Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Temptation Tuesday - Your ideal Santa?

The following post may just possibly burn your eyes... But the aim is to tempt you, right???

Seeing as and how it's the time of year you get to wish for things to find beneath the tree, I've brought you a few potential latter day Santa's...

And I'm gonna make you sit and think for a minute about the ideal guy to dress as Santa beneath your tree this year. After all, we've given you several choices on our Monday slots - so who, out of all the potential hero's we have presented you with - would you choose to find on Christmas morning???

Our first ever Male On Monday at The Pink Heart Society was Rodrigo Santaro... The man from the Chanel Ads and the movie Love Actually. Is he ideal hero material for you this Christmas???

Or how about our second Male on Monday - the ever popular Hugh Jackman??? He caused quite a storm here on The Pink Heart Society - and led to a day dedicated solely to him in Blog-land, remember??? Would he be your wish this Christmas???

Next up to the plate was Chris Noth of Mister Big fame from Sex in The City... Our very own Ally Blake waxed lyrical about him and it seemed many of you approved of her choice... But would he be your ideal Santa???

Then we had Sean Bean as Natasha Oakley's choice for a potential hero - the man who can play the heroic hero equally as well as the Bond nemesis... Is he your man for this season or for all seasons???

Or maybe the choice of our Guest Anne McAllister is more interesting to you. James Purefoy certainly pulls in plenty of searches from Google to our Pink Heart Society door... But how would you feel if you found him in a Santa hat on the 25th???

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

But one heck of a Temptation to look back through all those Male On Monday slots again you have to admit!! Especially if you're planning a new book in the New Year... So come on - who out of all the males we've featured as potential heroes so far would you choose to play Santa in your house???

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  1. LOL I think Sean Bean dressed in a red suit, fake beard, and unexpectedly appearing down my chimney might be a little alarming.

    Interesting thought though! I shall ponder it during the rest of the day. :)

  2. Hugh Jackman, without a doubt! I wouldn't want to burden him with wearing a santa outfit all day though, so I'd have to help him take it off...(ooh, er!)
    Blimey, Trish. How on earth am I meant to concentrate on my writing now?

  3. I'll have to stick with Chris Noth since I have been watching Sex and the City from beginning ot end over the past couple of months and am more in love with him than ever.

    Though I did see Casino Royale last night and wished there was far more screen time of Daniel Craig in those blue trunks...


  4. Rodrigo fan here!! Can't believe Nicole didn't rush off with him in the Chanel commercial Idiot! He is droolworthy if ever anyone was!!

  5. Well, since I was the one who posted James, I'll take him! But of course Hugh-with-or-without-his-towel -- or his Santa suit, for that matter, wouldn't be hard to take, either!