Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday Talk Time - Stocking Filler Campaign

So is everyone all set for Christmas?? It's hard to believe it's only eleven days away isn't it??

Inevitably we end up looking back at Christmases past at this time of year and you know, it's funny - I remember more about those little gifts I used to get in my stocking... Little mandarin oranges were a real favourite, little bags of mixed nuts, fluffy socks, gloves that every year would be lost before the following Christmas so they were a sure bet for replacement... those little tiny games with the itty bitty metal balls you had to fit into slots and could never quite manage the last one... Sigh. Those were the days...

So, apart from the small gifts you may buy as a secret santa, the box of sweets you may leave for your postman or your milkman or the stocking fillers you get for the kids - what do you get for your friends from Santa??? Mmm??? I wonder...

Which me, being me, led to a dastardly plan....

We all love category romance, right? Those nice little, easily wrapped, cheaply bought little pages of joy...

So - who could we possibly give one to who maybe hasn't read one before??? Who might be a lamb lost from the fold??? Or a convert in the making!!! Wouldn't it be nice if they got a little something - FROM A PINK HEARTED SANTA....

So here is your challenge - should you choose to accept it - there are so many great titles out there to choose from - a world of romance and adventure and happily ever after... So, who deserves a nice surprise from Santa? Let us know who you sent it to or are thinking of sending it to - or maybe who you think we fellow Pink Hearters might convert ourselves...


So what is the one gift that has stuck with you since childhood? Or is there a particular family tradition you would like to tell us about???

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  1. You're a genius Trish! I havea few books I've read recently my mum would love, and she loooves being converted to new authors as well. I'll be heading down the shops for a little splurge on them there books now!!


  2. What a great idea!!! I'm buying a book each for my four best gal friends.

  3. Glad to see I'm not the only one then!!! I have a pile to give to all my girlfriends and wives of male friends... Ha! We'll convert them all!!! PINK POWER!

  4. I always give my mother category romances for any holiday or birthday or mother's day...category romances are the only books she reads.

    My sister used to read categories all the fact I have a bunch of hers from the '90s that I am reading through now...might have to give her some newer ones to try.

    I just bought myself quite a few category romances for my upcoming birthday and Christmas.

    Oh, and a gift that has stuck with me since childhood is one that I still have...a bear that crawls and growls. My grandparents gave it to me when I was 5 or 6 years old...probably would still work with batteries. Not sure why I still have it, but it is nice to look at and remember my grandfather who passed away and my grandmother who I don't get to see that often.

  5. Blogger wouldn't let me sign in to leave a message.

  6. A friend of mine is a truck driver and a lot of times she has a long wait while she is waiting while her truck is be loaded or unloaded. For these occasions I lend her a box of books. When she returns that box I give her another. Slowly I am converting her. It is not an easy job but having all you wonderful authors makes it easier.

  7. It worked, it worked. This has been my seventh attempt since 11 this morning