the bed after the flu kept me down for a few days so thought I'd answer anyway.
    Dr. Kildare the actor, Wayne Newton the singer(baby face).

  40. Patrick Swayze after seeing Dirty Dancing.